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MRI Software Recent Developments

In June 2017, Qube made partnership with intelligent information extraction and document management platform LEVERTON. The companies will work together to serve clients across the real estate sector with AI based technology for next generation real estate management. The same month, MRI Software launched MRI AnalytiX, a powerful business intelligence (BI) solution built for real estate. AnalytiX provides an engaging, immersive experience that empowers business users to visualize complex data easily. Later on they made a partnership with HappyCo to inspect, monitor and analyze the performance of enterprise business assets in real time, to create MRI Inspections, Powered by HappyCo. The next year in October, MRI Software launched MRI Debt Management, a web-based accounting solution for the real estate sector. MRI Debt Management enables real estate owners and investors to increase operational efficiency and reduce the risks of bad data. In the first quarter of 2018, MRI saw 44 percent worldwide revenue growth, and a 136 percent increase in bookings over the same period in 2017. Additionally, MRI grew its headcount by 62 percent across all regions. Overseas, staffing in EMEA increased more than tenfold and, in APAC, grew by 61 percent.

MRI Software M&A Activities

Since the beginnig of 2017, MRI Software went on a acquisition spree, in February the company acquiried ResidentCheck, a provider of resident screening for the multifamily real estate industry. ResidentCheck’s extensive screening services enable property owners and operators to maximize financial performance and reduce resident delinquency rates. In September, the company acquiried Real Asset Management (RAM), a supplier of asset management software, including asset and lease accounting, tracking, and maintenance management. After enjoying close partnership for many years, MRI Software decided to acquirie Real Asset. The same goes with Qube Global Software, a leading UK-based supplier of property and facilities management software. Qube both extends MRI’s global reach and brings further expertise and scale for continued innovation in property technology. In October 2017, Tenmast Software, a leading provider of public housing authority and private affordable housing management software. The same month, MRI Software acquiried HAB, Inc., a provider of innovatively simple housing management software for public housing authorities (PHA). They also acquiried eCondoSystems (eCS), a provider of cloud-based software solutions for the condominium development and sales in October. The last acquisition was in December 2017, the company took ownership over MDA Property Systems, a property management and accounting software company based in Cape Town, South Africa. In March 2018, HAPPY Software, a provider of innovative housing solutions and services for public housing authorities in the United States was acquiried by MRI Software. With this acquisition, MRI’s third within the public housing space in just five months, the company now serves nearly 35 percent of U.S. public housing authorities. In July 2018, CML Software, a UK-based company was acquired by MRI Software, The acquisition will add additional top tier agency market names into the MRI client base. In order to cement the position of a leading provider of commercial real estate software in South Africa, the same month MRI Software acuiried PropSys. In October and November 2018, MRI Software acquiried IPM Software and TCAM Asset Management respectively.

MRI Software Overview

Ownership: - x

Employees: 1300

Functional Market: ERP Services and Operations Management,

Key Verticals: Construction and Real Estate,

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MRI Software Strengths

MRI’s comprehensive and flexible technology platform coupled with an open and connected ecosystem meets the unique needs of real estate businesses, from property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets.

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