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Moleskine Digital Transformation Initiatives

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About the Customer

Moleskine is a brand that encompasses a family of nomadic objects: notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories, dedicated to our mobile identity. Flexible and brilliantly simple tools for use both in everyday and extraordinary circumstances, ultimately becoming an integral part of our personality. Its home office is in Milan, Italy. Moleskine Group includes Moleskine America, Inc. (established in 2008 in NY), Moleskine Asia Ltd (2011, in HK), which is entirely controlling Moleskine Shanghai and Moleskine Singapore, and Moleskine Germany (2013). All subsidiaries are wholly-owned.

Scope and Challenges

The company’s executives realized that the old website wasn’t keeping up with the developing needs of the brand. Moleskine has partnered with tech companies such as Evernote, NeoLab, and Adobe to develop a range of innovative digital products, such as the Smart Writing Set, which translates pen strokes to a digital device in real time. These products are aimed at members of the “creative class,” -said Gaia Franceschini, the company’s Global Head of Digital, eCommerce, and CRM. The company is also creating innovative new brick-and-mortar experiences, such as Moleskine Cafes—a combination café, art gallery, store, and library. And it is expanding rapidly to different countries. The company’s openness to new technologies and ideas made the failings of the old website particularly painful, continue Franceschini.

Outcome and Implications

After evaluated different platforms, Moleskine has deployed Oracle Commerce Cloud, part of the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite.

Moleskine rolled out its first website in May 2017 in Hong Kong using Oracle Commerce Cloud. Oracle said its partner Eurostep implemented the site within eight weeks and expanded their e-commerce footprint to over 35 countries in 10 languages with 15 different local currencies in seven months.

Moleskine use Oracle Commerce Cloud to leverage a configurable, customizable storefront to enable its globally distributed team to work with modern business tools, localized content and currency support.

Additionally, according to Gaia Franceschini, Global Head of Digital, eCommerce, and CRM at Moleskine, the company will use Oracle CX Cloud Suite to showcase new products, underline brand identity for its customers and also will use Oracle Marketing Cloud to support omni-channel customer journeys.

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