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Infor Recent Developments

In November 2018 Infor launched the Infor Treasury Management and Infor Advanced Treasury Management product suites. Both solutions help companies overcome complex financial challenges: future-oriented teams can optimize key cash and risk management, payments, and working capital strategies.


Within Infor Treasury Management, there are three core modules. The first, cash and liquidity, provides CFOs and treasurers with the necessary visibility and meaningful reporting to optimize cash, control bank accounts, and manage liquidity. The second module, Transaction Lifecycle Management, enables you to manage and track liabilities and investments. It is integrated with Infor Cash Management and General Ledger to ensure smooth processing. The third module, Payments, offers global multi-bank payment solutions. Users can support enterprise-wide payment and withdrawal workflows, including payment factories and payments-on-behalf-of (POBO).


In October 2018 in Japan, Infor Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Cloud launched a new product lifecycle management solution for multi-tenant that is cloud native and tailored to the fashion industry, Cloud. Fashion PLM Cloud can be used as a cloud service on a robust security infrastructure, has a lower cost of ownership compared to purchasing a single version of on-premises software, and always keeps up with new versions without requiring extensive upgrade work We can proceed with innovation.


Fashion PLM Cloud is the foundation for applying the latest digital technology to the product development process in the fashion industry, centrally managing product design and development work, and supporting efficient collaboration among stakeholders. Fashion PLM Cloud is a solution that combines high scalability and flexibility that runs on Infor OS which is Infor's cloud operating service platform and can be deployed quickly to meet the growth and evolution speed of your business.


Fashion PLM Cloud is a subscription type cloud service, there is no need for a big upgrade work accompanying software version upgrading, future addition of hardware, increase of internal resources, configuration work is virtually unnecessary , Saving time and reducing total owner costs. Infor OS provided with Fashion PLM Cloud facilitates collaboration among not only in-house designers, product development engineers, purchasing sales and procurement staff, but also people engaged in all product development including outside vendors, Increase productivity across the business. In addition, since Fashion PLM Cloud is a simple and intuitive user interface, you can easily understand and start using the procedure.

Infor M&A Activities

In September 2018 Infor acquired Vivonet a cloud-based hospitality solutions company. The acquisition extends Infor's suite of solutions for hospitality with point-of-sale (POS) and inventory and procurement functionality for companies in the food service management, full and quick service restaurant, and hotel food and beverage micro-verticals.


Founded in 2000, Vancouver, BC-based Vivonet offers solutions for POS, kiosks, kitchen systems, payments, labor scheduling, and food and labor cost management. Vivonet products are deployed at more than 4,000 locations, with customers including Sodexo, Delaware North, Booster Juice, Burger 21, Pita Pit, and Texas Chicken & Burgers.


Infor Hospitality solutions, which include robust capabilities for property management, revenue management, asset and incident management, analytics, and artificial intelligence, will be extended with POS from Vivonet.

Infor Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense, CloudSuite Automotive, CloudSuite Business, CloudSuite Business (SMB), CloudSuite Corporate, CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, CloudSuite Facilities, CloudSuite Fashion, CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management, CloudSuite Food & Beverage, CloudSuite HCM, CloudSuite Healthcare, CloudSuite Hospitality, CloudSuite Industrial (Enterprise Edition), CloudSuite Industrial (SMB), CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), CloudSuite Public Sector, Infor Configure Price Quote, Infor CRM, Infor HR Service Delivery, Infor Learning Management, Infor Marketing Resource, Infor Rhythm E-commerce & Collaboration Platform, Infor SCM, Infor Service Management, Infor Talent Management, Infor Talent Science, Infor Workforce Management

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Infor Strengths

Infor’s transformation is fast and furious as the ERP vendor embraces the Cloud with gusto. Following the $2 billion investment from Koch Industries in November 2016, Infor acquired Birst for its Cloud-based analytics applications five months later. In the meantime, its successes in selling Cloud-based applications for different verticals from aerospace to wholesale distribution continued unabated.


By mid-2017, more than half of its bookings are derived from its Cloud products, compared with single digit just a few years earlier. Already, Infor has signed nearly 9,000 Cloud customers with some 71 million users. That’s quite a stunning accomplishment for a vendor that has been relying heavily on onpremise software, especially tens of thousands of customers and their maintenance revenues that it picked up through a series of acquisitions since its creation in 2002.


Today, its Cloud Suite for different verticals and horizontal pillars like ERP and HCM have all been rewritten to incorporate the latest user interface enhancements as well as security features. Syteline, for instance, now runs a Platform As A Service that allows easy add-ons from its partners via the Cloud.


Its acquisition of GT Nexus has helped its customers – covering 50,000 companies and their trading partners - take full advantage of a Cloud-based supply chain for global logistics support. What comes next is to continue to expand GT Nexus’ capabilities to render the use of EDI obsolete. The introduction of Coleman, its play in artificial intelligence, is indicative of the type of innovation that Infor is bringing to the ERP marketplace, which in itself could undergo radical transformation if Infor has its way.


Earlier in October, Infor introduced the Control Center, a visualization and intelligence solution for the next generation supply chain. The Control Center is a data-driven, solution that learns autonomously and realizes a consistently reliable supply chain. The Control Center boasts the world's largest cloud-based commerce network for multi-enterprise, combining data on Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network, which can manage global trading and supply chain with Infor's AI platform "Infor Coleman". GT Nexus is planned to be offered in the Japanese market during the current term (until April 2019). Infor Coleman's offer in the Japanese market is undecided.


The Control Center provides end-to-end visualization of the supply chain and provides predictive and prescriptive intelligence using professional data science. We will promptly make decisions and execute actions by collecting only important information from information generated in daily work and providing appropriate data according to the work content.


The ability to visualize Control Center 's supply chain from corner to corner, with machine learning capabilities, will enable us to anticipate future supply chain problems and deal with them at an early stage. The Control Center is a great step-by-step solution for realizing supply chain self-orchestration, automating routine work and providing intelligence gained from the network.


In September 2018 Infor, released Infor CloudSuite Federal Financials & Supply Chain Management, a next-generation application set to deliver a step-change in financial management for the public sector. Designed to fit the needs of today’s modern users, it is role-based, data-driven, consumer-inspired, built for the cloud, and delivers Federal-specific capabilities. Infor CloudSuite Federal Financials & Supply Chain Management will help federal agencies reduce the risk, cost, and complexity of financial management modernization.


Infor CloudSuite Federal Financials & Supply Chain Management is being developed with defined legislative and statutory federal financial management system requirements in mind. This solution will also improve budget management, provide better visibility into financial performance and real-time visibility into payment and improvement processes, and allow users to gain quicker insights using self-service and pre-built, delivered analytics.


In February 2018 Infor, released Infor Healthcare Enterprise Analytics, a comprehensive solution that will provide healthcare organizations with greater insight into their operations, supporting their efforts to improve outcomes and lower costs. Powered by the Infor Birst Cloud Analytics platform, the solution will transform complex data from any source into a comprehensive picture of a patient and population health.


Infor Healthcare Enterprise Analytics is part of Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, a complete software platform that includes solutions for finance, supply chain, human capital, and clinical interoperability. Improving visibility to reduce the cost of care, while improving outcomes, is a top strategic priority for most hospital executives. With an analytics solution that can turn data into insights, healthcare organizations can identify opportunities for continuous improvement. They can get a better view of operational productivity, urgent care performance, Emergency Department (ED) statistics, physician comparisons, and re-admission rates, for example.

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