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About the Customer

Metro AG, otherwise known as Metro Group, is a German global diversified retail and wholesale/cash and carry group based in Düsseldorf. It was established in 1964 by Ernst Schmidt and Wilhelm Schmidt-Ruthenbeck and employs around 140000 employees.

Scope and Challenges

Due to its group structure, the international retailing company METRO faces many challenges when it comes to mapping changes in corporate law. In order to achieve more flexibility and to increase the degree of automation, the listed company replaced the previously used consolidation solution. With the introduction of CCH Tagetik, METRO has been able to optimize the consolidation steps, significantly shorten the financial reporting process, and is now able to respond much more flexible to finance requirements through simulations and scenarios.

It is the group consolidations that is done with the consolidation project, the statutories are made with almost 20 different ERP systems, locally in the countries, and those have to be harmonized and the data processing has to be organized globally by collecting the from those 20 ERP systems which are run in 480 reporting units. All that has to be collected in the headquarter in Germany. 

Outcome and Implications

CCH Tagetik is primarily used in the METRO Group for the consolidation of actual figures as well as planned figures including forecasting and budgeting. Reporting also takes the form of standard reports on the solution. Above all, employees in the Controlling and Consolidation departments work with the system every day when recording and evaluating business data up to 250 users can access it in parallel for reporting purposes.

Metro AG is impressed with the flexibility that CCH Tagetik, building different scenarios, and being able to simulate situations to plan and see how things would have looked like if the basics wee changed. Those particular actions wouldn't have been possible with the former consolidation system, and from that Metro saw the impressive flexibility of CCH Tagetik. 


"We have reached the limits of our capacity with this product over time. The amount of work has gradually increased, as much of it could only be done manually. Due to the corporate structure at METRO, there is practically no standstill - we are required to reflect changes in company law relatively frequently and to carry out simulations. With the legacy system, this was often only possible via additional postings and additional calculations and the analysis of historical data was very time-consuming. In addition, only limited restatement functions were available for adjusting the previous year, as an example." - said Björn Hoffmann, Head of Consolidation System, METRO AG.

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