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8×8 Recent Developments

In November 2018, 8x8, Inc., more precisely its subsidiary in the UK, made a partnership with Workair, a cloud provider in Ireland. Workair brings enterprise-grade solutions to businesses of all sizes, across sectors including retail and manufacturing. The partnership will enable Workair to meet the demand for cloud communications solutions across Ireland with 8x8 X Series.

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8x8 Virtual Office, 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, 8x8 ContactNow,

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8×8 Strengths

8x8 offers a scalable cloud communications platform comprising voice, chat, team collaboration, contact center, and analytics for businesses of all sizes across the globe. The key attributes of the 8x8 solution include: -Intelligent Communication and Collaboration within a Single Integrated Software Platform. We believe that integrated communications and collaboration drives more efficient employee and customer engagement and greater business productivity. We are unique among our competitors in that we own the core technology and manage the platform behind all of our services (voice, call center and collaboration). We believe having control over our entire platform enables us to deliver a more unified and seamless experience for our customers across all aspects of the service — from the user interface to the technical support experience. In addition, our 8x8 Sameroom technology helps our customers tear down information silos by providing interoperability among multiple third-party collaboration tools. -Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We have developed a suite of web-based analytics tools to help customers make informed decisions based on underlying communications data associated with 8x8 services and supported devices. We continue to make strategic investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to develop new capabilities and features for our customers such as context-rich customer engagements, intelligent call routing and faster first-call resolution. -Global Reach. 8x8's Global Reach initiative refers to our global strategy to provide enterprise-grade quality of service, reliability, security and support for our multinational customers. Our platform utilizes intelligent geo-routing technology, and leverages 15 data centers across seven dispersed regions - United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia - to provide consistently high call quality to customers worldwide. -Integration with Third-Party Business Applications. Our software uses a combination of open application program interfaces (APIs) and pre-built integrations to retrieve contextually relevant data from and to enhance the functionality of, customers' third-party applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google, NetSuite, Zendesk, Oracle Sales Cloud, Bullhorn, and Hubspot. -Intuitive User Experience. Its web, desktop and mobile interfaces act as the communications portal for all 8x8 services and provide customers with a familiar and consistent user experience across all endpoints. -Rapid Deployment. Business agility in the global, modern economy is a competitive necessity, and we embrace the notion that communication services should be deployable as quickly as possible. -Our services can generally be provisioned in minutes from web-based administrative tools. We have automated our provisioning, billing and other s ystems to provide greater speed and flexibility in deployment for our customers. To ensure consistency and quality across our products and customer base, we have developed a standard, yet flexible, deployment methodology that we refer to as Elite Touch. We apply this systematic approach to all of our deployments, regardless of size or complexity. -Committed Service Quality over the Public Internet. We currently offer our qualifying enterprise customers an "end-to-end" service level agreement (SLA), with meaningful uptime and voice quality commitments, backed by service credits and a no-penalty early termination right for the customer under specified conditions. -Emphasis on Security and Compliance. 8x8 have invested heavily in achieving compliance with various industry standards and we believe we have created a top-down culture of security and compliance, including a commitment to secure architecture and development.

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