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About the Customer

Since its establishment in 1917, Sinfonia has been sending innovative technologies and products to society for 100 years "electromagnetic force application". These "Motion & Energy Control" technologies are now contributing to the creation of a prosperous, comfortable, and safe society, and we are focusing on expanding business in the fields of semiconductors, aerospace, automobiles, and medical growth, which permeate all industries, infrastructure and people's lives. 

Scope and Challenges

Historically, Sinfonia created manual BOMs in its design support and drawing release processes. These processes were time-consuming due to manual entries. They were also error-prone, as the BOMs, 2D drawings, and 3D models were not linked, causing updates to be overlooked and leading to a significant amount of time searching for information in the change management systems. Also, the data was not centrally managed, and the ways in which teams worked and shared information was inefficient, inhibiting workload balancing and flexible resource assignments.

Outcome and Implications

To solve these issues and to efficiently manage its EBOM and MBOM process flow, Sinfonia invested in Aras Innovator as its PLM solution. However, Aras was unable to support requirements from Sinfonia’s Clean Transport Equipment group and required extensive customization, preventing Sinfonia from going live as scheduled. The Sinfonia team began looking for a replacement solution that would enable them to transform their processes and implement an easy-to-use system for their design engineers. The team at the Clean Transport Equipment plant decided to switch the PLM system to Windchill as they were confident it would enable design engineers to easily access the functionality and product data they need.


“The semiconductor industry is entering what is called a ‘supercycle’ that the industry has never experienced before, we need to perform engineering work to enhance existing high-demand products, as well as drive new development projects in parallel. Our organization was also expected by the company to improve profitability so that we can reach our mid-range business goals. While we expected that implementing a new system in a rapidly growing business environment would create a significant initial workload at Design Engineering and Production Engineering, we believed we had to do this as one of the actions we planned to reach our goals and decided to implement Windchill. After seeing a demo of Windchill, our Engineering team said, ‘We definitely want it.’ Their eager reaction made our decision to choose Windchill easy.” - said Atsushi Hanaki, officer, Clean Transport Equipment Works, Electrical Products & Systems Division, Sinfonia Technology.

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