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About the Customer

Quality Metrics Partners (QMP) is a Dallas based healthcare holdings company specializing in ancillary service management. 

Scope and Challenges

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is built on groundbreaking self-driving, self-repairing, self-securing technology. It is easy to use, self-tunes, scales elastically and delivers extraordinary query performance.

The fully autonomous operation removes the need for IT pros to perform routine administration, making it a very cost-effective solution, while machine learning algorithms automatically improve security, reliability, and performance.

Outcome and Implications

QMP’s CAREiQ platform now circumvents manual processes with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud. Oracle’s fully managed data-warehouse service is self-driving and self-repairing, with patches and upgrades applied automatically without any human intervention, helping QMP eliminate manual, error-prone management processes.

Routine management tasks such as provisioning, patching, backups, tuning, and applying security patches are automated. The new platform enabled QMP to avoid hiring a projected 15 to 20 additional analysts per laboratory
to manage its growing data, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee costs. It also empowered the company to scale seamlessly and grow much faster than its competitors. 

The company also implemented Oracle Analytics Cloud to empower the Analytics and BI sight of QMP even more.


“We are working with Oracle to combine analytics with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT to make this a much more comprehensive solution. Oracle’s autonomous technology has been quite a paradigm shift for our DBA. Now we don’t need to have a DBA constantly involved in managing the system. We can grab the data we need from another database, another cloud service, or lab files, and then load it directly into the warehouse. Oracle establishes the architecture and manages
the process—and it’s actually more efficient than what our DBAs constructed."-said Steve Chamberlin, CIO of QMP. 

"Now, the benefit of using Oracle's tools and combining that with what we're doing in the laboratory space in healthcare is that millions of people should not have to wait that long for results."- said Michael Morales, CEO of QMP Health.

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