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Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Strengths, Domain Expertise, and Key Differentiators

Legerity helps clients deliver complex accounting changes. Legerity’s FastPost Accounting Rules platform provides a 3rd generation solution that meets the new IFRS 9, 15, 16, and 17 accounting standards. Legerity FastPost standardizes data across the enterprise to deliver benefits: simplified processing, improved reporting, faster close, reduced cost, and future-proof scalability.

FastPost is offered both as a Software and Platform as a Service – SaaS, and PaaS. Available as a SaaS cloud-based fully managed service, FastPost provides highly scalable and on-demand performance, giving firms confidence that IFRS accounting data is available when required.

Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Recent Developments

Legerity FastPost is an alternative to traditional lease management systems, which cannot offer the detailed accounting rules, calculations and multi-GAAP processing required by IFRS 16. Enable firms with a non-disruptive solution that fully supports lessee and lessor accounting requirements fast-tracking the implementation of IFRS 16.

Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Customers in ARTW Customer Database

Leveraging a rigorous data-centric research methodology, APPS RUN THE WORLD asks the simple question: Who’s buying Legerity, an insightsoftware Company applications and why? And we provide the answers – supported by decades of research – to our clients around the world. Our Customer database has over 100 data fields that detail company usage of Legerity, an insightsoftware Company and other enterprise apps by function, customer size, industry, location, implementation status, partner involvement, Line of Business Key Stakeholders and IT decision makers contact details. List of Verified Legerity FastPost customers.

Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Overview

Ownership: - Sussex Place Ventures

Number of Employees: 35

Functional Markets: ERP Financial, ERP Services and Operations Management,

Key Verticals: Banking and Financial Services, Communication, Life Insurance, P&C Insurance, Specialty Insurance,

Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Key Enterprise and Cloud Applications

Legerity FastPost

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Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Customers - Breakdown by Geo, Size, Vertical and Product

List of Verified Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Customers

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In June 2021, Hastings Group and Swan Life Ltd's largest insurers have selected Legerity’s FastPost Express for IFRS17 solution to help it transition to the new International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS17). The new standard takes effect from January 2023 and is one of the most significant changes to accounting in the insurance sector in years.

Legerity recent customer win includes a Telco Company in the Nordics. Some of their other customers are Aegon UK, Bité Group, and others.

Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Market Opportunities, M&A and Geo Expansions

Legerity opened a new office in Hong Kong, spreading its influence in the Asian market. They also welcomed Peter Haslebacher, who will drive Legerity’s business development in the Asia Pacific region.

Legerity company is an affiliate with London Business School and its VC investment arm, Sussex Place Ventures. Other parts of the Legerity community are also Millennium Consulting, Oracle, Tech Mahindra, Hortonworks, AWS, RegTech Forum, and Sussex Place Ventures.

Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Risks and Challenges

Gaining market share in the highly competitive Lease Accounting Market will be a challenge for Legerity.

Legerity, an insightsoftware Company Ecosystem, Partners, Resellers and SI

Legerity sales are primarily, but also have indirect sales through authorized business partners, affiliates, and agents.

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