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IMC Worldwide Software Purchases and Digital Transformation Initiatives

Last updated on 2021-08-18 16:57:01

Discover the latest software purchases and digital transformation initiatives being undertaken by IMC Worldwide and its business and technology executives. Each quarter our research team identifies on-prem and cloud applications that are being used by the 500 IMC Worldwide employees from the public (Press Releases, Customer References, Testimonials, Case Studies and Success Stories) and proprietary sources.

During our research, we have identified that IMC Worldwide has purchased the following applications: jsDelivr CDN for Content Delivery Network in 2021, WordPress for Web Content Management in 2019, Unit4 PSA Suite for Professional Services Automation in 2017 and the related IT decision-makers and key stakeholders.

Our database provides customer insight and contextual information on which enterprise applications and software systems IMC Worldwide is running and its propensity to invest more and deepen its relationship with jsDelivr , WordPress , UNIT4 or identify new suppliers as part of their overall Digital and IT transformation projects to stay competitive, fend off threats from disruptive forces, or comply with internal mandates to improve overall enterprise efficiency.

We have been analyzing IMC Worldwide revenues, which have grown to $212.0 millions in 2019, plus its IT budget and roadmap, cloud software purchases, aggregating massive amounts of data points that form the basis of our forecast assumptions for IMC Worldwide intention to invest in emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, Autonomous Database or in cloud-based ERP, HCM, CRM, EPM, Procurement or Treasury applications.

About the Customer

IMC Worldwide Limited provides environmental due diligence and advisory services to power, water, and sanitation sectors worldwide. The company is a consultancy that partners with local communities, governments, international agencies, NGOs and the private sector to address some of the world’s primary development challenges. IMC Worldwide's head office is in Redhill, south of London.

Scope and Challenges

 In 2016, IMC undertook 112 projects and assignments in more than 40 countries, with the total value of projects contracted at £150 million between 2016 and 2018.  Its purpose is to empower the poor and disadvantaged in low and middle-income countries.

IMC Worldwide was in search of a solution in order to support its growing world-class project team and to maximize the positive impacts of its programs.

Outcome and Implications

Unit4 PSA Suite is an out-of-the-box front-end cloud solution, which integrated seamlessly with native Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

It supported IMC to improve performance through real-time insight and enhanced visibility across projects and teams. It will support them to achieve their vision to achieve early engagement with opportunities supporting turnover growth and entry into new territories and have a complete view of projects and teams, enabling careful management and adjustments to ensure successful completion and maximum impacts among others goals.

64-68 London Road Redhill
Surrey, RH1 1LG , x
United Kingdom
44 1 737 231400
Industry Employees Revenue
Education 500 $212.0M

Enterprise Software and Cloud Applications being used by IMC Worldwide

Vendor Old Product New Product Category Market Users VAR/SI When Live
Microsoft Legacy Applications Microsoft 365 Collaboration Collaboration n/a n/a 2016 2016
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Collaboration Collaboration Subscribe Subscribe 2014 2014
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Web Content Management Content Management Subscribe Subscribe 2019 2019
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe CRM CRM Subscribe Subscribe 2014 2014
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe ERP Financial ERP Financial Management Subscribe Subscribe 2016 2016
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Professional Services Automation ERP Services and Operations Subscribe Subscribe 2017 2018
Vendor Old Product New Product Category Market Users VAR/SI When Live
Vendor Old Product New Product Category Market Users VAR/SI When Live
jsDelivr Legacy Applications jsDelivr CDN Content Delivery Network IaaS n/a n/a 2021 2021
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Application Hosting and Computing Services IaaS Subscribe Subscribe 2014 2014
Vendor Old Product New Product Category Market Users VAR/SI When Live

IT Decision Makers and Key Stakeholders at IMC Worldwide

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Subscribe Subscribe Associate Director Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa Subscribe Subscribe
Subscribe Subscribe Senior Technical Director, Economics and Finance Subscribe Subscribe
Subscribe Subscribe Director of Finance and Company Secretary Subscribe Subscribe