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Citrix Recent Developments

In May 2018 Citrix unveiled new innovations that support the shift to people-centric computing, enabling organizations to deliver a superior work experience that unifies everything an employee needs in one place while meeting the strictest compliance and security needs of the organization.


Digital transformation, cloud, and new workstyles are forcing businesses to rethink how and where technology is deployed and secured. To ensure employee engagement and productivity, companies must deliver a unified workspace experience that adapts to how and where work needs to get done; one that gives IT the confidence to support and manage their choice of network, cloud or device; and provides a holistic security framework that dynamically detects and applies policies everywhere from the data center to the most remote endpoint.


Citrix innovations in 2018 include: Citrix Workspace gives users secure, single sign-on (SSO) access to all the applications and content in an intuitive and digital workspace that delivers a consistent and unified experience across all devices – allowing users to start work at home on their tablet, continue to work on their smartphone during their commute, and complete work on their desktop or laptop in the office.


Citrix Endpoint Management provides management for the broadest set of devices from wearables to IoT devices like Alexa for Business, and Raspberry Pi-powered workspace hubs from Citrix partners NComputing and Viewsonic. Companies need a modern way to manage this device diversity – it’s not just about phones and laptops anymore. Regardless of the device used, Citrix can securely manage all endpoints across the enterprise.


Citrix workspace networking portfolio is underpinned by Citrix Analytics. Whether a company is securing cloud apps, files, and data, mobile or desktop apps, Citrix Analytics will provide visibility into company-wide user and entity behavior, system security, performance, and operations, and simplify IT infrastructure. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect anomalous behavior and potential threats, Citrix Analytics can provide actionable intelligence from the information gathered via our cloud services and on-premises products to help customers proactively identify and manage internal and external threats.

Citrix M&A Activities

In 2018, Citrix announced the acquisition of Sapho, providers of an enterprise “micro app” platform, for approximately $200 million. Sapho has roughly 20 customers and about 100 employees, most of whom are joining Citrix.


Earlier, in the same year, Citrix Acquired Internet Traffic Management Leader Cedexis to Optimize App and Content Performance in Hybrid-Multi-Cloud World.

Citrix Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

Citrix Workspace Cloud, Podio

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Citrix Strengths

Work is no longer a place, but an increasingly dynamic activity that people expect to be as adaptable as they are. Companies around the world understand this and are using solutions delivered by Citrix Systems to create intelligent digital workspaces that enable employees to work when, how and where they want in a secure and reliable manner. And in doing so, they’re boosting productivity and results.


With Citrix Workspace, companies can serve up personalized access to the systems, information, and tools their employees need, when and how they need them, in a flexible, intelligent and secure way. More than 400,000 companies around the world – including 99 percent of the Fortune 100 - are using Citrix solutions to deliver the future of work today.


Citrix joined the AWS Marketplace to simplify deployment, pricing, and packaging for its flagship Citrix NetScaler ADC and SD-WAN products. As a result, Citrix increased the adoption and growth of its services on AWS while more than doubling associated revenue year over year.


In 2016, Citrix selected Microsoft Azure for its preferred and strategic cloud for its future product roadmap, and expanded on that relationship by offering a range of Citrix Workspace and Networking services through the Azure Marketplace.

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