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  1. Full access to our online Cloud Top 500 Market Report (Excel Version - Sample) (which ranks and analyzes the explosive growth of the world’s 500+ largest enterprise applications vendors ranked by their Cloud subscription revenues) + Excel version of the report.
  2. Full access to our online Apps Top 500 Market report (which ranks the combined on-premise and Cloud revenues of the biggest enterprise applications vendors) + Excel version of the report.
  3. Full access to our online HCM Top 500 Market report (which ranks and analyzes the explosive growth of the world’s 500+ largest HCM Software vendors by their latest HCM revenues) + Excel version of the report.
  4. Just to make things even more interesting, we are giving you full access to 37 market-sizing reports from Analytics and BI to the Utility vertical focusing on the Top 10 vendors in each of these unique markets. Last Updated 2019
    Functional Market Reports: 
    Vertical Market Reports: 
  5. Additionally, you will be able to access the comprehensive profiles of
    1. 1173+ enterprise applications vendors (sample profile) featured in Apps & Cloud Top 500 Market Reports
    2. 500+ HCM applications vendors (sample profile) featured in HCM Top 500 Market Report. Both covering:
      • SCORES analysis - strengths, customers, opportunities, risks, ecosystems, shares
      • Their key markets, Enterprise & Cloud offerings, Ownership information, headcount, customer count, number of Cloud customers and Cloud subscribers.
      • 2011-2018 HCM, Cloud HCM, Cloud, Non-Cloud and Total Revenues
      • Revenue breakdowns by region, type, direct vs indirect
      • Revenue breakdown by 16 Functional and 21 Vertical Markets
      • Their 2018 Enterprise Application Market Shares & YoY Growth
      • Their 2018 Cloud Market Shares & YoY Growth
      • Their 2018 HCM Market Shares & YoY Growth
      • Their 2018 Cloud HCM Market Shares & YoY Growth
  6. Our online Vendor Database is updated continuously to reflect the latest changes to vendors strategies while the Apps, Cloud & HCM Top 500 market reports are being updated annually.
  7. Full access to our Buyer Insight Customer Database, a searchable database of 10,000+ enterprise applications customers, their Digital Transformation initiatives, their Cloud and on-premise apps environment. Our customer Database is updated with customer profiles every week. (Sample from our internal Customer Database).
  8. Daily site updates, special discounts on custom data cuts, and much more
  9. Real-Time Customer Service and Support
  10. Special Discounts on Custom Data Cuts
  11. On-Demand Requests For Net New Vendor Profiles
  12. Concierge Services - Inquiry Hours With Analysts, Early Access To Upcoming Market Reports, End-User Training, Invoice Payment Terms, and More.
  13. All-Access Downloads Including Latest Reports and Archives In Excel and PDF Formats
  14. All sales are final. This is an annual subscription plan and you can cancel anytime you want. However, your subscription automatically ends after you cancel your subscription. No refunds will be given for unused subscription time.
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