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Box Inc. Recent Developments

Box Skills: A framework for applying state-of-the-art machine learning tools such as computer vision, video indexing and sentiment analysis to content stored securely in Box. With Skills, you can gather context about any type of content that previously required an extensive number of human work hours. By providing intelligent metadata that can trigger workflows, establish retention policies and apply classification, Box Skills can help accelerate your business. Box Graph: A machine learning-powered relationship model under the surface of your Box experience. Box Graph continuously learns from everything you do in Box, such as the shared links you generate, the colleagues and customers you collaborate with and the Box Notes you create to take meeting notes. It also learns from activity on other business applications integrated with Box, like a file shared on Slack or an updated Office document. We leverage this insight to power predictive, personalized and contextualized experiences across Box. Box Relay: A new kind of workflow tool that allows anyone to easily create custom workflows to get work done faster. Leveraging IBM's machine learning expertise and our focus on simple and intuitive user experiences, Box Relay orchestrates the entire business process, start to finish — all within Box. Box Relay is slated for GA on November 13! Introduced Box Elements, a new set of tools for businesses of all sizes to bring the Box content experience into any application built with Box Platform. Launched Box Drive, the only unlimited cloud drive built for the enterprise, to power seamless collaboration streamed directly from the desktop to further simplify businesses’ shift to the cloud. Unveiled Box's integration with Apple's new Files app on stage at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Announced new advanced image recognition capabilities through an integration with Google Cloud Vision. The integration represents one of Box’s first use cases of advanced machine learning to help enterprises improve workflows and drive efficiencies through more accurate discovery and deeper insights into unstructured content stored in Box.

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Box Inc. Strengths

In its latest quarter, Box continued to experience explosive growth with revenues soaring 28% to $123 million propelled by robust sales of its content and collaboration applications outside the United States.

The number of paying customers has increased to 76,000, up from 62,000 last year as its subscriber base has risen 27% to 56 million.

These 76,000 customers represent a total of nearly 10 million active and paying subscribers.

Box provides these enterprises with a cloud-based, Enterprise Content Collaboration platform that enables organizations of all sizes to easily and securely manage their content from anywhere on any device; collaboration capabilities for internal teams and external users; automation services to streamline tasks and processes; a content platform for implementing digitized processes; and built-in data security and governance to protect business information and reduce the cost of compliance.

In June 2017, Box and Microsoft announced an expanded partnership to jointly offer Box cloud content management with Azure to enterprise customers.

Box will use Azure as a strategic public cloud platform, and the companies commit to shared go-to-market investments, including initiatives to co-sell Box with Azure.

In addition, the partnership will enable future integration between Azure’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities with Box’s cloud content management platform.

In 2016, Box acquired Wagon Analytics for its data analysis products.

As many of its customers continue to struggle with integrating multiple on-premise content management systems, Box has leapfrogged the competition by delivering a holistic and simple way to manage different content types including both structured and unstructured data, coupled with its relentless focus on capabilities such as search and security, metadata templates, as well as auditing and compliance, all of which can be easily accessible via the Cloud.

In December 2015, Box announced new solution with Salesforce, which will provide Box customers an all-new set of ways to access and share files from within Salesforce.

In February 2016, Box Introduced Box KeySafe, a new software-based solution that allows customers to easily manage their own encryption keys in the cloud.

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Box Inc. Revenues, $M:

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Box Inc. Revenues By Region, $M

Region % of Total Revenues 2016 Total Revenues, $M 2016 Enterprise Applications Revenues, $M 2016 Cloud Applications Revenues, $M
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APAC Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
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