Top 10 Workforce Management Software Vendors, Market Forecast 2015-2020, and Customer Wins

Vendors excel In Time and Attendance, Scheduling, and other key WFM functions


In 2015, the top 10 Workforce Management (WFM) software vendors accounted for nearly 39% of the HCM applications market segment which grew 4% to approach $3.6 billion in license, maintenance and subscription revenues.

As a whole, Workforce Management (WFM) applications represented 24% of the overall HCM applications market.

Last year Kronos was No. 1 in Workforce Management with 18% market share and $658 million in HCM Workforce Management product revenues, achieving a 5% jump in license, maintenance and subscription revenues. ADP was No. 2 with 5% share, Ultimate Software was the third at 5% and Oracle and Verint were fourth and fifth with 3% and 2%, respectively.


Exhibit 1 – 2015 Workforce Management Market Shares Split By Top 10 WFM Software Vendors and Other, %

2015 Workforce Management Market Shares Split By Top 10 WFM Vendors and Other, %
2015 Workforce Management Market Shares Split By Top 10 WFM Software Vendors and Other, %

Through our forecast period, the Workforce Management applications market, which is comprised of six subsegments, is expected to reach $4.6 billion by 2020, compared with $3.6 billion in 2015 expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 5%. For Top 10 vendors in each of the six subsegments in addition to Time Clock Hardware, please check their own index page by following their link below.

Exhibit 2 – Worldwide Workforce Management Applications Market Forecast 2015-2020 By Subsegment, $M, and Compound Annual Growth Rate, %

Workforce Management Segments 2015 2020 CAGR, %
Absence Management 359 515 7.5%
Fatigue Management 143 165 2.9%
Scheduling 1278 1622 4.9%
Task Management 214 290 6.3%
Time & Attendance 1312 1584 3.8%
Workforce Analytics 302 460 8.8%
Total 3608 4636 5.1%

Source: Apps Run The World, December 2016

Workforce Management Market Definitions and Forecast Assumptions

Human capital management includes such functions as eRecruiting (applicant tracking), Onboarding (employee profile), Performance Management (assessment, goal management, succession planning), Core HR (personnel administration, benefits, compensation management, payroll), Workforce Management (absence management, activity tracking, scheduling, time and attendance), and eLearning (learning management system). For complete definition, please see below or visit our Taxonomy page.

Drivers and inhibitors behind our Workforce Management applications market forecast assumptions include:

  1. Digital transformation in response to new user demands, market forces
  2. Restructuring of HR processes to accelerate for next decade
  3. Anticipate, execute WFM measures to address human capital risks
  4. Heavily modified WFM systems entail rising costs
  5. Unbundling of work, requiring better measurement of tasks, risks as well as scheduling and time and attendance.

Inhibitors include hardware not in sync with software release cycles

  1. Analytics fall short of expectations
  2. Shifting regulatory and compliance demands prompt stopgap measures
  3. Eroding trust in the workplace, lack of employee engagement
  4. Bring Your Own Device trend engenders WFM system distrust as well

Top 10 Workforce Management Software Vendors

Here are the rankings of the top 10 Workforce Management (WFM) software vendors, their market shares in 2015 and recent developments.

Rank Top 10 Workforce Management (WFM) Software Vendors 2014 Workforce Management (WFM) Revenues, $M 2015 Workforce Management (WFM) Revenues, $M YoY Growth, % 2015 Workforce Management (WFM) Market Share, % Recent Developments
1 Kronos 625 658 5% 18% With 20,000 customers in the Kronos Cloud, the No. 1 WFM vendor continued to expand by buying Empower for HCM apps in 2016.
2 ADP 200 194 -3% 5% Continues to gain ground in midmarket with Cloud-based Workforce Now, offering 75,000 customers a mix of WFM, Core HR and Payroll products.
3 Ultimate Software 132 160 21% 5% Saw 84% attach rate for its time management applications in third quarter of 2016. In September 2016, Ultimate acquired Kanjoya for workforce analytics.
4 Oracle 101 96 -5% 3% In its latest quarter, Oracle said its Cloud HCM applications sales spiked 131% after signing 436 deals including more than half from new customers.
5 Verint Systems 80 80 0% 2% Focus is on workforce management apps for call center operations.
6 Nice Systems 45 54 20% 2% Signed hundreds of clients in 2016 with its workforce management applications and other enterprise software to help boost customer engagement.
7 WorkForce Software 45 49 9% 1% Acquired Workplace for schedule optimization applications, while expanding its presence in strategic verticals such as government, healthcare, and retail.
8 HotSchedules 45 49 9% 1% Unveiled Global Developer Network for developing solutions on the HotSchedules IoT Platform and the Global Channel Network for reselling the HotSchedules app portfolio.
9 dormakaba Group 41 46 12% 1% Merger between Kaba and Dorma created one of the top three companies for security and access solutions.
10 Reflexis Systems 41 37 -10% 1% Acquired Enfotrust Networks, a provider of vendor performance management and learning solutions for merchandisers, retailers, and manufacturers.
Subtotal 1355 1428 5% 39%
Other 2120 2180 3% 61%
Total 3475 3608 4% 100%

Source: Apps Run The World, December 2016

Top 10 HR Software Vendors In 22 HCM Market Segments From HCM Top 500 Research

Check the Top 10 HR software vendors in 22 HCM market segment as part of our HCM Top 500 market research. These top 10 vendors are ranked by their latest annual product revenues attributable to that particular market segment. It also summarizes the market outlook and our forecast assumptions at the group level and for that segment, respectively.

Split by Sub-Functional Markets
 Top 10 Core HR and Performance Management Software Vendors

HCM Win/Loss Analysis As Part Of Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database

On the buyer side, customers are investing in HCM applications based on new features and capabilities that are expected to replace their existing legacy systems. In many cases, competitive upgrades and replacements that could have a profound impact on future market-share changes will become more widespread.

Since 2010, our global team of researchers have been studying the patterns of the latest HCM software purchases by customers around the world, aggregating massive amounts of data points that form the basis of our forecast assumptions and perhaps the rise and fall of certain vendors and their products on a quarterly basis.

What follows is a sample of our latest findings, which are being updated continuously. Each year our research team identifies tens of thousands of these HCM customer wins and losses from public and proprietary sources.

The research results are being incorporated into regular updates in our Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database. You can access the Quarterly Win/Loss Analysis Scoreboard and our Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database by becoming a subscriber.

Vendor Customer Win Industry No. of employees Revenue, $M Old Product New Product Wins in
7shifts Xi’an Famous Foods Restaurants 10 2 HotSchedules 7shifts 2014
7shifts Boston Pizza Restaurants 2800 730 Legacy System 7shifts 2014
Accsys (Pty) Ltd BIC Consumer Goods 17805 2503 Legacy System Accsys 2014
Acroprint NGL Energy Partners LP Oil & Energy 3200 2721 Legacy System Acroprint PENDULUM 2014
Acumen Data Systems Dow Chemical Chemicals 51635 49000 Legacy System ViewSUITE 2013
Aditro Fennia Group Insurance 5000 500 Legacy System Aditro Time and Attendance 2014
ADP Sharp Electronics Corporation Consumer Electronics 43500 28700 ADP Workforce ADP’s suite of solutions 1Q16
ADP Textron Aerospace & Defense 35000 13423 Legacy System ADP Time and Attendance 2013
ADP Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc. Construction 14000 18000 Legacy System ADP Time and Attendance 2013
ADP Welcov Healthcare Health, Wellness and Fitness 3500 850 Legacy System ADP Vantage HCM 4Q15
ADP Didlake, Inc. Non Profit 1200 100 Legacy System ADP Vantage HCM 2Q16
ADP MA Com Technologies Semiconductors 1100 100 Legacy System ADP Time and Attendance 2015
ADP Harlem United Non Profit 350 50 Ultipro ADP Workforce Now, ADP Enterprise Time and Attendance 1Q15
Aeromark Ltd Saltire Facilities Management Limited Facilities Services 300 30 Legacy System Aeromark’s Workflow Scheduling Platform 2013
Aladtec, Inc. Madison College Higher Education 5000 256 Legacy System Aladtec 2015
Allocate Software plc Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Hospital & Health Care 16000 1310 Legacy System HealthRoster 2015
Allocate Software plc Barts Health NHS Trust Hospital & Health Care 15000 100 Legacy System HealthRoster 2015
Amano Anaheim General Hospital Hospital & Health Care 46000 1000 Legacy System Amano Time Guardian 4Q11
API Healthcare UPMC Hospital & Health Care 60000 5300 Legacy System ShiftSelect 2015
API Healthcare Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) Hospital & Health Care 40000 7500 Legacy System ShiftSelect 2014
Asure Software ExxonMobil Oil & Energy 75300 270000 Legacy System Asure 2016
Asure Software Metlife Insurance 66000 10000 Legacy System Asure 2016
Attendance on Demand, Inc. Morgan Advanced Materials Glass, Ceramics & Concrete 9000 1200 e-time Attendance on Demand 2013
Capita Software Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hospitality 150 20 Capita Legasy Apps Intelligent Time 2016
Celayix Software Capitol Host Food & Beverages 210 25 Capitol Host Celayix eTime Xpress, Voice Xpress and time clocks 2014
Celayix Software Ordway Center for the Performing Arts Performing Arts 150 20 Capitol Host Celayix eTime Xpress 2015
Celayix Software M3 Retail Solutions Consumer Services 50 4 Capitol Host Celayix eTime Xpress, Voice Xpress and time clocks 2013
ComOps Limited Harbour City Ferries Transportation 140 15 Kronos Microster Workforce Management 2013
dorma+kaba Holding AG AfriSam Construction 2000 750 Swicon360 Kaba B-Net 93 20 2011
dorma+kaba Holding AG Georgia Department of Corrections Public Safety 10500 1200 Legacy System Kaba B-Web 9500 Series Time Collection Devices (TCD), Kaba’s Mobile Data Collection solution, and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system for telephone time collection. 2012
dorma+kaba Holding AG Cameron, a Schlumberger company Oil & Energy 23400 9800 Legacy System Kaba Time and Attendance 2014
dorma+kaba Holding AG Benteler Automotive Automotive 20850 6460 Legacy System Kaba Time and Attendance 2011
dorma+kaba Holding AG Clicks Group Retail 8658 1570 Legacy System Kaba Time and Attendance 2014
dorma+kaba Holding AG North Carolina State University Education 7500 1920 Legacy System Kaba Time and Attendance 2011
dorma+kaba Holding AG Lake Region Medical Medical Devices 1800 800 Legacy System Kaba Time and Attendance 2013
dorma+kaba Holding AG Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Hospital & Health Care 3500 565 Legacy System Kaba Time Clocks 2012
dorma+kaba Holding AG MAHLE Industrial Filtration Automotive 76000 12870 Legacy System KABA Time Registration 2013
Electronic Commerce Inc. Carter Express Logistics and Supply Chain 1150 200 ADP ECI Time and Labor Management 2014
Electronic Commerce Inc. Ryobi Die Casting Automotive 600 50 ADP ECI Time and Labor Management 2015
Electronic Commerce Inc. Smart Management Information Technology and Services 70 7 ADP ECI time and attendance 2012
FinancialForce Summa Information Technology and Services 260 34 Microsoft Excel; People Manager; SuccessFactors; OpenHire FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) 2014
FinancialForce Ashoka Non Profit 200 52 Microsoft Excel; People Manager; SuccessFactors; OpenHire FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) 2014
FinancialForce SnapLogic Computer Software 170 20 SpringAhead FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) 2016
FinancialForce Jacobus Consulting Hospital & Health Care 90 10 Microsoft Excel; People Manager; SuccessFactors; OpenHire FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) 2014
FinancialForce ABC Selfstore Retail 50 5 Xero FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) 2014
HotSchedules Brinker International Restaurants 14000 2905 Legacy System HotSchedules 3Q15
HotSchedules Benihana Restaurant Restaurants 7400 700 Legacy System HotSchedules 2Q13
HotSchedules World of Beer Restaurants 5000 500 Legacy System HotSchedules 1Q15
HotSchedules Carmel Kitchen Wine Bar Restaurants 250 25 Legacy System HotSchedules 3Q15
HotSchedules Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge Restaurants 200 20 Legacy System HotSchedules 1Q13
HotSchedules MATTHEW KENNEY RESTAURANT GROUP Health, Wellness and Fitness 100 15 Legacy System HotSchedules 1Q14
HotSchedules Chicago Cut Steakhouse – Food & Beverages 50 5 Legacy System HotSchedules 2Q14
HotSchedules Results Thru Strategy Restaurants 50 5 Legacy System HotSchedules 3Q14
HotSchedules Yowie’s Lodge Restaurants 20 2 Legacy System HotSchedules 1Q15
Huntington Business Systems UC Davis Health System Hospital & Health Care 10000 5000 Kronos Time and Attendance HBS EcoTime 1Q13
Interflex Datensysteme GmbH & Co. KG Biblionet Groningen Libraries 200 23 Word, Excel SP-Expert 1Q12
JDA Software Group, Inc. Bed Bath & Beyond Stores, Inc Retail 58000 11504 Kronos Workforce Management JDA Workforce Management 2013
Kronos Dansk Supermarked Group Retail 42500 8480 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos IngramMicro Information Technology and Services 27700 41720 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos Fonterra Dairy 22000 17940 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos Fletcher Building Holdings Building Materials 18800 8410 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos Orlando Health Inc. Hospital & Health Care 14000 595 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos City of Dallas Government Administration 13000 2800 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos Fox Cable Network Entertainment 12500 14300 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos Toyota Boshoku America Inc. Automotive 11000 4000 Legacy System Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Kronos HHS (Hospital Housekeeping Systems) Hospital & Health Care 11000 350 ADP Workforce Kronos Workforce Central 2Q16
Kronos Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Hospital & Health Care 10100 1500 Infor Lawson HR Kronos Workforce Central 2Q16
Kronos Benchmark Senior Living Hospital & Health Care 2370 280 Ultipro Kronos Workforce Central 1Q16
Nice Systems Wipro Technologies Information Technology and Services 173863 7735 Legacy System NICE WFM 2014
Nice Systems AIG Insurance 65000 64400 Legacy System NICE WFM 2013
Nice Systems Air China Airlines/Aviation 50000 7080 Legacy System NICE Workforce Management 4Q14
Nice Systems Sky Media 30000 12000 Legacy System NICE WFO 2Q14
Nice Systems Directv Telecom. 30000 8000 Legacy System NICE WFM 2013
Nice Systems Norwegian Cruise Line Leisure, Travel & Tourism 23700 3200 Legacy System NICE WFO 2Q13
Nice Systems Ricoh America Corporation Information Technology and Services 14000 2000 Legacy System NICE WFM 2013
Nice Systems KeyBank NA Banking and Financial Services 13411 4020 Legacy System NICE Actimize 1Q16
NOVAtime Technology, Inc. Alcala Consulting, Inc. Computer Networking 10 1 ADP NOVATime 4000 3Q14
OfficeTimer daVIZta, Inc Management Consulting 100 20 daVIZta, Inc OfficeTimer 2014
Oracle Ansell Healthcare Consumer Goods 1500 1645 Oracle HR, Payroll and General Ledger Oracle HCM Cloud 1Q16
Oracle Cogeco Connexion Telecom. 2550 1200 Legacy System Oracle Time and Labor 3Q13
Oracle King Abdullah Medical City Healthcare 2000 500 Legacy System Oracle Time and Labor 1Q16
Oracle Empire Realty Company Real Estate 1742 1000 Legacy System Oracle Time and Labor 4Q15
Oracle JT Group Limited Telecom. 600 192 Legacy System Oracle Time and Labor 4Q15
Oracle Alijarah Holding Investment Management 250 180 Legacy System Oracle Time and Labor 3Q11
Oracle Delmon Poultry Company Consumer Goods 186 80 Legacy System Oracle Time and Labor 4Q14
Oracle Ansell Limited Consumer Goods 15000 2000 Legacy System Oracle Workforce Management System 3Q15
Oracle Schroders Financial Services 3700 2043 Legacy System Oracle Workforce Management System 2Q16
Oracle Overhead Door Corporation Industrial Manufacturing 3500 2000 Legacy System Oracle Workforce Management System 4Q15
Oracle Lyft Transportation 400 800 Legacy System Oracle Workforce Management System 2Q15
Paycom JSI Logistics Logistics and Supply Chain 2000 690 ADP Workforce Paycom Time and Labor 2013
Paylocity GFI Software Computer Software 450 50 ADP/EzLabor Paylocity Web Time 2014
Reflexis Systems Rewe Group Retail 330000 58910 Legacy System Reflexis Workforce Manager 2015
Reflexis Systems McDonald’s UK Restaurants 85000 70000 Legacy System Reflexis Workforce Manager and Time and Attendance 2014
Reflexis Systems Coop Switzerland Retail 80000 27500 Legacy System Reflexis Workforce Manager 2014
Reflexis Systems AutoZone Retail 65000 10190 Legacy System Reflexis Workforce Manager 2014
Reflexis Systems Belk Department Stores Retail 24700 4000 Legacy System Reflexis Workforce Manager 2015
Reflexis Systems Weight Watchers Personal Services 19000 1150 Legacy System Reflexis Workforce Manager 2015
Reflexis Systems Vera Bradley Apparel & Fashion 2950 505 Legacy System Reflexis Workforce Manager 2014
Reflexis Systems Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Construction 20 2 Legacy System ReflexisPlus 2015
Skillsoft Convergys Outsourcing 130000 2951 Kronos SumTotal Work 3Q15
Ultimate Software Aetna Insurance 50000 16000 Legacy System UltiPro 3Q13
Ultimate Software Genesee & Wyoming Transportation 7500 2000 Legacy System UltiPro 3Q16
Ultimate Software Islands Restaurants Restaurants 3900 800 Legacy System UltiPro 1Q16
Ultimate Software Human Arc Hospital & Health Care 550 100 Legacy System UltiPro 1Q15
Verint Systems Inc. TD BANK Financial Services 26000 10000 Legacy System Verint Impact 360 WFM 2015
Verint Systems Inc. NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Financial Services 13000 4000 Legacy System Verint Impact 360 WFM 2015
Verint Systems Inc. JustFab, Inc. Retail 750 180 Legacy System Verint Impact 360 WFM 2015
Verint Systems Inc. Guardian Protection Services Professional Services 500 50 Legacy System Verint Impact 360 WFM 2014

Source: Apps Run the World, December 2016

Further Readings

The HCM Top 500 report series covers more than 3,000 pages of content, make sure that you don’t miss any of the 500+ profiles by becoming a subscriber. Or you can catch the highlights with the following links:


Similar to any of the hundreds of reports that we have published since 2010, HCM Top 500 is a labor of love. Since 2013, our team of researchers have been conducting rigorous research on thousands of HCM vendors, surveying them quarterly, reviewing their products at even shorter intervals because of the compressed Cloud release cycle, and discussing HR vision with their customers to better understand user needs as well as different paths to upgrade and replace their existing systems.

Each year we also attend many industry-wide and vendor-specific user conferences – HR Tech, Dreamforce, SAPPHIRENOW, Oracle Open World, just to name a few, to gauge what customers are looking for.

Throughout this process comes a rich database of more than 2,000 HCM vendors as well as over 50,000 HCM customers that have been touched one form or another through regular surveys, phone and in-person interviews, email exchanges, and social media interactions, etc.

On a proactively basis, we contact the vendors directly to tabulate their latest quarterly and annual revenues by HCM segment, vertical market, revenue type, region, country and customer size.

We supplement their written responses with our own primary research to determine quarterly and yearly growth rates in each of the 22 segments and 21 verticals, in addition to customer wins to ascertain whether these are net new purchases or expansions of existing implementations.

Another dimension of our quantitative research process is through continuous improvement of our customer database, which stores more than one million records on the enterprise software landscape of over 100,000 organizations around the world.

The database provides customer insight and contextual information on what types of HCM, enterprise software systems and other relevant technologies are they running and their propensity to invest further with their current or new suppliers as part of their overall HCM and IT transformation projects to stay competitive, fend off threats from disruptive forces, or comply with internal mandates to improve overall enterprise efficiency.

The result is a combination of supply-side data and demand-generation customer insight that allows our clients to better position themselves in anticipation of the next wave that will reshape the HCM marketplace for years to come.

HCM Market Taxonomy

From hire to retire, HCM continuum extends across 22 markets, 21 verticals
From hire to retire, HCM continuum extends across 22 markets, 21 verticals

Definition of Human Capital Management (HCM) Applications

Core HR and Performance Management
Core HR and Performance Management Description
Personnel & Organization Management Core human resource management system, personnel records, HR master file, accruals, organizational development, org chart visualization
Payroll Payroll processing, tax filing, language support, country-level updates, payslip calculations, automatic deductions and other government requirements for proper disbursement of employee compensation.
Benefits Administration Benefits and health administration. Plan and design benefits lifecycle, billing and payment. Carrier solutions are also included for integration purposes.
Pension Administration Pension and retirement fund(401K) administration as well as software that helps manage profit sharing plan, defined benefit plan, or cash balance plan.
Compliance Compliance, regulatory updates and reporting including such laws as Affordable Care Act, Overtime Regulations, Fair Labor Standards Act
Performance & Goal Management HR performance management applications are designed to automate the aggregation and delivery of information pertinent to the linking of job roles and the mission and goals of the organization. More specifically, the system allows users to automate the performance review process by using mechanisms such as training and key performance indicators to continuously track and monitor the progress of an individual employee, work team, and division. Some of the key features include: Assessment of individual career objectives and organizational skills gaps that impede performance and job advancement. Continuous reviews and establishing milestones. 360-degree evaluation and real-time feedback. Performance appraisal automation. Goal setting and tracking. Employee surveys. Alignment of human assets to corporate objectives. Fast tracks for top performers.
Learning & Development Learning management systems refer to applications that automate the administration, tracking, and reporting of training events. Other tools may include courseware and other delivery, management, tracking, or integrated solutions whose focus is on the learning environment, including learning content management systems. Career development tools include apps for coaching, mentoring, employee development planning, and diagnosing of development needs.
Succession & Leadership Planning Identify and address current and potential talent gaps to create succession management reporting. Develop and maintain a continuous supply of internal talent to fill critical job roles. Improve employee engagement through digital tools to advance career path development opportunities.
Compensation Management Compensation management applications are designed to automate the process of providing cash, noncash, variable and nonvariable compensation to employees through advanced modeling, reporting, and built-in interfacing to payroll processing systems. Other key features include seamlessly manage compensation budgets and allocation in a single, shared tool. Streamline pay recommendation workflows and approvals. Support multiple pay and incentive practices. Ensure budget compliance and adherence to compensation guidelines. Quota and territory management. Calculation and distribution of commissions, spiffs, royalties, incentives to employees, and channel and business partners. Compensation analysis using internal and external data for retention risk analysis. Linking salary, commission and incentives — cash and noncash — to business objectives. Payroll and payment engine interfaces. Account payables integration.
Talent Acquisition 
Talent Acquisition Description
Applicant Tracking Applicant tracking software automates such functions as management of resumes, applicant information, scoring, workflow, matching, search, interview scheduling, job descriptions, EEOC reporting, job postings and notifications
Recruiting Recruiting applications are designed to automate the recruitment process of salaried and hourly employees through screening and skills assessment, as well as automated selection processes to improve hiring pipeline by identifying talent inside or outside the organization. Other key features include: Manage skills inventories. Create and manage job requisitions. Coordinate team collaboration within hiring processes. Video Interviewing, team building and digital coaching.
Marketing Applications designed to attract and engage candidates and employees. Other tasks automate functions such as candidate relationship management apps, career site technology, social recruiting, employee referrals, branding, video engagement, campus recruiting and internal hiring
Contingent Labor Management Processing of hiring of contingent labor, search, skills matching, assessment, interview scheduling, negotiation of rates, approvals, project milestone payments, project completion tracking, performance ratings
Sourcing Facilitate resource planning for staffing firms as well as vendor managed system, allowing for front office integration for employment agencies as well as talent acquisition apps designed for staffing firms.
Onboarding Applications designed to deploy workers to appropriate jobs, projects, or teams for accelerated on-boarding.
Workforce Management
Workforce Management Description
Absence and Leave Management Absence management applications offer automated features to support employee leave management, employer authorized leave, Short-Term-Disability/Workers’ Comp coordination, federal and state compliance, customized leave correspondence, medical certification processing, insurance premium payment tracking as well as employee self-service capabilities. Leave Management supports compliance activities related to government regulations such as the Family and Medical Leave Act in the United States and other local leave laws in different countries.
Workforce analytics Workforce analytics are used to analyze compensation, benefits, and other employee variables. These applications can also be used to analyze and optimize labor allocation for particular projects.
Fatigue Management Fatigue Management apps help automate key facets of fatigue risk mitigation, enforcing employee work-hour limits and aligning with fitness for duty best practices. Similar apps may act as electronic work diaries for real-time reporting and compliance with transportation laws.
Hardware (Time Clock) Time capture is the hardware platform that provides authentication features for clock-in and clock-out times, meal and rest breaks, as well as timesheet and payroll reporting and compliance.
Workforce Scheduling Products are designed to Increase forecasting accuracy by factoring in a variety of methods and historical patterns. Create optimal schedules to meet customer demands, while reducing costs and maximizing resources
Task Management Task Management offers labor management capabilities such as task-based and project-based activity tracking as well as measurement and reporting functions against performance standards like engineered labor standards, team standards and reflective standards.
Time & Attendance Time and Attendance applications are designed to automate employee time tracking in different locations, help reduce overtime expenses, improve payroll accuracy, eliminate pay errors and adjustments, along with the need to simplify and optimize administrative tasks and complex rate calculations by making available accurate and current labor data and full audit trail of payroll data.