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WorkForce Software, LLC Recent Developments

In May 2018, WorkForce Software introduced WorkForce Crew Management. Designed for organizations who need to manage field crews, WorkForce Crew Management enables efficient mass entry of work time, activities, and productivity for multiple employees at once on a tablet device and full offline data collection at remote locations without connectivity. WorkForce Software also recently added support for tracking Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) reasonable accommodation requests in their WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker solution. In addition, the vendor added support for global absence management and automated time off request approvals.

WorkForce Software, LLC M&A Activities

In June 2016, WorkForce Software acquired Workplace Systems, the leading cloud-based employee scheduling solution for retail and hospitality, with offices in the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Australia. WorkForce Software is a portfolio company of Insight Venture Partners.

WorkForce Software, LLC Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

WorkForce Time and Attendance , WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling, EmpLive,

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WorkForce Software, LLC Strengths

WorkForce Software is firing on all cylinders with its extensive portfolio of workforce management applications. The 2016 acquisition of Workplace Systems has added best-of-breed scheduling products especially for retail and hospitality industries. That complements WorkForce Software’s time-collection, absence, labor and fatigue management as well as workforce analytics offerings. Over the past few years, WorkForce Software has continued to add key accounts in such strategic verticals as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, care services, K-12 and higher education, energy & utilities, hospitality, financial services, insurance, and the public sector. Its solutions allow organizations, from mid-sized to enterprise, to digitalize time and labor processes, prioritize collaborative scheduling, simplify absence management, and enable strategic business insight. The WorkForce Suite provides the following options: WorkForce Time and Attendance, WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling, WorkForce Advanced Scheduler, WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker, WorkForce Analytics, WorkForce Fatigue Management, and WorkForce Crew Management. WorkForce Software has combined the ease of parameters with the power of the WorkForce Suite’s flexible rules engine – so their customers aren’t limited to the rules they digitize on the day they go live, and they retain the flexibility to make changes without being constrained by product release cycles. In addition, the WorkForce Suite is an open, modern platform that comes interface-ready, out of the box, with over 100 APIs, 35 Web Services, and 35 file-based interfaces. The company also offers open clocks, so their customers aren’t limited by proprietary technology. Recent releases have included the following developments: support for automation and artificial intelligence (AI), streamlining high-volume tasks like time off an leave requests, timesheet approvals, schedule generation, call outs, shift swaps, and more; ADA accommodations tracking; support for global absence management; crew management capabilities with enhanced mobile functionality; expanded experience rating capabilities for scheduling hourly workers in retail and hospitality; a new analytics offering for WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling; and a new touchscreen clock designed to support global expansion throughout Latin America, EMEA and Asia; and the addition of a 4-week (or ‘lunar cycle’) timesheet period. In addition, the company recently expanded its base product to include requirements for 25 additional countries, further advancing its Xcelerate implementation methodology, which delivers best practices and maximum ROI in less time. WorkForce Software also offers an SMB solution, EmpLive, for Australian and New Zealand employers. Recent developments have expanded the solution’s mobile capabilities. Substantial momentum in Europe contributed to WorkForce Software’s strong results, with the company doubling its number of active users across the continent and signing high-profile clients in the auto manufacturing, reinsurance, and paint and specialty chemicals industries. WorkForce Software also saw burgeoning demand in Canada with new clients, including a major airline, one of the country’s biggest cities, a leader in paper-shredding and related business services, and a top-five oil and gas producer.

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