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717 N. Harwood Street Suite 1300

Dallas, TX, 75201, USA

+1 800-348-7227

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Omnitracs Recent Developments

At the beggining of 2018, Omitracs launched unified SaaS-based software platform, Omnitracs One, a revolutionary new solution that will reshape the future of fleet management. Omnitracs One provides a single-source user experience, enabling unified fleet ops management and reporting, while eliminating single-purpose and disconnected solutions for both long haul and last mile fleets. With hardware flexibility, fleet owners can choose the right devices based on their needs at any service level. With instant access to the most robust network of technology partners and system integrations, customers can also expect continued support from the industry leader for service excellence. The new, cohesive solution will enable the company to respond to customers’ needs more quickly, while rapidly developing new and innovative capabilities on a platform that will sustain fleets well into the future.

Omnitracs M&A Activities

In Semptember 2017, Omnitracs acquired Shaw Tracking a subsidiary of Shaw Communications and the fleet management solutions provider in Canada. Through the combination of Omnitracs and Shaw Tracking, Canadian fleet customers have access to the comprehensive Omnitracs product and service portfolio.

Omnitracs Overview

Ownership: - Vista Equity Partners

Employees: 1040

Functional Market: Supply Chain Management,

Key Verticals: Consumer Packaged Goods, Distribution, Retail, Transportation,

Omnitracs Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

Omnitracs Cloud,

SCORES Analysis

Omnitracs Strengths

Omnitracs is provider of SaaS fleet management solutions serving the transportation sector. Omnitracs’ more than 1,000 employees deliver software-as-a-service-based solutions to help more than 12,000 customers manage nearly 1,100,000 assets in more than 70 countries. The company pioneered the use of commercial vehicle telematics over 25 years ago and serves today as a powerhouse of innovative, intuitive technologies. Omnitracs transforms the transportation industry through technology and insight, featuring best-in-class solutions for compliance, safety and security, productivity, telematics and tracking, transportation management (TMS), planning and delivery, data and analytics, and professional services.

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Omnitracs Revenues, $M:

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Omnitracs Revenue Breakdown By Type, $M:

Type License Services Hardware Support & Maintenance SaaS
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Omnitracs Revenues By Region, $M

Region % of Total Revenues 2017 Total Revenues, $M 2017 Enterprise Applications Revenues, $M 2017 Cloud Applications Revenues, $M
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Omnitracs Direct vs Indirect sales

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Omnitracs Risks

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Omnitracs Ecosystem

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Omnitracs Cloud Infrastructure Insights

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