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HCL Technologies Ltd. Recent Developments

In July 2018, HCL Technologies acquired Palo Alto-based Actian who offers hybrid data management, cloud integration, and analytics solutions. In 2018, HCL to acquire select IBM products for $1.8 billion. The products which represent a total addressable market of more than $50 billion include, Appscan for secure application development, BigFix for secure device management, Unica for marketing automation, Commerce for omni-channel eCommerce, Portal for digital experience, Notes & Domino for email and low-code rapid application development, and Connections for workstream collaboration.

HCL Technologies Ltd. M&A Activities

In June 2018, HCL Technologies acquired H&D International Group (H&D). The acquisition is part of HCL’s long-term growth plan in Germany. This landmark deal sees HCL attain significant in-country front office and delivery capabilities and will further enhance the company’s domain expertise in the global automotive sector. In April 2017, in order to bolster its capability in the area of BPO services and debt servicing, HCL Technologies acquired of Urban Fulfillment Services. In September 2017, HCL Technologies acquired ETL Factory Limited, doing business as Datawave, the acquisition of Datawave and its suite of products bolsters HCL’s capabilities to collaborate with clients on their mission-critical data transformation projects, incorporating a culture of DevOps and continuous integration. In January 2017, HCL Technologies acquired Butler America Aerospace. Butler Aerospace has seven design centers and more than 900 engineers in the US. It provides engineering and design services in the areas of mechanical and structural design, electrical design, tool design and aftermarket engineering services to customers primarily in the aerospace and defense industries in the US. The acquisition bolsters HCL’s capabilities in this space and access to clients with large R&D spends.

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HCL Technologies Ltd. Strengths

HCL’s Digital & Analytics services is one of the fastest-growing, large enterprise-focused digital transformation practices in the industry. HCL has helped large and complex enterprises across the world in banking and financial services, retail and CPG, healthcare, manufacturing, and others with their digital transformation journeys over the past few years. We help our customers discover and rethink their business processes to refurbish user experience and operational efficiency journeys. HCL’s strategy is to build upon the core strengths of HCL’s services businesses - helping enterprises with solutions across DevOps, Automation, Application Modernization, Security, and Data Management. HCL embraces the real-world complexity of multi-mode IT that ranges from mainframe to cloud and everything in between, while focusing on customer success and building ‘Relationships Beyond the Contract.’ HCL seeks to acquire and develop products not only from categories mentioned above that complement HCL’s existing businesses, but also products with large user bases and high profitability. Many of these products are mature, but HCL believes they can achieve more interest and growth with additional investments and energy. Investments in R&D, technical resources in the field, and sales and marketing will enable us to drive greater innovation for the products, which in turn will yield more mindshare and usage, and ultimately higher revenues. HCL continues to build a world-class software products business based on four primary principles. Some of these principals are aspirational, but all are guidelines on how HCL approaches its unique business.

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HCL Technologies Ltd. Revenues, $M:

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HCL Technologies Ltd. Revenues By Region, $M

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