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About the Customer

Transport for London is the integrated transport authority responsible for meeting Mayor Sadiq Khan's strategy and commitments on transport in London. The Company run the day-to-day operation of the Capital's public transport network and manage London's main roads.

Scope and Challenges

SAP HANA comes with predictive analytics which would help TFL to understand the metrics of traffic flow like a number of public transports required in rush time, right time for more train allocation, no of busy routes and which are they etc. Even capturing small information like humidity in the air (when it's going to rain), most used train stations for arrival or departure, where accelerators or brakes are used heavily and processing them using SAP HANA Platform the whole traffic system could be optimized. Moreover, it reduces tons of effort and saves time.

Outcome and Implications

In 2014, Transport for London implemented SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite (Core HR, Performance Management, Talent Management, Succession Planning, and Role Families) enabling long-term human resource capability. The Budget SAP SuccessFactors was £2.3 million with 5,000 impacted employees. At the beginning of 2016, Transport for London deployed SAP HANA to process Big Data and to manage the traffic flow more efficiently.

In 2017, Transport for London decided to further consolidate its systems and data sources by replacing its Oracle ERP system with SAP S/4 HANA.


"It came as a surprise to us because we didn't think we'd see so many requests of data from our ERP, and we went from overnight processing to pressing a button and having [the data] processed the same afternoon. So it's driven a layer of asking different questions over a short period of time, which can affect planning and improve planning cycles. It gives us a number of different options, particularly with our desktop exercises when we are planning for future events. For instance, we can play with data and come up with different answers. So, as yet, it is not necessarily changing the day-to-day running of London, but it is certainly changing the day-to-day planning of what we will be doing and the amount of scenarios we can run." said Steve Townsend CIO at Transport for London.



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