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About the customer 

PАО Severstal is a vertically integrated steel and mining company, with assets in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Italy, and Liberia. Severstal's strategy is to increase the value of the company by creating a sustainable high-quality business that consistently yields more profit than the industry average. The company consists of two main divisions: Severstal Resource and Severstal Russian Steel.

Scope and Challenges

Severstal chooses SAP Leonardo because it aims to make the energy management more effective. They lose 12 million dollars a year of extra costs, because of electricity imbalances. They use SAP Leonardo because it's designed by the approach to detect the imbalances and the users approved every step so at the very end they had exactly what they needed.

Outcome and Implications

With the help of SAP Leonardo, Severstal is redesigning its business into an intelligent enterprise and is able to monitor real-time energy use and analyze energy consumption disparities; sending alerts when there may be electricity fraud.

SAP Leonardo exceeded their expectations and the company became more intelligent and able to manage their problems.

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Enterprise Software & Cloud Applications Purchased by Severstal

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SAP Legacy Applications SAP Leonardo IoT IoT Platform Internet of Things n/a n/a 2017 2018
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Machine Learning Platform Machine Learning Subscribe Subscribe 2017 2018

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