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KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Strengths, Domain Expertise, and Key Differentiators

KBC Advanced Technologies has developed many software applications for simulation and optimisation. Petro-SIM is the flagship software for simulation of hydrocarbon processes, and is applicable throughout the value chain from upstream/midstream to downstream and petrochemicals. The SIM Reactor Suite provides simulation models for all units in the refinery. Over the years, the company has also obtained many software products through acquisitions of other strong companies in the industry. These include: Energy Optimisation tools such as SuperTarget and ProSteam from Linnhoff-March.PVT Modelling tools such as Multiflash and FloWax from Infochem Computer Services Limited, and most recently, Flow Assurance Modelling tools such as Maximus from FEESA Ltd. After being acquired by Yokogawa in 2016, KBC now offers Operator Training Simulation and Advanced Process Control to its offerings.

KBC also provides technical consulting services primarily to the hydrocarbon processing industry. The company provides consulting in four business areas including strategy and business excellence (operational excellence, market insights), cost optimisation (RAM, energy optimisation), production maximisation (hydrocarbon supply chain, margin enhancement) and people and organisation (capability transfer, production centred operations).

KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Recent Developments

In August 2019, KBC (A Yokogawa Company) has released its Industrial Energy Transition Manifesto for the process industries. The Manifesto provides deep insight into current realities, scenario predictions and how major players are adopting a range of substantially different strategies to adapt. The Manifesto outlines the actions that are available to be taken now and indicators of the pace and scale of the transition.

KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Activities

KBC Advanced Technologies was acquired by Yokogawa Electric in April 2016.

KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Customers in ARTW Customer Database

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KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Overview

Ownership: - x

Number of Employees: 350

Functional Markets: ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Supply Chain Management,

Key Verticals: Oil and Gas,

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KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Customers - Breakdown by Geo, Size, Vertical and Product

List of Verified KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Customers

No. of KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Customers: 600

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KBC provides software and consulting services to over 600 refineries in 90 countries across the globe. KBC customers are Engen, ExxonMobil, BP, Conoco, Total, Tosco, Koa Oil, Elf, and many others.

KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Market Opportunities, M&A and Geo Expansions

In April 2017, KBC made an exclusive relationship agreement with EQUIPSYS, a premier provider of process equipment design and plant monitoring software, to integrate their Petro-SIZE process design modules with KBC’s market-leading process simulator Petro-SIM. This relationship will greatly enhance the integrated Petro-SIM engineering environment for a holistic approach to equipment sizing and rating in process design and troubleshooting across the upstream oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemicals industries. For upstream oil and gas, Petro-SIM is the only purpose-built simulation software that combines the rich DNA of process simulation and PVT fluids with unique Life of Field scenarios to ensure that facility processing capabilities meet the long-term needs of the reservoir.

In April 2016, Yokogawa acquired KBC Advanced Technologies. As a result of this acquisition, Yokogawa will strengthen its position as an eminent player in the industrial automation sector by being able to provide a unique range of services and robust product portfolio, including consulting, packaged software, control systems, and sensors. This will allow Yokogawa to provide a one stop solution to the entire spectrum, from client senior management on down to field operators, mainly in the oil and gas industry. The addition of KBC’s customer base will also strengthen Yokogawa’s business. After the acquisition of KBC, later in November 2016, Yokogawa acquired Soteica Visual Mesa and integrated into KBC.

KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Risks and Challenges

KBC is wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation

KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd Ecosystem, Partners, Resellers and SI

Founded in 1979, KBC Advanced Technologies is headquartered in Walton on Thames in England and the company has offices worldwide, with major operations in Houston and Singapore.

During 2018 KBC has made different partnership agreements, increasing its ecosystem. Some of their partnerships are made in the following periods: In October 2018, KBC partnered with HTRI, the leading source of process heat transfer technology, and research, to deliver advanced capabilities in heat exchanger simulation and rating. The interoperability between XSimOp ShellTube, a new module for doing detailed simulation and rating of shell and tube heat exchangers, and Petro-SIM will enable more efficient delivery of high fidelity operational and design studies for process units. Process engineers will be able to quickly investigate and analyze the performance of heat exchanger networks in a single simulation case thereby reducing overall design time, minimizing equipment over-design and ensuring design flexibility that appropriately accounts for process variability.

In August 2018, KBC partnered with OLI Systems, to deliver an exciting enhancement to the application of simulation software for engineering design, debottlenecking, troubleshooting and optimization studies. This will be realized through the interoperability of the industry’s two leading thermodynamics and physical properties software solutions (OLI Systems’ OLI Alliance Engine and KBC’s Multiflash) within KBC’s Petro-SIM process simulation platform.

In April 2018, KBC partnered with Phillip Townsend Associates, to help customers close their performance gaps to reach best-in-class. Through this partnership, PTAI and KBC will collaborate together to help clients achieve closure of their performance gaps in an effective and sustainable manner. By incorporating KBC’s leading software and expert services, plant operations will be able to achieve their optimum potential at all times.

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