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About the Customer

National HME, Inc., doing business as National Hospice MedEquip, provides hospice specific durable medical equipment, customer care services, and cost containment solutions to the hospice industry. It also offers HospiceCloud, a management tool that simplifies the order processing, tracking, and managing operations.

Scope and Challenges

National HME switches to Verizon Connect for price, product functionality and customer service.

After experiencing so many problems with their previous provider, National HME put in their due diligence into finding the right provider for them. After visiting with several different vendors, National HME decided to go with Verizon Connect.

Outcome and Implications

One of the main draws for National HME was Verizon Connect’s maintenance tracking program. The problem with keeping track of all of their vehicles with only a spreadsheet. What Verizon Connect offered was a problem-solving solution.

With Verizon Connect, National HME has seen a decrease in their maintenance costs and an increase in the lifespan of their vehicles.

National HME gets more benefits from Verizon Connect at a lower cost. Faster response time for serving customers was also a thing that they benefited from Verizon Connect.


“Verizon Connect's software is much easier to use. From setting up geofences to fuel tracking, you guys are far superior on features like that. It’s vivid, bright, everything is there. The dashboard is extremely helpful. You guys hit it on all points.” -said Joe Blanks, Fleet Manager at National HME.

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Enterprise Software & Cloud Applications Purchased by National HME

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