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IQVIA Strengths, Domain Expertise, and Key Differentiators

IQVIA is a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services to the life sciences industry, formed through the merger of IMS Health and Quintiles. IQVIA creates intelligent connections across all aspects of healthcare through its analytics, transformative technology, big data resources and extensive domain expertise. IQVIA’s insights and execution capabilities help biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, government agencies, payers and other healthcare stakeholders tap into a deeper understanding of diseases, human behaviors and scientific advances, in an effort to advance their path toward cures. IQVIA has one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of healthcare information in the world, which includes more than one billion comprehensive, longitudinal, non-identified patient records spanning sales, prescription and promotional data, medical claims, electronic medical records, genomics, and social media. Based on this data, they deliver information and insights on over 85% of the world’s pharmaceuticals, as measured by 2019 sales. The breadth of the intelligent, actionable information we provide is not comprehensively available from any other source and our scope of information would be difficult and costly for another party to replicate.

IQVIA Recent Developments

In September 2021, IQVIA added new AI-powered technologies to enhance its existing Medical Information (MI) Contact Center services. Life science companies use IQVIA’s MI Contact Center services to share information about new products and related therapeutic areas as well as monitor product quality and safety. This is done through teams of skilled agents responding directly to inquiries from consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals (HCPs) around the world. IQVIA’s MI Contact Center services now deploy AI-powered virtual agents alongside skilled human agents to triage and respond to inquiries. This combination of AI-powered agents and human agents creates faster response times and reporting of adverse events or quality concerns. It also allows for rapid scalability to meet surges in demand and efficient 24/7/365 availability. IQVIA’s MI Contact Center services are available in more than 170 countries with highly skilled agents responding to inquiries in 50 direct languages.

In October 2021, IQVIA opened of a state-of-the-art, 160,000-square-foot lab facility known as Q2 Solutions Innovation Laboratories. The new facility has an innovative suite of laboratory capabilities, including cutting edge bioanalytical, vaccine, biomarker and genomics laboratories. The site is also home to a new Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL). TSAIL will allow customers to access a broad range of services including a cross-disciplined approach to early-stage Research & Development and exploratory human biomarker activities. This will enable biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate drug development.

In July 2020, IQVIA partnered with AstraZeneca to accelerate development of a potential new vaccine for COVID-19. The specific IQVIA and AstraZeneca collaboration will drive faster delivery of clinical studies in the U.S. aimed at demonstrating efficacy of AstraZeneca’s potential COVID-19 vaccine.

IQVIA Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Activities

In April 2021, IQVIA announced the acquisition of the 40 percent minority share of Q2 Solutions from Quest Diagnostics, the world leader in diagnostic information services, resulting in 100 percent ownership by IQVIA. Q2 Solutions is a leading global clinical laboratory services organization that provides comprehensive testing, project management, supply chain, biorepository and biospecimen and consent tracking solutions for clinical trials.

In May 2021, IQVIA acquired a competing division of Myriad Genetics. That division, called Myriad RBM, is slated to become part of IQVIA’s Q2 Solutions. Myriad RBM provides contract research services for the pharmaceutical industry, including screening clinical samples, diseased and non-diseased, against the company’s menu of biomarkers.

IQVIA was formed with the merger of Quintiles and IMS Health in 2016.

IQVIA Customers in ARTW Customer Database

Leveraging a rigorous data-centric research methodology, APPS RUN THE WORLD asks the simple question: Who’s buying IQVIA applications and why? And we provide the answers – supported by decades of research – to our clients around the world. Our Customer database has over 100 data fields that detail company usage of IQVIA and other enterprise apps by function, customer size, industry, location, implementation status, partner involvement, Line of Business Key Stakeholders and IT decision makers contact details. List of Verified IQVIA CORE, IQVIA ePromo, Nexxus Mobile Intelligence CRM, IQVIA OCE Sales customers.

IQVIA Overview

Ownership: - NYSE: IQV

Number of Employees: 77000

Functional Markets: Content Management, CRM, ERP Services and Operations,

Key Verticals: Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences,

IQVIA Key Enterprise and Cloud Applications

IQVIA CORE, IQVIA ePromo, Nexxus Mobile Intelligence CRM, IQVIA OCE Sales

IQVIA Revenues, $M:

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IQVIA Revenue Breakdown By Type, $M:

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IQVIA Revenues By Region, $M

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IQVIA Direct vs Indirect sales

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IQVIA Customers - Breakdown by Geo, Size, Vertical and Product

List of Verified IQVIA Customers

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IQVIA has a diversified base of over 10,000 clients in over 100 countries and have expanded our client value proposition to address a broader market for research and development and commercial operations which we estimate to be more than $260 billion in 2020. Sales to companies in life sciences, including pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, device and diagnostic companies, and consumer health companies, account for the majority of IQVIA's revenues. Other clients include payers, government and regulatory agencies, providers, pharmaceutical distributors, and pharmacies. No single client accounted for 10% or more of our total company revenues in 2020, 2019, or 2018. As of December 31, 2020 the largest client based on its percentage of total company revenue contributed approximately 5%.

IQVIA Market Opportunities, M&A and Geo Expansions

IQVIA believes there are six key trends affecting their end markets that will create increasing demand for research and development services, technology & analytics solutions and contract sales and medical solutions: - Growth and innovation in the life sciences industry. The life sciences industry is a large and critical part of the global healthcare system, and, according to the latest information available from the IQVIA Market Prognosis service, is estimated to have generated approximately $1.27 trillion in revenue in 2020. According to our research, revenue growth in the life sciences industry globally is expected to range from 3% to 6% between 2021 and 2025. According to the IQVIA Institute, it is estimated that spending on pharmaceuticals in emerging markets will expand at a 6% to 9% compound annual growth rate (“CAGR”) through 2025. - Growth in Research and Development. Spending trends in research and development are impacted as a result of several factors, including major biopharmaceutical companies’ efforts to replenish revenues lost from the so-called “patent cliff,” increased access to capital by the small and midcap biotechnology industry, and recent increases in pharmaceutical approvals by regulatory authorities. We believe that further research and development spending, combined with the continued need for cost efficiency across the healthcare landscape, will continue to create opportunities for biopharmaceutical services companies. - Increased Complexity in Research and Development. Biopharmaceutical companies face environments in which it has become increasingly difficult to operate. Improved standards of care in many therapeutic areas and the emergence of new types of therapies, such as biologics, genetically targeted therapies, gene and stem cell therapies, and other treatment modalities have led to more complex development and regulatory pathways. We believe that our global clinical development capabilities, including our expertise in biomarkers and genomics and our global laboratory network, position us well to help biopharmaceutical companies manage the complexities inherent in an environment where this type of expertise is important. - Financial pressures driving the need for increased efficiency. Despite expected accelerating growth in the global life sciences market, we believe our clients will face increased operating margin pressure due to their changing product mix, pricing and reimbursement challenges, and rising costs of compliance. Product portfolios for life sciences companies have shifted toward specialty products with lower peak market sales potential than traditional primary care medicines. We believe that the need for biopharmaceutical companies to maximize productivity and lower costs across their processes from research and development through commercial operations will cause them to look to partners as they enter into outsourcing arrangements to improve efficiency. - Evolving need to integrate and structure expanding sources of data. Over the past decade, many health systems around the world have focused on digitizing medical records. While such records theoretically enhance access to data, relevant information is often unintegrated, unstructured, siloed in disparate software systems, or entered inconsistently. In order to derive valuable insights from existing and expanding sources of information, clients need access to statistically significant data sets organized into databases that can be queried and analyzed. - Need for demonstrated value in healthcare. There is increasing pressure on life sciences companies to support and justify the value of their therapies. Many new drugs that are being approved are more expensive than existing therapies and will likely receive heightened scrutiny by regulators and payers to determine whether the existing treatment options would be sufficient. As a result, leading life sciences companies are utilizing more sophisticated outcome research and data analytics services. We believe we are well positioned to take advantage of these global trends in healthcare. Beyond our proprietary information assets, we have developed key capabilities to assess opportunities to develop and commercialize therapies, support and defend the value of medicines and help our clients operate more efficiently through the application of insight-driven decision-making and costefficient technology solutions.

IQVIA Risks and Challenges

IQVIA finds itself in the midst of a global pandemic that could reshape the life sciences industry for years to come. The question is whether IQVIA will be able to seize the opportunities by partnering with the right pharmaceuticals companies, or spreading itself too thin because of its global reach. The jury is still out whether IQVIA and its customers will prevail in a long-running battle to tackle what is expected to be a series of public health challenges. Another issue is whether IQVIA will resort to expensive acquisitions, which may either turn into a well-timed land grab or a Pyrrhic victory.

The biopharmaceutical services industry is highly competitive. Outsourcing trends in the biopharmaceutical industry and changes in aggregate spending and research and development budgets could adversely affect IQVIA’s operating results and growth rate. They may be affected by healthcare reform and potential additional reforms. Actions by government regulators or clients to limit a prescription’s scope or withdraw an approved drug from the market could adversely affect their business and result in a loss of revenues. Research & Development Solutions clients face intense competition from lower cost generic products, which may lower the amount that they spend on IQVIA’s services.

IQVIA Ecosystem, Partners, Resellers and SI

IQVIA Technologies accelerates innovation by building on top of best-in-class platforms and focusing our efforts on differentiation that adds value to life sciences customers. IQVIA customers benefit from access to the best core features, battle-tested code and regular upgrades from standard platforms that are common to their ecosystems. Our products connect all these elements to deliver seamless solutions that are “born-integrated” and tailored to their specific needs. IQVIA is forging some of the most robust technology partnerships in the industry to help achieve this vision. Partners include, Accenture, Aprimo, Blue Mountain Quality Resources, DocuSign, Invosys, Riva, Snowflake, and Workday.

IQVIA Cloud Infrastructure Insights

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