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In 2018, RELEX Solutions unveiled a new Floor Planning solution that heralds a radical advancement in retail space planning. The new macro Floor Planning solution, which will be available on a cloud-based SaaS model, is an AutoCAD-compatible system for quick and efficient creation, editing and management of store-specific floor plans. The solution is integrated with RELEX’s Planogramming software to allow planning and store teams to collaborate fully on projects, in real time, and works seamlessly with RELEX’s supply chain management product suite. The new solution represents a major evolution of the space planning process. RELEX Planogramming already enables planners to produce models of standard and customizable fixtures onto which products and product facings can be placed. Floor Planning then maps those fixtures onto a plan of the entire store allowing planners to visualize how different units and categories relate to one another and to the overall space available. It’s an easy and logical way of organizing a retailer’s data regarding the use of its store space. The new solution allows planners to generate reports on individual stores, store groups or the whole chain and dissect the data to focus on sales-floor and category performance. It also enables planning teams to create ‘heat maps’ that track shopper activity and highlight hot or cold spots – areas of the store that over- or under-perform versus the company average and/or comparable categories in similar stores, potentially highlighting poor layout, lighting or displays amongst other issues.

Relex Solutions M&A Activities

RELEX Solutions, Europe’s fastest growing supply chain solution provider, today announces the acquisition of UK-headquartered Galleria, leading provider of category planning, automation & optimization solutions to the retail industry. Together, the organizations’ extended capabilities mark a significant development in RELEX’s vision to create a world leading end-to-end integrated retail and supply chain planning platform. In addition, the acquisition increases the footprint of RELEX’s existing sales and delivery network in North America and APAC, with the united company having prime retail brands including, Morrisons, PARKnSHOP, Rossmann and Safeway, as customers in every continent bar Antarctica.

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RELEX Solutions is dedicated to helping retail businesses improve their competitiveness through localized assortments, profitable use of retail space, accurate forecasting and replenishment, and optimized workforce planning. Its SaaS solutions deliver quick return on investment and can be used independently or jointly for unified retail planning, enabling cross-functional optimization of retail’s core processes: merchandising, supply chain and store operations.

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