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Grupo Q Digital Transformation Initiatives

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About the Customer

Corporación Grupo Q Costa Rica S.A. sells used and new cars. The company is based in San José, Costa Rica.

Scope and Challenges

The main challenge is to understand the industry and the trends and be ready before customers even know what they want. But there are many factors to consider. The company considered it will be a while before they’ll be selling e-cars simply because Central America is lagging behind in terms of infrastructure and power supply.

Outcome and Implications

In 2016 Grupo Q implemented SAP Customer Cloud which will enable the company to manage huge amounts of information and have a unified view of all customer data from vehicle details such as engine type to the availability and the location of every single asset.

To attract and retain the best talent possible, Grupo Q implemented SAP SuccessFactors, the complete human resource management system from SAP that covers everything from payroll to employee engagement in the cloud.

The system helped Grupo Q find the right people among their 2,400 employees who can be trained to use new tools like SAP Customer Experience quickly, so they are up to speed with the analytical skills needed to deliver superior services like predictive maintenance to customers. 


“It’s not enough to have the right spare part in the right place 99 percent of the time! It needs to be 100 percent. And yes, we need technology to do that, but more importantly, we need people with a service mindset, people who do the basics the right way.” -  said Federico Quirós, COO of Grupo Q.

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Enterprise Software & Cloud Applications Purchased by Grupo Q

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SAP Legacy Applications SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Human Capital Management HCM 2400 n/a 2016 2017
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