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Veeva Systems Inc. Recent Developments

Acquired Zinc Ahead for commercial content management apps.

Veeva Systems Inc. Overview

Ownership: Public - VEEV : NYSE

Employees: 1984

Functional Market: Content Management, Customer Relationship Management,

Key Verticals: Life Sciences, ,

Veeva Systems Inc. Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

Veeva CRM, Veeva Network Customer Master, Veeva OpenData, Veeva Vault

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Veeva Systems Inc. Strengths

Veeva Systems is a provider of industry cloud solutions for the life sciences industry.

Its products are designed to help life sciences companies with some their most critical functions — from R&D to commercial — in bringing products to market faster and more efficiently, marketing and selling them more effectively, and maintaining compliance with government regulations. Veeva’s industry cloud solutions provide data, software, and services that address a broad range of areas, including multichannel customer relationship management, content management, master data management, and customer data. Its largest product lines are Veeva CRM for multichannel customer relationship management and Veeva Vault for content and data management.

Veeva CRM, built on the Salesforce platform, enables companies to market and sell more efficiently, effectively, and compliantly to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations across multiple communication channels, including in-person and digital.

Veeva Vault is a content and data management platform and suite of applications — including clinical, quality, regulatory, medical, and commercial — that help companies increase business agility, speed time-to-market, and better meet regulatory requirements. In October 2016, Veeva announced Veeva Vault EDC and Veeva Vault eSource, the first applications for clinical data management on a single cloud platform.

When used together, Veeva will offer the first and only integrated solution on a single platform to ensure high quality data at the point of entry in eSource all the way through to the EDC system, helping streamline clinical processes and speed product time-to-market. In June 2016, Veeva announced Veeva Vault CTMS, the industry’s first multitenant cloud application that unifies information, documentation, and processes globally for a single source of truth across clinical operations.

Together with Veeva Vault eTMF, Veeva will offers the first and only suite of clinical applications that combines CTMS and eTMF on one cloud platform. Veeva Vault Clinical Suite is the industry’s first cloud platform that combines EDC, eSource, CTMS, eTMF, study start-up, and site document exchange to unify clinical data management and clinical operations.

Veeva’s suite of clinical applications is built on the Veeva Vault Platform, the only content management platform with the unique capability to manage both content and data, eliminating system silos, and streamlining end-to-end clinical trial processes. In June 2016, Veeva also announced two new cloud applications for life sciences companies to improve digital engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The new Veeva CRM Engage Meeting and Veeva CRM Engage Webinar open up important digital channels without the risk.

By making it easy for HCPs and company representatives to connect online, organizations can increase reach and productivity.

Veeva announced enhanced digital asset management capabilities available in Vault PromoMats, the only industry-specific solution that combines digital asset management capabilities with medical, legal, regulatory (MLR) review in a single enterprise cloud application. In May 2016, Veeva introduced the industry’s first cloud application that unifies quality management processes in life sciences.

Veeva Vault QMS replaces disparate, on-premise systems to manage global quality processes across an organization, including external partners.

Together with Veeva Vault QualityDocs, Veeva now offers the only integrated suite of quality applications for seamless end-to-end content and quality management, delivering greater visibility and collaboration.

In May 2016, Veeva also introduced Veeva Network Product Master, the latest addition to the Veeva Network suite of master data management (MDM) applications built specifically for life sciences.

Veeva Network Product Master is a cloud-based solution that provides a flexible global view of product information.

Alongside Veeva Network Customer Master for customer data, Veeva Network Product Master signals the company’s expansion into multi-domain MDM for life sciences. In March 2015, Veeva announced Veeva OpenData, a new approach to customer reference data for the life sciences industry.

Additionally, Veeva announced the Veeva OpenData Partner Program, which establishes a partner ecosystem designed to make it easy for life sciences companies to access and maximize the use of Veeva OpenData customer data without the complexity of third party agreements.

Veeva OpenData partners include: Axtria, BMI SYSTEM, Crossix Solutions, Decision Resources Group, LiquidHub, OpenQ, Symphony Health Solutions, Qlik, and Zephyr Health.

Also in March 2015, Veeva acquired Qforma CrowdLink, a leading global solution for KOL data and services for life sciences’ brand, medical, and market access teams.

Veeva launched Veeva KOL Data as a subscription in December 2015.

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