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InterDynamics Strengths, Domain Expertise, and Key Differentiators

InterDynamics is an Australian company that provides business frameworks for managing fatigue-related risk, software products, and modeling services. InterDynamics is a provider of decision support and risk management methodologies and software.

Through its Fatigue Risk Management Solutions, they help businesses identify, assess, and manage the risks associated with work-related fatigue at both operational and management levels. Their comprehensive Risk-Based Approach to managing fatigue facilitates the journey to being a safer, more productive organization. Through its Decision Support Solutions, they help organizations plan and schedule their business operations more effectively.

InterDynamics Recent Developments

In May 2020, InterDynamics had made available a new demonstration model of a Health Care Facility. A Health Care Model is helpful during the facility design stage when considering operational improvement, or reacting to seasonality/significant events such as increased demand from a pandemic.

InterDynamics Customers in ARTW Customer Database

Leveraging a rigorous data-centric research methodology, APPS RUN THE WORLD asks the simple question: Who’s buying InterDynamics applications and why? And we provide the answers – supported by decades of research – to our clients around the world. Our Customer database has over 100 data fields that detail company usage of InterDynamics and other enterprise apps by function, customer size, industry, location, implementation status, partner involvement, Line of Business Key Stakeholders and IT decision makers contact details. List of Verified FAID Quantum, GRAID FRMS, HAZAID, GRAID IT customers.

InterDynamics Overview

Ownership: - x

Number of Employees: 35

Functional Markets: HCM,

Key Verticals: Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Transportation,

InterDynamics Key Enterprise and Cloud Applications


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InterDynamics Revenue Breakdown By Type, $M:

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InterDynamics Direct vs Indirect sales

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InterDynamics Customers - Breakdown by Geo, Size, Vertical and Product

List of Verified InterDynamics Customers

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InterDynamics works with some of the world’s leading names in transportation, logistics, mining, and manufacturing, providing decision-support solutions and fatigue risk management methodologies. Some of its current clients include; Alcoa, BHP, Brambles, DSTO, EDI Rail, Hitachi Europe, Gladstone Ports Corporation, PANYNJ, Pacific National, Qantas, Roy Hill, Union Pacific Railroad, Victorian Regional Channels Authority, Aurizon (formerly QRNational), BNSF, Coles Myer, EasyJet Airline, G13, Gladstone Ports Corporation, JSW Steel, Queensland Health, Sydney Trains, Yarra Trams, Union Pacific Railroad and others.

InterDynamics Market Opportunities, M&A and Geo Expansions

FAID Quantum utilises validated biomathematical models to estimate fatigue exposure of an “average” individual associated with hours of work. FAID Quantum supports proactive, reactive and predictive fatigue risk management in any industry. By using FAID Quantum effectively customers can understand its powerful analytical tool with regards to hours of work. Organisations have the ability to quickly perform a fatigue assessment and review and audit the work patterns of personnel. This provides an insightful view into trends in workforce. Whether conducting a fatigue assessment on a single roster, or a year’s worth of data for thousands of employees, FAID Quantum promptly provides a multitude of practical and relevant outputs to help quickly identify and understand the relative fatigue exposure of the work hours or duty periods analysed.

InterDynamics Risks and Challenges

After more than 20 years of advocating the value of fatigue risk management apps, InterDynamics's future lies in broadening its reach through more OEM deals as well as partnerships to expand into different verticals.

InterDynamics Ecosystem, Partners, Resellers and SI

InterDynamics was born in Adelaide, Australia, and they have expanded to include a nationwide and overseas network of consultants and developers to meet the needs of a growing client base.

They have alliance Partners in Australia (Zurich Risk Engineering, Integrated Safety Support, Avinet / Air Maestro, in Canada (Medsleep, Clinton Marquardt), in New Zealand (Shiftwork Services), and in U.S.(EMAX and Pipeline Performance Group).

InterDynamics logistics alliance Partners are in Australia; Inteplan and Dr. Howard Askew, and in Sweden; Proxio and Simulett.

InterDynamics Cloud Infrastructure Insights

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