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Host Analytics, Inc. Recent Developments

Strong push into the Hyperion replacement market with its Cloud EPM apps. In November 2018, Host Analytics, launched Fall18, a new product which delivers new features to enable flexible planning and collaboration, improve NetSuite integration, enhance modeling power and granularity to increase power and versatility in models, forecasts, reports, and much more. The Fall18 release adds numerous speed, collaboration, and accuracy enhancing features to allow finance to become central in connecting the organization around a single plan and single source of truth. The additional features and enhancements in Fall18 help align organizations around strategic goals while maintaining tactical efficiency. It further helps budget owners uncover even more insights during their planning process, strengthening the impact finance can have on the success of any organization. Details of the new features and enhancements in this release include: - Robust task planning and management tools. The new Task Manager helps finance stay informed about tasks, due dates, and goals, ensuring projects stay on track and are delivered on time. The feature enables comprehensive and effective management of all financial planning, modeling, consolidation, and reporting tasks from a single, central interface, enhancing collaboration, and focus to meet critical deadlines and execute against key goals and objectives. - Improved NetSuite integration. A new, easy-to-use data integration capability gives finance teams the independence to quickly and easily set up data integration between NetSuite and Host Analytics. Finance teams can schedule data transfers based on NetSuite Saved Searches, accelerating key EPM processes, simplification and automation. Increased modeling power and granularity in Host Modeling. With new power to intelligently select and filter data, financial models can now be built to accommodate varying business inputs, define more granular calculations based on a variety of data types such as dates and text, and perform what-if scenarios to evaluate the impacts of potential financial outcomes. - Enhanced insights within Host MyPlan. The new Data Trends feature offers finance a faster way to compare the latest forecast with applicable historical data. This gives budget owners additional visibility to quickly see how and where budgets are trending and the ability to highlight potential data discrepancies and outliers. - Additional enhancements to the Host Analytics suite. New drill-through capabilities provide more transparency to adjustments made during the consolidation process. Dynamic reports now have additional detailed formatting capabilities. Administrators have additional control over the currency translation process. Users have additional options to make managing journal entries easier.

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Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform,

SCORES Analysis

Host Analytics, Inc. Strengths

Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform provides a secure, scalable alternative to error-prone Excel spreadsheets that companies are struggling with – by providing an Excel-like interface that’s easy for Finance users to learn and use. And for companies looking to replace legacy, on-premises EPM applications, Host Analytics provides a robust, proven solution that costs one quarter of the cost of on-premises solutions and can be implemented in one quarter of the time. With Host Analytics, companies can drive improved financial and operational performance. In addition, Host Analytics helps them align their planning and forecasting processes, streamline the financial close, deliver financial results accurately to key stakeholders, and measure and monitor performance consistently across the entire organization. Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform is built on a architecture using C#, AJAX, XML and HTML. Host Analytics data integration provides prebuilt connectors into all the major applications and databases including: MS Dynamics AX, MS Dynamics GP, Peoplesoft, SAP Financials, SQL Server, Oracle RDMS and eBusiness Suite, Workday, NetSuite, and many more. Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform supports data Import/Export to/from Microsoft Excel, data exchange with other applications via .CSV/ .txt format. Host Analytics introduced a Modeling module to help customers address critical business planning issues through interactive query and analysis, advanced modeling and Excel-based reporting. These features enable finance and business users to better anticipate business outcomes and collaborate securely across Excel, Web and mobile environments. Less than one year since the availability of Modeling, the company celebrated its 100th modeling customer, making it one of the fastest-growing cloud products in history. In August 2018 Host Analytics released their Summer 2018 product release, which includes nearly 40 new innovations and enhancements designed to make customers faster, more successful, and more effective in their financial and operational performance management efforts. This release builds on the momentum, leadership, and innovation that Host Analytics has demonstrated by being the only EPM company to deliver over 175 enhancements and four new products in the past year. The Host Analytics Summer 2018 release is specifically focused on helping customers work faster and be more productive. Enhancements in this release include: - More powerful financial modeling in Host Analytics Modeling – New enhancements include continued improvements to performance and scalability, enabling financial teams to build more complex financial models and calculations using larger data sets, while doing it faster than ever before. - New dynamic presentation and reporting of financial information with Spotlight for Office- Expanded reporting powers, eliminating the painstaking time and effort of copying and pasting financial information into Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint reports and presentations. Live data links can be embedded in these Microsoft Office documents and updated with the click of a button to reflect the most recent and most accurate financial information, saving users valuable time and ensuring increased accuracy and confidence when preparing reports and presentations. - Customizable interface in Host Analytics MyPlan – Increased flexibility to match the needs of more, and more diverse, business users. - Faster and more granular drill-through reporting in Host Analytics Dynamic Reports – In addition to the existing ability to drill back to transaction and translation details, you now can drill to understand additional details associated with your Planning and Consolidation data including Workforce Planning employee details, Capital Planning asset detail, as well as all the details behind any budget or forecast number. - More flexibility and ease-of-use in Host Analytics Planning Templates – Increased customization within templates, making them more meaningful to budget owners. The release also included new data filters to speed the isolation of important line items for specific activities, plus robust new seeding capabilities. - Enhanced usability and controls during consolidation – Ability to upload of journal entries in bulk, saving time and providing added flexibility to month-end consolidation processes.

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