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HireVue Recent Developments

Following its 2015 round of financing that netted $45 million, HireVue is positioning itself in the Team Acceleration software segment, an outgrowth of its video interviewing applications for recruiters. The goal is to help recruiters make smarter hiring decisions by leveraging HireVuew's predictive analytics, video and digital tools for deeper insight into talent success.

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HireVue Strengths

HireVue is a provider of team acceleration software, helping companies worldwide use digital video and predictive analytics to build and coach their teams.

HireVue’s Team Acceleration software allows individual candidates and team members the ability to share their stories and demonstrate their work through digital video, providing visibility into the real attributes that matter – things like attitude, ambition and potential. Combined with predictive analytics, it helps remove the personal bias of gut instinct and empowers team leaders to make smarter, data-driven people decisions.

HireVue customers are creating a digital advantage, leading their industries with 50% faster growth, 29% less turnovers and 13% more top performers. HireVue’s team acceleration software includes two product suites: HireVue Build – The company’ flagship suite of products that help recruiters and managers create high-performing teams of employees, contractors and consultants using digital video and predictive analytics.

HireVue Build helps organizations accelerate quality and time to hire. HireVue Coach – A new suite of products designed to help managers align their team on customer engagement, message delivery, knowledge and abilities.

Coach gives team leaders instant visibility into who’s ramped, efffective and customer-ready, helping them create a digital “excellence library” and self-learning tool to accelerate time-to-revenue, sales productity and execution. HireVue has captured nearly 20 million video interactions across 140 countries, and in 13 languages.

HireVue has raised approximately $93 million since its founding.

HireVue also announced integrations with LinkedIn on its Sourcing product, allowing HireVue customers to view LinkedIn profile data in the Talent Interaction Platform. In October 2013, HireVue announced its expanded Talent Interaction Platform.

The cloud-based platform includes new offerings that help employers rapidly source top talent, evaluate candidates’ skills, and enhance the onboarding process for new employees. In 2014, HireVue launched HireVue Insights, a candidate and interviewer recommendation engine that sources interaction, behavioral, and performance attributes to show how candidates stack up to the top performers in clients’ organizations, as well as scores interviewers based on ratings and performance outcomes to help identify the all-star talent recruiters and hiring managers on their team.

HireVue Insights is first-of-its- kind solution that allows enterprises to use the power of big data and predicative analytics to identify top candidates based on interaction, hiring and performance attributes. HireVue Coordinate, released in June 2015, is the only rules-based, interview scheduling solution that organizes schedules and location availability, taking into account interview priority and sequence, to return real-time interview agenda options in seconds, not hours.

And the best part Zero change management for your hiring teams; they receive calendar requests just like they do today.

Candidates also experience frictionless coordination with self-scheduling, giving an instant boost to your brand equity in the hiring process.

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