Experian Digital Transformation Initiatives

About the Customer

Experian plc is a consumer credit reporting agency. Experian collects and aggregates information on over one billion people and businesses including 235 million individual US consumers and more than 25 million US businesses.

Scope and Challenges

Faced with disparate processes, disconnected systems, and high costs, Experian needed to transform it IT service delivery.

“Experian had an unnecessarily complex and inflexible IT services set up, with a multitude of disparate technologies and processes. We were, in essence, putting veneer on veneer to keep up, rather than making inherent and lasting changes to evolve our approach,” said Jonathan Hayes, VP Global IT Service Excellence, Experian IT Services.

They were already using SumTotal Learn as their HCM solution.

Outcome and Implications

For most employees, the only direct interaction they had with IT was when they needed to ask for something via a request portal. It used to be a clunky, painful process. After implementing ServiceNow, interacting with IT is fast, easy, and highly satisfying.

Results show a significant drop in MTTR: there was a 32% reduction from 4.06 hours in May 2017 to just 1.28 hours by August 2017 with steady downward progress projected for the months ahead.

After just 12 weeks, 3,000 Experian employees globally were using ServiceNow to handle cases, service requests, and incidents for a client or employee.


“We pride ourselves on unlocking the possibilities that data holds to empower organizations and individuals, and this is exactly what ServiceNow has supported further for Experian,”

“With ServiceNow, we have created a single system of engagement for Experian that expands far beyond IT. We’ve initiated a significant change in how large, global organizations deliver services.”

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