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About the Customer

Rosenbauer is a manufacturer of fire-fighting technology in defensive fire and disaster control. For more than 150 years, the name has stood for significant innovations and pioneering techniques in the construction of fire engines and fire extinguishers in accordance with European and US standards

Scope and Challenges

Infor, a provider of business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, has announced that Rosenbauer International AG, a global manufacturer of firefighter equipment and fire engines, has chosen to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) software from Infor.

The company, based in Leonding, Austria, also plans to introduce Infor LN, Infor BI, Infor ION, Infor Ming.le, and Infor Warehouse Mobility initially at its headquarters.  It then intends to roll-out to 19 subsidiaries worldwide, including sites in Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and the US.

Outcome and Implications

Rosenbauer Group chooses Infor LN because it helps manage all after-sales services that are crucial in the specialty vehicle manufacturing industry – which the previous solution could not achieve. Beginning in 2020, the company will be able to introduce orders from all over the world into its manufacturing processes in the United States, Germany, Spain, Austria, and Asia – while respecting country-specific regulations.

In order to make the system fully integrated, Rosenbauer will also implement Infor's BI solution, so the company can analyze KPIs from all business units and consolidate them globally.

And for the modern user-interfaces and transparent communications without any media disruption crucial, they implement  Infor Ming.le™, a solution designed for social collaboration following communication concepts from social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook. Infor Ming.le is integrated within the ERP and BI surfaces and facilitates timely and accurate collaboration between Rosenbauer and their customers during the development and manufacturing phases. Infor ION, the next-generation middleware, helps all solutions to exchange data with each other smoothly.


"Due to the diversity of our portfolio and the largely differing demands of our customers in more than 100 countries, our business is very complex. Just like the ERP system, we will professionalize our performance management, too"..."Infor provides us with a completely integrated solution which gives us maximum transparency."-said Günter Kitzmüller, Chief Financial Officer at Rosenbauer.

"Infor offers the automotive industry high-performance software and extensive know-how. We are able to provide every support vehicle manufacturers need, no matter the business process – in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid model"- said Bernd Hau, Regional Vice President Sales Automotive Europe at Infor. "We always focus on the respective customer. Rosenbauer had initially thought of cloud deployment, but in the long run, an on-premise installation proved best. In case the customer changes their mind in the future, we can offer services such as UpgradeX to smoothly migrate to the cloud."

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