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Marabraz Shops is growing in the Brazilian retail conquering thousands of customers with the seriousness and determination in their work; as well as thousands of employees, with his family way to be. The Marabraz.com born in 2015 in order to launch e-commerce Marabraz Shops and other group projects in the virtual world. Branch: Furniture Retail, Upholstery and Mattresses Our Mission: Our mission as a company is to transform houses into homes. That is, we want to offer our customers products and services that help make their houses into homes. Our vision: To be the leading e-commerce market in the segments in which we operate, always ensuring the quality of our services and satisfaction of our client. In Marabraz.com our greatest belief that we can achieve our vision is the ability of our team. Here's how our broad base the work of each employee, so we have some values ​​that we always try and encourage: creativity, communication and professional growth. That is, we always work together with the team for developers to develop so that they can always conduct their work with greater freedom and power of decision.

Av. Dona Belmira Marin, 528
Sao Paolo, 04846-000 , SP
+55 11 5972-3030
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