Top 100 ERP Software Vendors


In 2012, the global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications market grew 3.6% to approach nearly $36 billion in license, maintenance and subscription revenues, slightly above our previous projection.

In 2011 our projection called for a 3.1% growth for 2012 and the better-than-expected results was attributed to an improving economy, coupled with increased adoptions of Cloud-based ERP applications.

Last year SAP led the pack with 20.8% market share with $7.5 billion in ERP product revenues, riding on a 9.2% jump in license, maintenance and subscription revenues. Oracle was No. 2 achieving 11.7% share, Infor was the third at 4% and Sage and Microsoft were tied at the fourth place with 3.8% each.

Top 100 ERP Software Vendors

Here are the rankings of the top 100 ERP Software vendors and their market shares in 2012.

Rank 2012 Vendor Software 2012 Revenues, $M, USD Market Share 2012%
1 SAP 7,499 20.80%
2 Oracle 4,211 11.70%
3 Infor 1,443 4.00%
4 Sage 1,380 3.80%
5 Microsoft 1,372 3.80%
6 Epicor 507 1.40%
7 TOTVS 470 1.30%
8 Constellation Software 455 1.30%
9 UNIT4 423 1.20%
10 Intuit 420 1.20%
11 Ellucian 407 1.10%
12 Cerner Corp. 382 1.10%
13 CompuGroup 377 1.00%
14 Jack Henry & Associates 358 1.00%
15 Visma 355 1.00%
16 AthenaHealth 350 1.00%
17 RealPage 312 0.90%
18 Medical Information Technology 298 0.80%
19 Ventyx 280 0.80%
20 Yonyou Software Co., Ltd., 280 0.80%
21 SS&C Technologies 261 0.70%
22 NetSuite 253 0.70%
23 Deltek, Inc. 245 0.70%
24 JDA Software Group, Inc. 235 0.70%
25 Tyler Technologies 230 0.60%
26 Yardi 224 0.60%
27 McKesson Corporation 223 0.60%
28 IFS AB 217 0.60%
29 Cegid 210 0.60%
30 Reynolds and Reynolds 208 0.60%
31 Quality Systems, Inc. 203 0.60%
32 Aderant Holdings, Inc. 200 0.60%
33 eClinicalWorks 200 0.60%
34 Pearson Education 200 0.60%
35 Vitera Healthcare Solutions 200 0.60%
36 Dealertrack 194 0.50%
37 Vertafore 190 0.50%
38 Workday 181 0.50%
39 QAD 170 0.50%
40 Aspen Technology, Inc. 166 0.50%
41 Micros Systems 154 0.40%
42 CGI 152 0.40%
43 Epic Systems 152 0.40%
44 Applied Systems Inc. 150 0.40%
45 HealthTech Holdings Inc. 150 0.40%
46 Guidewire 127 0.40%
47 Kingdee 121 0.30%
48 Civica 119 0.30%
49 ACI Worldwide, Inc. 118 0.30%
50 SunGard Public Sector 115 0.30%
51 Agilysys 110 0.30%
52 Computer Programs and Systems Inc 105 0.30%
53 Campus Management   95 0.30%
54 MYOB  90 0.30%
55 StoneRiver  85 0.20%
56 Advanced Computer Software  82 0.20%
57 Aldata Solution  80 0.20%
58 IBS Software Services  80 0.20%
59 Jenzabar  80 0.20%
60 SYSPRO  73 0.20%
61 Accela  70 0.20%
62 P2 Energy Solutions  70 0.20%
63 Exact  68 0.20%
64 IRIS  68 0.20%
65 MRI Software  68 0.20%
66 EMIS  65 0.20%
67 Healthland  65 0.20%
68 New World Systems  65 0.20%
69 Aptean  64 0.20%
70 Ebix  62 0.20%
71 Passport Health Communication Inc.  60 0.20%
72 Merge Healthcare  56 0.20%
73 BST Global  53 0.10%
74 CCC Information Services Group Inc.  52 0.10%
75 COR&FJA Group  50 0.10%
76 Upland Software, Inc.  50 0.10%
77 Skyward  50 0.10%
78 Plex Systems Inc  48 0.10%
79 Glovia  45 0.10%
80 Infinite Campus  45 0.10%
81 Logibec  45 0.10%
82 Multi-Systems  45 0.10%
83 Pro Alpha  45 0.10%
84 TriTech Software Systems  45 0.10%
85 InterAct Public Safety Systems  44 0.10%
86 Follett Software Company  41 0.10%
87 Origin Healthcare Solutions  41 0.10%
88 Eyefinity,Inc.  40 0.10%
89 PSI Group  40 0.10%
90 Tiburon Inc.  39 0.10%
91 Amicus Attorney  38 0.10%
92 Abas Business Software  36 0.10%
93 Partech  36 0.10%
94 SSP  35 0.10%
95 Comarch  34 0.10%
96 Greenway Medical Technologies  32 0.10%
97 ScheduALL  32 0.10%
98 AFS Technologies  30 0.10%
99 Construction Industry Solutions Corp.  30 0.10%
100 NexTech Systems Inc.  30 0.10%

Source: Apps Run The World

Workday posted 118% jump in ERP applications revenues in 2012, buoyed by growing acceptance of its Cloud-based financials and HCM software. The steep rise solidified the positioning of Workday, which became the fastest-growing ERP applications vendor last year.


Aspen Technology, Upland Software (formerly PowerSteering), SS&C and Ventyx also were among the fastest-growing ERP applications vendors due to their solid results as well as acquisitions they made last year. Here are the 10 ERP applications vendors that grew the most in 2012.

Vendor 2012 ERP Applications Product Revenue Growth Rate, %
Workday 118.10%
Aspen Technology, Inc. 61.20%
Upland Software, Inc. 56.30%
SS&C Technologies 50.00%
Ventyx 47.40%
Infor 38.00%
Applied Systems Inc. 37.60%
Merge Healthcare 36.60%
Guidewire 33.70%
Aderant Holdings, Inc. 33.30%

We are working on the update of the Top 100 ERP vendors and that report will be published shortly.

After the storm passes, the siren comes. That perhaps sums up the state of the ERP applications market as it readies another roller-coaster ride following the end of the financial crisis. This applications market sizing report focuses on the 2012 performance of the leading vendors in the worldwide enterprise resource planning applications market.

The good news is that most vendors have weathered the storm pretty well, leaving them with a solid base of recurring revenues as well as new sources of growth in horizontal and vertical markets. The bad news is that companies are demanding greater returns on their ERP investments. Companies that used to be spending tens of millions of dollars on ERP projects are shifting their investment plans to more tactical solutions, mostly via the Cloud to eliminate upfront license costs.

Others that are stuck with multiple ERP systems and the associated maintenance agreements have begun to rationalize their IT environment in favor of simplifying their technology stack or in some cases taking on a shared service approach, either of which is bound to hurt certain ERP vendors.

As a result, the balancing act for most vendors is to maintain the status quo for as long as possible, while making the necessary adjustment in order to take advantage of the new world of software consumption.

Another source of uncertainty lies in developing countries such as Brazil, China, and Russia, all of which have been showing signs of deceleration.

Whatever the case, the ERP market, which in some cases is regaining its momentum after a long recession and a consolidation wave, is entering uncharted territory with terrain that is more treacherous than ever.

Top Line and Bottom Line

On the top line, the ERP applications market has begun to diverge into core vs. edge. Some of the vendors such as QSII and McKesson have seen decelerating growth with their core ERP offerings, while edge products usually delivered via the Cloud have enjoyed growing adoptions among customers.

After more than six years of development, the Fusion ERP applications from Oracle have started gaining traction. According to the vendor, it has picked up more than 400 customers for its Fusion applications with many deploying Financials and HCM modules in the Cloud.

Similarly, vendors such as AthenaHealth, NetSuite and Workday have seen their Cloud applications revenues skyrocket over the past year surpassing the growth rates of counterparts in the on-premise world. Workday, for example, saw its Cloud-based revenues jump 118% to $181 million in 2012.

The trend is expected to continue as on-premise ERP vendors ramp up their Cloud-based offerings, while Cloud-savvy providers seek to consolidate their gain through a smattering of global partnerships and strategic alliances.

For instance, Sage, the No. 4 ERP vendor that has been mostly selling on-premise packages, recently announced a slew of add-on capabilities including Mobile services and Mobile sales capabilities, both of which will be made available through Azure, the Cloud-based platform from Microsoft. Sage is also wooing other Cloud-based ISVs to deliver their Web services through, the Web-based portal for Sage’s two million customers in North America.

It remains to be seen how these partnerships are going to reshape the global ERP market. Yonyou, the leading Chinese ERP vendor formerly known as UFIDA, announced a deal in 2011 with Atos, the French IT consulting firm, to take its software around the world under Yunano, a joint venture.

Yunano is expected to help Yonyou sell Cloud applications to customers in Asia Pacific via Canopy, which is the Cloud service provider created by Atos with the help of EMC and VMware. According to Yunano’s website, it has more than 1.5 million customers. It is not clear how many of these Yunano customers are also long-time users of Yonyou, whose customer count has also exceeded 1.5 million.

On the other hand, countries such as Australia, China and Russia that used to drive the growth of a wide swath of ERP vendors have been cited as key reasons behind the recent slowdown. Even TOTVS, the high-flying ERP vendor in Brazil, has lost some of its luster in recent months.

For the first quarter of 2013, TOTVS saw a 2% drop in license revenues following a 22% decline in average selling prices to new clients. Number of new clients added in first quarter of 2013 also fell 6%.

Coincidentally the deceleration is coming on the heels of new economic measures expected from central bankers, namely the move to end regular purchases of government bonds under the quantitative easing policy by the US Federal Reserve, which has been instrumental in reviving the domestic economy with ultra-low interest rates.

As with many big-ticket purchases, ERP systems have benefited from such easy credit that has fueled the investment boom  around the globe, tempting CFOs and line-of-business executives to either issue new corporate debt or ratchet up capital spending over the past few years. If a more risk-adverse climate becomes the norm as seen in the cooling down of economic engines in places like China and Brazil, ERP vendors could be in for a rude awakening just as their migration to the Cloud is taking shape.

ERP Market Definition and Forecast

The market for enterprise resource planning applications is defined as follows:

Integrated applications suites designed to automate a range of business processes from back-office operations to financial management and from sales distribution to customer information management within a vertical or across multiple industries.

The graphical display in our taxonomy section helps explain the ERP components from both horizontal and vertical perspectives.

For the full listing of the top 100 ERP applications vendor, please follow this link to the summary report on their 2011 and 2012 revenues, 2012 vendor shares as well as their profiles based on our SCORES methodology. Here’s the aggregated view of the 2012 performance of the top 100 ERP applications vendors and their combined market share.

2011 2012 Percentage of Total
Combined ERP Product Revenues of Top 100 Vendors, $M 27109 29957 83.20%
Other, $M 7640 6040 16.80%
Total, $M 34749 35997 100.00%

Source: Apps Run The World

Through 2017, the ERP applications market is expected to reach $44.18 billion by 2017, compared with $35.9 billion in 2012 at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2%, as shown in the following table.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 CAGR, %
Worldwide ERP Applications Market, $M 33683 34749 35997 37250 38684 40333 42255 44188 4.20%
Year to year growth, % 3.20% 3.60% 3.50% 3.80% 4.30% 4.80% 4.60%

Source: Apps Run The World

Much of the growth will be driven by the rise of Cloud-based ERP systems and their associated subscription revenues. License and maintenance revenues are expected to show little or no growth through the forecast period.

In terms of regional spending patterns, Asia Pacific will continue to outpace EMEA and North America as large and small enterprises are increasing their IT budgets in order to stay competitive by shoring up their financial, procurement, HR and other integrated systems for improved efficiency and greater insights into their global operations. The same bullish sentiments can also be found in Latin America and Africa.

Additional market forecast by customer size, country and industry will be released separately. Ad hoc inquiries about these data cuts can be directed to Apps Run ERP as well.

Vendor Customer Win Industry No. of employees Revenue, $M Old Product New Product Wins in
Cerner Corporation Baptist Health South Florida Hospital & Health Care 15000 2280 Siemens Soarian Cerner Millennium 3Q15
Cerner Corporation Boca Raton Regional Hospital Hospital & Health Care 2100 430 McKesson Horizon Clinicals, McKesson core Cerner Clinical and Financial IT System 2Q16
Cerner Corporation Centra Hospital & Health Care 6400 700 McKesson Cerner Millennium 2Q16
Cerner Corporation Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network (GSRN) Hospital & Health Care 2010 140 McKesson Cerner Millennium 2Q16
Cerner Corporation IASIS Healthcare Hospital & Health Care 13400 2800 McKesson Cerner Clinical and Financial IT System 4Q15
Cerner Corporation Kaiser Permanente Hospital & Health Care 189302 60700 Sunquest LIS Cerner Millennium 4Q15
Cerner Corporation Lake Health Hospital & Health Care 3500 1200 Siemens Soarian Cerner Millennium 2Q16
Cerner Corporation McLaren Health Care Hospital & Health Care 22000 3500 McKesson, Allscripts Cerner Millennium 4Q15
Cerner Corporation Missouri Delta Medical Center Hospital & Health Care 900 87 Siemens Soarian Cerner Millennium 2Q16
Cerner Corporation Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Hospital & Health Care 2200 250 Meditech Cerner Millennium 1Q16
Cerner Corporation SoutheastHEALTH Hospital & Health Care 1200 290 Siemens Soarian, Nextgen Cerner Millennium 2Q16
Cerner Corporation Tift Regional Health System (TRHS) Hospital & Health Care 2010 350 McKesson Cerner Millennium 2Q16
Cerner Corporation UHS Hospital & Health Care 70000 9043 Siemens Invision Cerner Millennium 2Q16
Cerner Corporation University of South Alabama Health System Hospital & Health Care 3600 400 Siemens Soarian Cerner Millennium 2Q15
Cerner Corporation Western Connecticut Health Hospital & Health Care 4354 1100 Siemens Soarian Cerner Millennium 3Q15
Epicor ESP Group Information Services 200 25 Legacy System Epicor ERP 2Q16
Epicor Nature’s Choice Health, Wellness and Fitness 50 5 Legacy System Epicor ERP 1Q16
Epicor PureMalt Products Ltd Food & Beverages 70 7 Legacy System Epicor ERP 1Q16
Ericsson Swisscom Telecom. 21637 11860 Legacy System Ericsson Cloud Manager 1Q16
Ericsson Telefónica Telecom. 125000 11950 Legacy System Ericsson Cloud Manager 1Q16
FIS Global CIT Banking and Financial Services 4740 2890 Jack Henry & Associates FIS IBS Core Processing Platform 4Q15
FIS Global Citizens Bank Banking and Financial Services 17900 4530 In-House Legacy System FIS Core Banking 2Q16
FIS Global Dallas Capital Bank Banking and Financial Services 50 5 Legacy System FIS Digital Banking 1Q16
FIS Global Emprise Bank Banking and Financial Services 500 70 Fiserv FIS Core Banking 1Q16
FIS Global Evans Bank Banking and Financial Services 220 25 In-House Legacy System FIS Core Banking 2Q15
FIS Global Landmark Bank Banking and Financial Services 700 130 Fiserv FIS Digital Banking 4Q15
FIS Global Los Alamos National Bank Banking and Financial Services 310 45 In-House Legacy System FIS Core Banking 4Q15
FIS Global National Bank Holdings Banking and Financial Services 956 162 Legacy System FIS Core Banking 3Q15
FIS Global State Bank of India Banking and Financial Services 222033 38000 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) BaNCS Core Banking FIS Core Banking 1Q16
FIS Global Westwood Holdings Group Inc. Investment Management 130 170 Infovisa FIS Core Banking 4Q15
Fiserv Bank of Ceylon Banking and Financial Services 7980 910 Fiserv ICBS Signature core account processing platform and Teller front-end teller system from Fiserv 1Q16
Fiserv Intracoastal Bank Banking and Financial Services 40 4 Legacy System Fiserv Mobiliti Business Mobile Banking 2Q16
Fiserv Me/CU Banking and Financial Services 40 4 Legacy System Portico for core account processing, Virtual Branch for online banking, Mobiliti for mobile banking, Mobile Source Capture for mobile deposits, CheckFree RXP for electronic payments, Loancierge for lending automation, Wisdom for accounting and call report functionality, and solutions for card processing and production. 2Q16
Fiserv Neighbors Federal Credit Union Banking and Financial Services 250 30 Legacy System DNA account processing platform 1Q16
Fiserv Tandem Bank Banking and Financial Services 100 35 Legacy System Agiliti 1Q16
Fiserv Texas Dow Employees Credit Union Banking and Financial Services 700 110 Q2 eBanking DNA account processing platform 1Q16
Fiserv Thrivent Federal Credit Union Banking and Financial Services 140 25 Legacy System DNA account processing platform 1Q16
Fiserv Unity Bank Plc Banking and Financial Services 2100 60 Legacy System Corillian Online 1Q16
Fiserv Vibrant Credit Union Banking and Financial Services 160 26 Jack Henry & Associates DNA Account Processing Platform 1Q16
Fiserv Welch State Bank Banking and Financial Services 70 7 Nicola Banking System Precision core account processing platform 2Q16
Infor AmerisourceBergen Hospital & Health Care 18000 135000 Baan ERP Infor LN 4Q15
Infor Bakers AS Food Production 3000 1900 Legacy System Infor M3 4Q15
Infor Champion Petfoods Food Production 1000 500 Legacy System Infor Food & Beverage suite, Infor M3, Infor ION 4Q15
Infor Egbert Taylor Group Renewables & Environment 154 50 Legacy System Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) 1Q16
Infor Ferrari Automotive 3500 3270 Baan ERP Infor LN, Infor ION, Infor Warehouse Mobility, Infor Sales & Operations Planning 1Q16
Infor Gentex Corporation Automotive 4757 1580 SAP B1 Infor XA 4Q14
Infor LEWCO, Inc Machinery 150 50 Made2Manage Infor SyteLine 3Q15
Infor Meira Oy Consumer Goods 180 85 Legacy System Infor M3, Infor Demand Planner 4Q15
Infor Moog Inc Aviation & Aerospace 11000 2600 Baan ERP Infor LN 3Q14
Infor Preem Oil & Energy 1200 2000 Legacy System Infor M3 1Q16
Infor Rosenbauer International AG Automotive 3100 870 Legacy System Infor ERP, Infor BI 2Q16
Infor Scott Bader Chemicals 650 255 Movex ERP Infor M3 1Q16
Infor Valmet Machinery 12300 3300 Baan ERP Infor LN, Infor ION, Infor Ming.le, Infor d/EPM, Infor Warehouse Mobility, Infor Field Service 2Q16
Intuit Inc. TaxAssist Accountants Accounting 650 100 Legacy System Intuit QuickBooks Online 1Q16
McKesson Affiliated Radiologists S.C. Hospital & Health Care 50 5 Legacy System McKesson Business Performance 2Q16
McKesson Dominion Pathology Associates, PC Hospital & Health Care 10 1 Legacy System McKesson Business Performance 2Q16
Microsoft AB Agri Retail and Consumer Goods 3000 1900 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics AX 1Q15
Microsoft Concern Worldwide Nonprofit Organization Management 3000 145 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics GP 1Q16
Microsoft Connect Hearing SA Health, Wellness and Fitness 250 50 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1Q16
Microsoft Datek Solutions Computer Hardware 30 17 Sage Line 50 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2Q16
Microsoft Firstkind Medical Devices 50 5 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1Q14
Microsoft Georgia Swarm Lacrosse Sports 50 10 In-House Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics GP 3Q15
Microsoft Telecom. 150 20 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1Q16
Microsoft JTS (Just Trading Scotland) International Trade and Development 50 5 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1Q16
Microsoft Just Eat Online food ordering 1500 247 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics AX 4Q15
Microsoft Mastermate Wholesale 300 70 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2Q15
Microsoft Mindz Information Technology and Services 40 10 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics GP 2Q16
Microsoft Trago Mills Retail 150 20 Legacy System Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2Q16
Microsoft Universal Pegasus International Oil & Energy 1500 1750 JD Edwards Microsoft Dynamics AX 1Q16
Microsoft Weetabix Limited Retail and Consumer Goods 1800 457 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R-3 3Q14
NetSuite Cosmosupplylab Consumer Electronics 10000 2100 Epicor ERP NetSuite OneWorld 2Q16
NetSuite Lindemann Chimney Wholesale 130 15 Legacy System NetSuite OneWorld 2Q16
Oracle Adventist Health Hospital & Health Care 23400 3601 PeopleSoft Financial Management, PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management, Oracle Fusion Financial Analytics, Oracle Fusion Procurement and Spend Analytics Oracle ERP Cloud 3Q16
Oracle AthenaHealth Software 4668 924 Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Oracle Blue Shield of California Healthcare 6800 13400 Legacy System Oracle ERP Cloud 2Q16
Oracle Chicago Sun-Times Daily newspaper 350 372 Sage Line 50 Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Oracle DHL Express Logistics 424351 56630 Legacy System Oracle ERP Cloud 2Q16
Oracle Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Government corporation 8713 39100 Legacy System Oracle ERP Cloud 2Q16
Oracle Fox Home Entertainment Home video 12100 13280 JD Edwards Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Oracle Kentucky State University Education 1600 53 Ellucian Banner Oracle ERP Cloud 2Q16
Oracle Lending Club Corporation Personal Finance, Software 1382 501 Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Oracle Lenovo Computer hardware Electronics 60000 44910 Legacy System Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Oracle LG Electronics Consumer electronics 82000 48280 Legacy System Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Oracle McKesson Healthcare 70400 190884 JD Edwards Oracle ERP Cloud 2Q16
Oracle Mitsubishi Electric Electrical equipment Electronics 120958 39510 JD Edwards Oracle ERP Cloud 2Q16
Oracle Rutgers University Education 9000 1002 Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Oracle Toshiba Consumer Electronics 198741 9400 Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle ERP Cloud 2Q16
Oracle U.S. Department of Energy Government Administration 13341 30600 Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle ERP Cloud 1Q16
Sage Apollo Oil Oil & Energy 150 30 Legacy System Sage X3 4Q15
Sage CableCom Networking Internet 100 10 Sage 50 Sage X3 2Q16
SAP Anevia Group Telecom. 200 30 Legacy System SAP Business ByDesign 4Q15
SAP Camelot Management Consultants Professional Services 320 55 SAP ERP SAP Business ByDesign 1Q16
SAP Devialet Consumer Electronics 75 35 SAP ERP SAP Business ByDesign 1Q16
SAP ESI ITI (SimulationX) Computer Software 120 50 Legacy System SAP Business ByDesign 4Q15
SAP Giovenco Industries & Stork Technical Services Australia Mechanical or Industrial Engineering 19000 2300 Infor LN SAP Business ByDesign 3Q16
SAP Heliotron Deutschland GmbH Consumer Goods, Manufacturing 52 10 Legacy System SAP Business ByDesign 1Q15
SAP iMerchandise Apparel & Fashion 250 50 Legacy System SAP Business One 1Q16
SAP Lloyds Register Maritime and shipping Energy 9000 1030 JD Edwards SAP Business ByDesign 4Q15
SAP Orolia SA Telecom., Professional Services, Software 400 80 Legacy System SAP Business ByDesign 4Q15
SAP StepStone Internet 900 262 SAP ERP SAP Business ByDesign 1Q16
SAP TELES AG Informationstechnologien Manufacturing, Professional Services 56 100 Infor BaaN SAP Business ByDesign 4Q15
Unit4 AGS Airports Limited Airlines and Aviation 1000 250 Oracle eBusiness Suite Unit4 Business World 2Q16
Unit4 Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) Research 1500 500 Legacy System Unit4 Business World 1Q16
Unit4 Kingston University Education 2040 700 Legacy System Unit4 Business World 2Q16
Unit4 Louisburg College Education Management 160 15 Unit 4 Three Rivers Systems Unit4 Student Management 1Q16
Unit4 National Trust for Historic Preservation Museums and Institutions 350 61 Oracle eBusiness Suite Unit4 Business World On! 2Q16
Unit4 Reykjavik University Education 500 100 Legacy System Unit4 Student Management, Unit4 Business World 2Q16
Unit4 Royal College of Music (RCM) Education 380 50 Midland HR and Payroll Unit4 Student Management 2Q16
Unit4 Swiss Education Group (SEG) Hospitality 706 100 Legacy System Unit4 Student Management 2Q16
Unit4 University of Waterloo Education 3500 1000 Legacy System Unit4 Business World 1Q16
Workday Caliber Collision Automotive 2800 1200 Legacy System Workday Financial Management 2Q16
Workday Internet 600 146 Legacy System Workday Financial Management 2Q16
Workday Commerce Bank Banking 4770 227 Legacy System Workday Financial Management 2Q16
Workday Premier Healthcare Services Hospital & Health Care 400 60 Legacy System Workday Financial Management 2Q16
Workday The Ohio State University Higher Education 30000 4000 Legacy System Workday Financial Management 1Q16


Will rising tide lift all boats? Despite the fact that the ERP applications market could add $8 billion in incremental revenues over the next five years, not all gains will be shared equally. In 2012 a number of vendors including Athenahealth, Infinite Campus and RealPage have made a concerted effort to gain share through competitive wins, namely displacing the incumbents such as QSII, Skyward and Yardi, respectively. The outcome could only be described as acrimonious at best.

For example, Infinite Campus of Blaine, MN, won a state-wide contract worth $15 million to install student information system in Wisconsin, the home state of its rival Skyward, which for years has been the ERP provider for 50 percent of Wisconsin school districts. Skyward appealed the decision all the way to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker threatening to leave the state if the contract was upheld. The same scenarios are expected to play out on a wider scale as Cloud-based ERP vendors direct their resources squarely against their on-premise counterparts in a frenetic race to win the bulk of ERP implementations mostly through legacy system replacements across the entire marketplace.

The storm may have passed, but the damage has already been done. For ERP applications vendors, the shift toward Cloud delivery and mobile extensions will leave some more exposed than others. As customers begin to reevaluate their back-office environments in order to achieve better results, the new era of corporate computing, which favors easy-to-use Web services and always-on availability over heavy customization or batch processing, could rearrange the competitive landscape.

Amid the volatility, the only certainty is that the current crop of leading ERP applications vendors will be hard pressed holding onto their existing customers, let alone winning new ones, in another potentially devastating storm, one that could bring calamity for some and opportunity for others.


Definition of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Applications

Integrated applications suites designed to automate a range of business processes from back-office operations to financial management and from sales order capture to customer information management within a vertical or across 21 industries(see below for full list of industry definitions).

Schematic View of ERP Applications Market, Features for Functional Areas Within an Enterprise or Industry, and How The Market Derives Revenues From These Functional Areas.

ERP Taxonomy
ERP Taxonomy

ERP Applications For 21 Industries Including Software Revenues Derived From Integrated Functional Areas For The Vertical As Part Of The Worldwide ERP Applications Market

1 – Aerospace & Defense(Aircraft and parts, defense contractors) – Aviation Maintenance Management, Air Traffic Management applications, Flight operations software, Quality management system, Financials, HR, Procurement

2 – Automotive(Automotive production, equipment, repair, services) – PLM, CAD, CAM, Dealer Management System, Parts Management, Financials, HR, Procurement

3 – Banking and Financial Services(Credit, lending, securities institutions) – Hedge fund administration, Core Banking, Cash, treasury, payment, risk management and supply chain finance solutions, Investment management system, Securities transaction and online trading technology, Mortgage, Loan origination and processing solutions, Teller transaction and loan processing, automated loan decisioning, analytical science analysis, workflow management, and sales and service solutions, Financials, HR, Procurement

4 – Communications(Telecom services providing point-to-point contact) – Converged billing, Multi-party settlement, OSS, BSS, Financials, HR, Procurement

5 – Construction and Real Estate(Contracting and building of commercial, public, and residential structures, real estate management) – Bidding, cost estimates, Time Tracking, Homebuilder Software, Quantity Takeoff Software, Property Management, Financials, HR, Procurement

6 – Consumer & Packaged Goods(Consumer goods including non-durables, apparel, food and beverage and packaged goods) – Product lifecycle management, Supply Chain Management. eCommerce, Pricing Optimization, Financials, HR, Procurement

7 – Distribution(Wholesale and distribution of goods to other enterprises) – Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management, Financials, HR, Procurement

8 – Education(K-12 schools, colleges and universities, technical and vocational, distance learning) – Student Information System, Learning Management, Fund Accounting System, Higher Education Administration, Financials, HR, Procurement

9 –  Energy, Mining & Natural Resources(New and existing energy exploration and production, forestry, mining) – Risk Management, Commodity Trading, Physical Logistics, Regulatory Compliance, Reservoir Management, Carbon, Energy, Enterprise Water Accounting; Sustainability Metrics and CSR Management, Enterprise carbon management software, Natural Resource Optimization Modeling, Financials, HR, Procurement

10 – Government(Federal, state and local government agencies, nonprofit) – Public Safety Software, Grants and performance management, Computer Assisted Dispatch, Jail Management, Courts Management, Tax Collections, Records Management, Financials, HR, Procurement

11 – Healthcare(Healthcare providers, hospitals, physicians, clinics, hospices) – Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, Revenue cycle management, Financials, HR, Procurement

12 – Insurance(Entities that offer noncompulsory insurance of any kind) – Agency management system, Policy administration solutions, Pensions administration software, Billing and Claims software, Underwriting, Property & Casualty Management, Insurance Broker and Financial Planning Software, Financials, HR, Procurement

13 – Leisure and Lodging(Gaming, amusement, recreation services, hotels, cruises, lodging facilities) – Property Management, Cash Journaling & Gratuity Automation, Revenue Optimization, Hotel distribution, CRS, Channel management, Inventory Management, Financials, HR, Procurement

14 – Life Sciences(Pharmaceuticals, medical devices and life  technologies) – Clinical trial management, Enterprise Risk, Compliance and Quality Management, Incentive compensation, sales performance management, Financials, HR, Procurement

15 – Manufacturing(Discrete, high-tech, process manufacturing) – Production Planning, Maintenance Management, Quality Management, CAD/CAM software, Manufacturing ERP, Manufacturing Execution System, Product lifecycle management, Financials, HR, Procurement

16 – Media & Entertainment(Content distribution, broadcasting, publishing, motion pictures) – Distribution resource management for publishing, content distribution; warehouse management system, supply chain management for publishing and content distribution, Media asset management (MAM); digital media infrastructure; digital asset management (DAM); Dynamic ticket pricing for live events, Broadcast resource management; equipment asset management; broadcast engineering and operations (E&O), FInancials, HR, Procurement

17 – Oil and Gas, Chemicals(Fuel extraction, petroleum refining, primary derivatives from oil, chemicals and allied products) – Oil and Gas Operations Management, Reserves Management, Capital Planning, and Budgeting, Well Production Software, FInancials, HR, Procurement

18 – Professional services(Business, engineering, IT, legal services) – Timesheet and billing, Legal Practice Management, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Field Service Management Software, Professional Services Automation, FInancials, HR, Procurement

19 – Retail(Enterprises involved in the sale of goods, services, general and convenience stores, restaurants) – Multi-channel retail software, Point of Sale system, Store management system, Trade Promotions Management, Fresh food software, Price Optimizaton, Health and Safety Software, Workplace Risk Management solutions, Retail Execution Management solutions, Financials, HR, Procurement

20 – Transportation(Operation of means of moving freight and passengers) – Cargo Management, Airport Managment System, Scheduling, Intelligent Transportation, Fare Collection, Ferry reservation systems, Fleet management, Financials, HR, Procurement

21 – Utilities(Electricity, water and gas utilities) – Customer care, billing, Smart meter infrastructure, Energy Trading Risk Management, SCADA, Financials, HR, Procurement


  1. New enterprise software costs money, consumes time and introduces risk to the implementing organization. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it – these costs are very tangible, which can scare off an executive team and cause them to delay investing in ERP implementations.

    The benefits of these implementation costs are a bit vague, nebulous and can be harder to quantify. This makes the task of confidently investing in a new ERP system somewhat challenging.

    This is a phenomenon we observe for many of our clients. The downside of waiting too long to reconcile the costs and benefits of a new ERP system is that you are more likely to wait until it’s too late – or, at the very least, wait until you have no choice but to replace your system.

    So what can you do to get ahead and accurately weigh the implementation costs versus the cost of inefficiency if you don’t implement?

    1. Quantify the costs of inefficiency. Your current processes are likely broken, inefficient and/or ripe of opportunities for improvement. Those costs are very real and very tangible, even though they may not seem as concrete as the known line items on your implementation budget. Your employees, customers and executives are all feeling these costs, so it’s your job to quantify them. These costs will become even more real once you define how much time is being wasted on current activities and how much time automating some of those processes could save (which should all be part of your business process management initiative). Apply these time savings to decreased labor costs and other process benefits and you will be able to paint a picture of the measurable costs that will be saved by implementing a new system.

    2. Have a clear vision of what your ERP implementation can and should do for your organization. In order to complete #1, you’ll need to have a clear vision of where your organization is headed and what you expect to get out of your ERP system. If you’re like most clients we work with, you may not have any doubt that a new ERP system is right for you simply because your legacy system is so outdated that you have no choice. However, this isn’t a good enough reason. You must define what exactly you want to be getting out of your system – increased inventory turns, increased sales, reduced process cycle times, less labor costs, and/or whatever specific benefits you expect to achieve. Only when you have done this can you quantify the costs of inefficiency.

    3. Define how your organization will achieve those benefits. Numbers in a business case are meaningless without clear and tangible steps on how to achieve them. In order to fully “operationalize” these potential business benefits, your team will need to outline the steps and owners of the steps to realizing those benefits. For example, which specific software modules and business process changes will be required to achieve the expected benefit of increased inventory turns? How exactly will the processes be changed to reduce your process cycle times? Answering a multitude of questions such as these will ensure that you realize expected business benefits rather than creating a business case that collects dust on a shelf. It will also provide a strong foundation for downstream organizational change management, training, and employee communications activities.

    Unfortunately, there is never a good time to start an enterprise software initiative, but it’s something that most organizations need to further their businesses, scale for growth, increase revenue and improve delivery to their customers.

    Sunbridge is Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner in Pune.