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In Septembre 2018 proALPHA Expands their Portfolio of Mobile Solutions New reseller contract: proALPHA adds products of L-mobile to their product range of mobile software solutions. Whether in warehouse logistics, sales, production or service: To effectively and intelligently connect processes in manufacturing companies, mobile data collection systems are becoming more and more important. These systems provide the ERP with information in real time, thus increasing its effectiveness as a control instance. Now, proALPHA concluded a reseller contract with their long-term partner L-mobile solutions GmbH & Co. KG, a provider for mobile data collection systems. From now on, the ERP provider will sell selected products of L-Mobile under their own name and logo. This agreement is effective in the European Union and Switzerland. The mobile solutions of the software provider located in Sulzbach are already used by far more than 50 proALPHA customers. The main fields of application are digitalized warehouse logistics, production as well as service management. The connection to proALPHA is implemented via an extensively standardized integration. proALPHA customers can now select more mobile solutions from the portfolio.

ProAlpha Business Solutions M&A Activities

ProAlpha Merged with Alpha Business Solutions(ABS) in 2015.

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The proALPHA Group specializes in ERP applications for midmarket primarily in German-speaking countries in Europe. It offers proALPHA ERP, which provides materials management, production planning and control, planning and scheduling, fixed asset management, managerial accounting, personnel management, project management, document management, logistics, finance, and accounting, as well as other functions such as customer relationship management and supply chain management. Despite the generally weak economy in Western Europe where it derives much of its business, the 21-year-old proALPHA has shown steady growth over the past four years. proALPHA ERP is client-server based and it has yet to articulate its Cloud strategy. The majority of its customers are mid-sized companies in Germany and increased competition from SAP and others in the midmarket could leave proALPHA with no choice but to go upmarket. The key may well be boosting its international sales activities through more localization enhancements in order to help its German customers further their global expansion plans as well. In March 2018, proALPHA announced the new version of the comprehensive ERP solution proALPHA focuses on the international business of small and mid-sized manufacturing and trading companies. Version 7.1 comes with numerous new and extended functions, especially in accounting. Simulation options for multi-resource planning and comprehensive support of mobile warehouse and production logistics are further highlights. Pilot customers confirm that their upgrade to the new version went smoothly and that they have already seen significant process improvements and cost savings.

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