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The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the foremost social science universities in the world. Its research and teaching span the full breadth of the social sciences, from economics, politics, and law to sociology, anthropology, accounting, and finance.

Scope and Challenges 

To address the increasing limitations of its old toolset, the service management team launched a competitive tender to find a replacement. Cherwell’s IT Service Management solution first came to the team’s attention at a conference.

Once the implementation was complete, the LSE service management team immediately began to see numerous benefits across their operations, particularly thanks to the solution’s capabilities in automation.

Nicos Kyriacou, IMT Service Management Officer at LSE explained: “A lot of previously time-consuming manual tasks are now taken care of by Cherwell automatically. For example, the service desk used to have a spreadsheet for service staff to look through and assign calls to the right support team, as we have multiple teams covering different areas.

“Cherwell now does this through automation, in an instant, saving a lot of time and avoiding sifting through a spreadsheet. Cutting out all these mundane tasks means our team is free to get on with more complex and valuable work.”

“In addition, automation has been very beneficial for the change management process, as the Cherwell solution can automatically determine the risk of proposed changes and how the authorization process needs to happen.”

Outcome and Implications

The flexibility of the Cherwell IT Service Management solution also delivered major benefits for the LSE team, particularly in comparison to the static and inflexible nature of their previous solution.

Following the successful implementation, the LSE team is now planning to expand their capabilities with Cherwell Mobile, a mobile platform that enables users to connect directly with the Cherwell Service Management solution from any location via a mobile app or browser.

Nicos explained: “We have a lot of people moving around the campus and working from different locations. Currently, if they meet someone with a request, it has to wait until they get back to their desk to be properly logged. With Cherwell Mobile, we’ll be able to register it on the spot and perform other actions like scanning product codes and taking screenshots – a major boost to productivity.”

He concluded: “Looking further ahead, we’re very excited about some of the new developments in the Cherwell roadmap. We’ve become very active in the Cherwell community and there are some very innovative plans ahead such as the use of AI to solve problems based on previous calls.”


“Because the Cherwell tool is so adaptable, we were able to quickly start taking staff requests and implementing them into the live environment. The team was very enthusiastic about this opportunity, as we’d never been able to provide anything like it before. The ability to see their suggestions for new functionality actually added into the system created some real engagement from the staff and encouraged them to think about how processes could be improved further.” -said Nicos Kyriacou, IMT Service Management Officer at LSE

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