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Recent Developments

Ramped up Treasury and Risk Management offerings for mid-market and Asia expansion.

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Reval - Treasury and Risk Management Solution ( Cash Management, Liquidity Management, Hedge Accounting & Compliance and Financial Risk Management );

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Reval Strengths

In 2014, Reval, one of the largest Cloud applications vendors for Treasury and Risk Management applications, doubled its bookings as its customers became more reliant than ever by utilizing multiple products particularly those that manage cash and risk management. With growing complexity of global finance, Reval’s comprehensive and integrated TRM solution is helping clients navigate a raft of new regulations, from reporting under IFRS, Dodd-Frank and EMIR to SEPA payment requirements in the EU.


Reval's advanced TRM offering and expertise, coupled with the flexibility and scalability of its SaaS delivery, have made it easier for its clients to comply with the new rules, especially those operating in multiple geographies and others turning to Cloud technologies to help them better manage their growing cash position in a secure manner. Because of its history of working with such multinationals that operate in different industries, Reval has developed considerable skill sets to help clients meet complex TRM requirements in far-flung places, while continuing to enhance usability to boost adoptions of its products. Cementing that strategy further in 2015 was the release of version 15.0 as Reval Cloud Platform, the foundation upon which new packages would be configured to better address different market segments. What that entails is that Reval is moving beyond best-of-breed Cloud applications in order to establish deeper customer engagement with a platform that scales to meet their needs depending on their size, level of complexity and risk profile.


In April 2015, Reval has launched Reval CORE and Reval CHOICE, new packages for mid-market treasuries outgrowing manual processes and for treasury organizations faced with complex treasury and risk management challenges. Reval CORE is a pre-configured offering designed to meet the core cash and liquidity management, basic risk, and accounting needs of growing mid-market treasuries. The Reval CHOICE package provides treasury and risk teams with an effective way to select TRM functionality from across the Reval Cloud Platform.


Later in September 2015, Reval launched Reval INSIDE for large and medium-size banks to support corporate treasury services. It is the third package launched this year, leveraging functionality from the Reval Cloud Platform. Reval INSIDE is designed exclusively for banks to enrich their existing web-based corporate banking services. Functionality includes Cash Management, Cash Forecasting, Global Cash Pooling, Investment Sweeping, and a unique offering called Core Balance Manager, which helps banks incentive their corporate clients and attract valuable corporate deposits. Corporate treasuries have more connectivity options for their growing operations, using new version 16.0 of the Reval Cloud Platform for treasury and risk management (TRM). The new version 16.0 provides direct integration with Oracle Cloud general ledger, enabling clients to seamlessly generate Oracle GL entries from the Reval Cloud Platform.

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