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Lumesse Recent Developments

Aims to transform talent management with TalentObjects and help of Reaffirms it focus on Global Multinational Enterprise customers with the divestiture in 2016 of its SMB business. Validates its intent to deliver an end-to-end Talent Acquisitino platform with the acquisition of Goodwords, a leading-edge reference checking application, now offered as Lumesse:Check within its Talent Acquisition portfolio.

Lumesse Key Cloud & HCM Applications

Lumesse Coursebuilder, Lumesse ETWeb, Lumesse Learning Gateway, Lumesse TalentLink

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Lumesse Strengths

Formerly known as StepStone Solutions, the leading HCM applications vendor in Europe changed its name to Lumesse in 2011. With a series of capital infusion from its private equity firm HgCapital parent, Lumesse branched out into other regions in addition to its strong hold in Europe. With earlier acquisitions of MrTed, a UK-based eRecruiting applications vendor; and Edvantage Group, a Cloud-based elearning developer, Lumesse has assembled a full portfolio of Core HR and talent management applications for succession planning, competency management and HR analytics.

In 2015 Lumesse released TalentObjects, a set of solutions built on the Salesforce App Cloud. The initial suite, TalentObjects:Recruit provides a single platform for recruitment and onboarding with other TalentObjects modules planned for, performance, succession planning, career management, compensation and learning management. The move reinforces Lumesse' positioning as an innovative player capable of leveraging common and open tools such as the Salesforce App Cloud for maximum scalability and global coverage.

In October 2015, Lumesse launched its latest recruitment innovation, Interview Management and is developing next-generation Candidate Relationship Management capabilities on platform as well. This addition to TalentOjbects:Recruit on the Salesforce App Cloud is a next-generation solution designed to provide a more streamlined experience for interviewers and job candidates alike, transforming how companies hire the best talent.

In April 2016, Lumesse launched ETWeb empower the latest evolution of its popular ETWeb suite of Talent Management solutions. ETWeb empower is a SaaS or private cloud Talent Management suite which will include the company’s historically offered modules for Core HR, Performance Management, Learning, Succession Management and Rewards. Increasing the breadth and depth of the offering, Lumesse is adding Recruiting and Onboarding to the suite and is also incorporating an Insights module that taps analytics and tailors them for cross-functional use. Finally, the company is tapping into the convergence of social techniques, crowdsourcing and ideation with its Innovate bundle which encourages and enables broad employee participation in company innovation. To encourage ease-of-deployment across the enterprise, the suite is delivered with a common user interface on an integrated data foundation. To encourage user adoption, the user interface utilizes modern, consumer-like menus and icons making it a familiar environment for non-technical users. The overarching objective of the solution is Empowerment of employees to self-manage their careers and for managers to facilitate that self-management.

In addition, the company is extending its talent acquisition portfolio with new capabilities including job distribution, power searching to ease recruiter effort in matching candidates to positions, talent portals to improve candidate experience, recruitment marketing (CRM), onboarding and recruitment insights. With the acquisition and integration of Goodwords to the Talent Acquisition Platform in 2016, the company extends its offering to include comprehensive reference checking as its “Check” module. The new capabilities, added to the core portfolio ATS solutions give Lumesse a highly robust, best in breed set of application . Additionally, and to ease burdens of integration and provide a more seamless environment for recruiting the company is packaging its modules and a Talent Acquisition App/Services Marketplace as a Talent Acquisition Platform.

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