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Homecare Homebase has a very interesting feature that provides home health and hospice care agencies the ability to comply with the regulations that they ought to understand and implement. Given the fact that such regulations are always undergoing rapid and continuous changes and new regulatory issues are often raised, the software equipped them with the necessary training, information, and system updates to be able to adapt to changes in a smooth manner. Furthermore, it enables them to be prepared even before these laws and regulations take effect, hence, providing them what they need to promote compliance in advance. The home care and hospice health software automation system aids agencies by providing support in navigation through the complex processes and procedures related to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) regulations and requirements. Homecare Homebase do this by obtaining clarifications and answers to all its questions on the proposed CMS changes and then formulates and provides training and software updates when the compliance issues are already addressed. With this feature, agencies are ensured that they would be responsive and adept in meeting and accomplishing the requirements and processes involved in complying with CMS regulations.

Homecare Homebase M&A Activities

Parent Hearst Health acquired MedHok in June 2016.

Homecare Homebase Overview

Ownership: - Hearst

Employees: 350

Functional Market: ERP Services and Operations Management,

Key Verticals: Healthcare,

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Homecare Homebase,

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Homecare Homebase Strengths

Homecare Homebase specializes in operations management applications for homecare and hospice industry. Homecare Homebase offers a comprehensive integrated web-based software solution to improve the clinical, operational and financial success of homecare and hospice agencies. Homecare Homebase enables real-time, wireless information exchange and communication between office staff, field staff and physicians; automates workflow processes; enables accurate billing through numerous integrated checks and balances; and, provides powerful management reporting via a back-office data analysis tool that ties together all agency operational information. Homecare Homebase provides a fully integrated software-as-a-service application for homecare and hospice agencies. This cloud-based software solution automates all business processes for new, measurable efficiencies, weaving together every aspect of the homecare agency in an enterprise-wide solution for smoother operation. As part of its automated workflow functionality, Homecare Homebase also offers a feature that simplifies and automates the management of schedules and staff by home health and hospice care agencies to ensure that the rightly assigned staff and caregivers are deployed to the right patients. The software offers an automated schedule approval system. This functionality is very helpful for field clinicians who are requesting approval for their daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, Moreover, in cases that they have to request for changes in their schedules, they would have the ability to send their requests through the platform. This feature saves time ,money, efforts, and resources. Another capability of Homecare Homebase is its powerful integration with different agencies, physicians, facilities and payroll providers which eliminates re-entering of data as it shares CCDs, patient data, and other information using its Partner Link feature that supports the commonly used message sets and protocols. This integration covers sharing of data that includes attachments, medicare and non-medicare eligibility, enterprise master patient index (EMPI), patient demographics, GL mapping, lab results,and reports, hospice benchmarking, hospice satisfaction surveys, hospice pharmacy, telehealth, medication history, payroll and referral.

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