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Aptean Recent Developments

In October 2018 Aptean has released a new version of one of its flagship products, Aptean Ross ERP, designed to significantly improve the user experience and offer the full functionality of the product in the cloud. Ross 8.0 functionality focuses on improving the user’s overall experience and productivity. For example, Ross’s Trace Express now is integrated with Google Maps in a feature called Shipment Map that allows users to easily view the destination of each of their shipments. Ross 8.0 offers other significant enhancements to the user experience, such as the ability to collapse navigation panels to maximize screen real estate and create and maintain favorites within its menu. Aptean acquired AssetPoint for maintenance management and Computron for ERP apps. AssetPoint CMMS / EAM solution is present in organizations of all sizes and in many industries such as petroleum and derivatives, discrete and process manufacturing, food, and beverage and chemical and metallurgical processes. The fact that AssetPoint and Aptean share many common customers, as well as the market experience and the innovative offerings in AssetPoint Asset Management, make this acquisition perfectly in line with our strategy. Mission-critical asset management is the natural extension of Aptean's ERP suite and allows us to offer the best solutions to our customers while we both take advantage of existing synergies to grow. As part of Aptean, AssetPoint will be well positioned to provide more complete and integrated business software solutions to our customers by leveraging Aptean's large-scale research and development capabilities as well as its expertise in creating leading technology in the marketplace.

Aptean M&A Activities

Aptean acquired irms|360 Enterprise Solutions for cloud supply chain apps in 2017 after buying GQ Life Sciences for life science patent search solutions and Government & Enterprise Management Solutions (GEMS) Division from StarDyne Technologies in 2016.

Aptean Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

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Aptean Strengths

Aptean was formed by the merger of CDC Software and Consona Corporation. Prior to that, Vista Equity Partners Fund IV completed in April 2012 a buyout of CDC Software, which filed for bankruptcy protection. Both CDC and Consona acquired and developed a number of ERP brands such as Ross Systems and Intuitive through the years. With more than 4,000 ERP customers and 11 ERP software applications, Aptean focuses on a broad range of needs for both small and large enterprises. ERP systems by Aptean include Made2Manage ERP, Ross ERP, Compiere ERP, Axis ERP, Intuitive ERP, Encompix ERP, DTR ERP, Cimnet Systems ERP, Relevant ERP, Envision ERP, Factory MES, Product Configurator and E-M-Power ERP. Because of the breadth of its products, Aptean has made inroads into the following industries: associations and not-for-profit organizations, automotive, chemicals, computers and electronics, education, financial services, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, government, health payers, home building and real estate, life sciences, metals, natural products, professional and business services, retail, senior living, telecommunications, transportation, travel/recreation, energy and utilities, wholesale distribution.

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