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About the customer

The Schnellecke Group is a logistics company headquartered in Wolfsburg. With around 19,400 employees in 14 countries, the family-owned company is a global service provider in the logistics, production and transport sectors. They develop complete concepts that range from transport and warehousing to pre-assemblies and value-added services, to the sequential production of individual parts and modules, and packaging suitable for containers.

Scope and Challenges

Schnellecke provides supply logistics for the automotive industry and to ensure competitiveness and future growth, Schnellecke’s processes need to be highly efficient and error-free. Schnellecke Logistics selects SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP S/4 HANA to get better the Just-In-Sequence (JIS) delivery.

Schnellecke does not have information on the actual JIS delivery cycle, how many containers are where, if they are used in the right order, nor how many car parts have been actually used – although the overall process is Schnellecke’s responsibility. This results with lack of traceability, inefficiencies and accounting inaccuracy.

Outcome and Implications

The solution is to equip the JIS containers with active sensors (beacons) to obtain the location data in real-time. The platform provides a real-time cross-company overview of the JIS delivery cycle, increased efficiency & stability. Novel overall real-time insights on JIS delivery across the supply chain Increased efficiency and stability of the core business by reduction of manual issue handling Insights to actual revenue and costs of JIS logistics business Basis for process & asset optimization by business analytics Basis for new business models. Process optimization & automation levering SAP Machine Learning and/or HANA Predictive Analytics Migration of IT business system landscape to SAP S/4HANA.

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