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About the Customer

Established in 2001 with headquarters in Savannah, GA, and offices in Greenville, SC, DX Marketing is a comprehensively targeted marketing firm utilizing leading-edge marketing technology and a data-driven approach to help businesses successfully identify, acquire, and retain customers.

They do it with direct access to over 700 million online behavioral profiles and nearly 40 thousand audience segments from the world’s most trusted data brands. Then leverage all of this input to target and engage the prospects most likely to become your customers, fostering relationships and building brand loyalty along the way. This mass of information, coupled with the exclusive geospatial mapping services, enables us to create uncommonly refined and highly measurable client acquisition strategies for companies both large and small.

Scope and Challenges

DX Marketing is building a data management platform that will enable non-technical users build the management off the backend by themselves. However, by using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud the end users will not have to worry about performance, security or advanced analytics which are all going put on autopilot which will make things much easier. There will be no need from an external system that will be pulling data down and processing and putting it back., now It will run in the database so that alleviates any kind of network latency.

Outcome and Implications

Oracle Autonomous Database could become the invisible hand that helps customers remove IT complexity while providing the reassurance and predictability needed to run their high-velocity operations.


Jerry Gearding, CTO at DX Marketing discusses running advanced analytics in the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.


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