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Finastra Recent Developments

Signed HP Enterprise in deal to put FusionCapital for post-trade processing in the cloud.

Finastra M&A Activities

Misys, a portfolio company of Vista Equity Partners, has combined with D+H and will operate under the name Finastra. Nadeem Syed will be CEO of Finastra, a leading financial services company with about 10,000 employees and $2.1 billion in revenue. In March, Vista agreed to buy D+H in a deal valued at $2.03 billion.

Finastra Overview

Ownership: Vista Equity Partners - x

Employees: 4500

Functional Market: ERP Services and Operations Management, Treasury and Risk Management,

Key Verticals: Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, ,

Finastra Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

Misys FinCloud, D+H Cloud

SCORES Analysis

Finastra Strengths

After acquiring two of the biggest names in risk management, Misys is laying the groundwork for an extended period of growth across all sectors of the banking software market.

In March 2011 Misys purchased Sophis for its cross-asset portfolio and risk management applications.

Then private equity firm Vista Equity Partners acquired Misys in 2012 following its earlier purchase of Turaz for its Kondor line of risk management applications.

Misys, which now encompasses Summit, Sophis and KTP/Turaz product lines for treasury and risk management, has carved out a significant chunk of the banking software market with over 1,800 customers including many tier-1 financial institutions.

In addition to its BankFusion core banking software, Misys offers a full line of treasury and risk management applications capable of establishing global risk transparency across banking and trading businesses.

For tier-1 financial institutions, Misys has become the all-encompassing technology provider addressing their lending, core banking, transaction banking, enterprise risk, buy-side and capital markets requirements with a complete product portfolio.

The latest reincarnation of Misys as a privately held company is expected to give it time to regroup and harness the best attributes of its acquired products and R;D resources.

Already Misys has made better use of its technologies by introducing an analytics tool that enables customers to access all kinds of risk information including asset liability management, market risks and critical exposures from any of the devices that they are running.

The next task is for Misys to deliver such information automatically to target risk officers with role-based key risk indicators and personal alerts thus boosting the usability of its applications across the entire product portfolio.

In September 2014, Misys has launched Misys FusionBanking Corporate FrontOffice, a unified corporate client front end, integrated with enterprise pricing and credit lifecycle management.

In November 2014, Misys announces the launch of its digital channels solutions to the US market – based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

These award-winning mobile and online banking applications are recognized for their uniquely customizable interfaces and advanced sales capabilities.

In December 2014, it has launched Misys FusionRisk Limits to make it possible for financial institutions to see all exposures, breaches and limit utilisation across their entire operations.

In January 2015, Misys has launched FusionBanking Lending, an all-in-one lending solution that provides banks the ability to manage the full loan lifecycle on a single platform.

In March 2015, Misys unveiled the first banking app prototype for the Apple Watch – Misys FusionBanking Essence BankTime - the wearable device which will be a major driver for contextual marketing in financial services.

In December 2015, Misys launched Misys FusionCapital, its next generation platform for capital markets, in the cloud.

Hewlett Packard is the first Misys's partner to provide enterprise-grade cloud platform for clients wanting to benefit from this cloudbased solution.

In April 2016, Misys launched Misys FinCloud, a new range of Cloud solutions and global Cloud environment offering Misys clients the highest standards of security, performance and operating excellence in Cloud operations in the financial services industry.

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