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Optalert Limited Strengths, Domain Expertise, and Key Differentiators

Optalert is an Australian business founded by sleep expert Dr. Murray Johns who invented a personal safety device for transport workers to detect and prevent drowsy driving. Its product, Optalert is designed to detect the early signs of drowsiness and incorporates the world's only scientifically-validated technology for continuously and unobtrusively measuring a person's alertness.

Optalert Limited Recent Developments

Optalert develops and commercializing fatigue detection and management technologies. Its leading product, Optalert is designed to detect the early signs of drowsiness and incorporates the world's only scientifically-validated technology for continuously and unobtrusively measuring a person's alertness. With large scale deployments in Australia, Latin America, Africa, and North America, Optalert is a global industrial safety and mining services company.

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Optalert Limited Overview

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Number of Employees: 45

Functional Markets: Human Capital Management,

Key Verticals: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Transportation,

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List of Verified Optalert Limited Customers

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In September 2018, Optalert agreed with GE Mining, a leading global mining solutions provider, to work together on the integration of Optalert’s early-warning drowsiness detection technology with GE Mining’s Collision Avoidance System.

Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) protect miners above and underground by providing 360˚ proximity protection for vehicles, equipment and personnel. By integrating Optalert’s algorithm into the CAS, this would expand those parameters to include driver performance, improving the safety paradigm for heavy vehicle drivers.

Among Optalert customers are Air Liquide, Alsco, Aurizon, Aurizon, Australian Department of Defence, BALPA, BHP Billiton, NASA, King Saud University, Newgold, and Vale.

Optalert Limited Market Opportunities, M&A and Geo Expansions

In March 2018, Optalert developed the BlinQTM system, the next generation in measuring drowsiness or wakefulness for pharmaceutical drug trials. The BlinQTM system incorporates infra-red reflectance cephalometry with patented mathematical algorithms and measurement against the validated JDS. The term cephalometry was introduced by Dr. Murray Johns, to define the unique study of measuring eyelid movement, captured through Infra-red reflectance, electro-oculography or video.

In 2017, Optalert developed the eagle RESEARCH product specifically for large pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials to test the impact of new drugs on wakefulness and sleepiness. Expanding the utilization of fatigue risk management across different verticals will be key to its long-term success.

Optalert Limited Risks and Challenges

Optalert's growth could be dependent on its ability to broaden its reach through OEM pacts. The issue is whether Optalert aims to boost its brand awareness or broad channel distribution.

Optalert Limited Ecosystem, Partners, Resellers and SI

Optalert competes with AeroInnovate, Nexans, and Southwire Company. In 2016-017, Optalert made a sponsorship with Professional Formula 3 racing driver Dylan Young. In 2014, Optalert and AdN Consulting join forces to fight fatigue.

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