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With a strong technological vocation, proven by the portfolio of innovative products that are launched, Stara presents itself in the market as a dynamic company that anticipates the needs of rural producers, generating technology aimed at increasing productivity and profit in the activity. Stara operates throughout the national territory and is present in five continents, exporting to more than 30 countries. 

Scope and Challenges

Stara CEO, Gilson Trennepohl, talks about how he leverages solutions from SAP throughout Stara’s business and even in their products to Run Live. As one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Stara strives to equip farmers with high-tech tools to maximize production and help feed the world.

Stara presented its case of technological innovation aimed to Precision Agriculture, which, with the use of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, it is possible to network information of the agricultural machines through Stara Telemetry to the management systems of the properties in real time. 

Outcome and Implications 

Internet of Things means connecting electronic devices to the internet and the information is stored in the cloud. Stara has been working with this concept since 2015, when it released Stara Telemetry, where the information about agricultural machines may be accessed, in real time, through mobile devices connected to the internet. Based on this, Stara and SAP developed a co-innovation project, and the concepts of this project inspired the creation of a product named Connected Agriculture, which is an integral part of SAP Leonardo, a platform for storage of information in the cloud. This worldwide exclusive project was possible only thanks to the innovative tradition of Stara, and regarding Precision Agriculture, Stara’s business area for more than 17 years.


“The Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionized our business model,”...“Previously, we viewed the machines and the farmers as separate entities. Now we can connect machines to machines and people to machines. We can connect the customers to their business in real time on their handheld devices.” - said Cristiano Buss, Director of Research & Development at Stara.

"Just two clicks on my phone I can get information so I can manage and make decisions quickly as a simplicity that disses implicit we make the company walk really fast. SAP allows us to do it my life became our peaceful and I think this is priceless." - said Gilson Trennepohl, CEO at Stara.

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