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In May 2018, The SSI Group launched its latest Access Management product platform—Access Director, a solution that provides primary patient access revenue cycle capabilities in an integrated platform. Access Director helps providers manage patient encounters efficiently to achieve full patient financial clearance and prevent front-end revenue leakage. An integral part of SSI’s enterprise revenue cycle suite, Access Director can function as a stand-alone SaaS platform with an intuitive user interface or can be integrated into a provider’s existing host system/HIS with single sign-on functionality. As patient financial responsibility, bad debt and a need to reduce operating costs have all grown in recent years, healthcare providers have increasingly struggled to successfully increase front-end collections. Access Director now enables providers to tackle this challenge directly, while maintaining a patient-centric approach to interactions. The solution allows users to hone in at the service level, providing them with the information needed to streamline the patient registration and collections process. Providers that utilize the Access Director platform benefit financially, as net operating expenditures, denials and rework are reduced, while cash collections increase with better pre-service financial screening. At the same time, the patient experience is improved as patients have clear financial expectations and encounter fewer surprises throughout their interactions with a provider. In February 2018, SSI Group has launched a new analytics product for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). ASC Analytics allows ASCs to more easily gather and analyze the information necessary to make informed business decisions. ASC Analytics empowers visibility into five functional areas: case management, clinical operations, financial performance, cost analysis, and scheduling. These five areas give ASCs an enterprise view into their organization and allow them to pinpoint problems and make process improvements based on relevant payer, performance and clinical KPIs conveyed through intuitive reports and dashboards understandable at nearly every experience level. ASC Analytics improves upon SSI’s legacy Medibis software platform—a reporting and benchmarking tool trusted among ASCs—by adding a graphic interface that brings flexibility, ease of use and time savings with strong analytics functionality to product users. Advances include the ability to be used across multiple device types and browsers, interactive data analysis and rich visualizations, goal setting and expanded product support. ASC Analytics can be used to view comparative benchmarks to fully understand an ASC’s performance in the marketplace, analyze receivables and revenue cycle metrics to identify trends, and monitor medical staff performance. The platform can handle schedule compressibility by a facility, by room or by a doctor. Beyond helping to identify opportunities for facility growth and operational improvements, ASC Analytics also allows users to quickly and easily maintain compliance with regulatory reporting requirements and automate custom report creation for various stakeholders.

SSI Group Overview

Ownership: - x

Employees: 400

Functional Market: ERP Services and Operations Management,

Key Verticals: Healthcare, Insurance,

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The SSI Group, partners with healthcare providers, payers, and ambulatory surgical centers. The product suite includes Access Management, Claims Management, and Performance Management solutions with integrated analytics. The SSI Group develops and provides revenue cycle management and system integration solutions to Healthcare facilities. The company offers a range of provider/payer/physician technology solutions for managing the revenue cycle that includes claims processing (ASP/direct/clearinghouse), document management, and business office outsourcing of paper claims. It offers performance and financial management solutions that include denial management, audit management, contract management, and analytics management solutions; patience access solutions; health information management solutions that include document management, attachment processing, and workers compensation bill; claims management solutions that include billing, and claims status; clearinghouse services; and payer services.

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