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Recent Developments

Acquired minority stake in cloud startup SmartMegh (a boutique cloud firm with operations in India, ASEAN and Middle East).

Ramco Systems Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

Ramco Aviation Software for Civil & Defense, Ramco ERP on Cloud, Ramco HCM integrated with Global Payroll, Ramco Logistics Software, Ramco Enterprise Asset Management

SCORES Analysis

Ramco Systems Strengths

The year marked the rebirth of Ramco ERP with renewed focus and vigor. While the global market for enterprise applications showed a sluggish growth, Ramco has been able to grow the ERP business at a steadfast pace, thanks to the blue ocean opportunity identified in Logistics as a segment and Asset Management as a horizontal.


Ramco Logistics Software, an offshoot of Ramco ERP was launched to address three sub-segments within Logistics – Third Party Logistics (3PL), Freight Forwarders and Network Service Providers. While the market is flooded with Supply Chain software providers who target the Shipper/ Manufacturers, Ramco Logistics aims to target the fast growing Service providers market which has seen a surge in demand and growth, thanks to the growth in eCommerce and need for better last mile access. Some of the recent wins in this segment include Australia-based GMK Logistics, AAI in Philippines, Middle-East headquartered RSA Logistics among others. An integrated system to connect Transportation, Warehouse, Fleet and HUB with Finance & HR on the Cloud along with a Command Centre and In-memory based Planning and Optimization engine has been our value proposition in the market.


The other area of focus which has been identified is the horizontal offering for Asset-intensive industries. Ramco Enterprise Asset Management is a Cloud based, mobile-ready offering which offers predictive and preventive maintenance modules, integrated with Finance and HCM to asset-centric organizations, such as Power Generation, Manufacturing, Fleet Management among others. The successful replacement of a Tier-I legacy EAM in record time of 8 months at NorskeSkog Australasia (one of the largest producers of publication paper in the world) triggered heightened market focus around us. This transformational digital implementation also brought home the coveted ISG Paragon Awards in ANZ beating billion dollar Goliaths.


Ramco HCM integrated with Global Payroll – The youngest of its product suites continued to grow with an addition of 100+ clients in FY 2016 adding on an average 2 new customers every week, globally. Ramco also made a soft entry into US in October 2015 and has been actively developing ecosystem partners to gain inroads into the market. 


Its footprint in the ASEAN & MENA markets showed a steady rise with good traction picking up in Australia. Most recently, Ramco won one of the biggest fashion names in APAC, Valiram Group, based in Malaysia with over 350 stores in Asia and Australia, representing 100 luxury and lifestyle brands including Victoria's Secret, Micheal Kors, Jimmy Choo, etc. The year also marked the successful implementation of Ramco Payroll at GE for integrating operations across 10 countries in Middle East on a single unified platform. The ability to address multi-country payroll and cover some of the most complex payroll needs in emerging markets has been a game winner for the vendor.


Ramco’s key differentiator is its innovative approach to develop products through its revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform - Ramco VirtualWorks (for transaction systems) and Ramco DecisionWorks (for analytics/reporting).


Ramco Aviation on Cloud is a comprehensive end-to-end Aviation Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) / Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) product available both on Cloud and On-Premise supporting the needs of Airlines, Heli Operators&MROs. With Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Petroleum Helicopters, Columbia Helicopters, Air Methods and 66 others onboard, Ramco is the solution of choice for several top airlines and five of the top 10 civilian heli-operators in the world. Ramco Aviation suite powers over 4,000+ aircraft and 17,000 users globally. 


Ramco Aviation announced its first Aviation order of 2013 with Astra Airlines in Greece, closely followed by DanCopter (signed as part of partnership with Airbus Helicopters), Ellinair, Modern Logistics, Malaysia Airlines, among others. Ramco ended the year 2013-14, with 16 customers coming on board, globally. It banked on new orders as well as its rapid implementation methodology. Astra Airlines announced that it went live on Ramco Aviation on Cloud in less than 45 days. 


Recently, Ramco launched its next-gen Mobility application – Anywhere Apps, for Aviation Maintenance. The series of applications dubbed as Fly Anywhere, Mechanic Anywhere, Warehouse Anywhere, Customer Anywhere & Approval Anywhere were rolled out in the market. Another key offering rolled out from the Aviation stable was the Planning & Optimization feature for Long Term Capacity Planning (called flyMORE) powered by Ramco iPO (In-memory based Planning & optimization engine).


From adding the largest business jet player to striking an entry into Greater China, 2016 has been an eventful year on customer front, too. Ramco Aviation signed its largest cloud deal (thus far) which also marked the expansion into Scandinavia with the winning of Patria Helicopters, a Helicopter MRO based out of Sweden, specialized in maintenance of Bell, Augusta Westland and Airbus Helicopters with military and civil operations. We also signed a prestigious multi-million dollar tech transformation deal with Global Aerospace and Defence Company, based in Australia.


Ramco ended the Financial Year 2015-16 with a win in US, summing up to 12 customer additions during the year, with its total Aviation customer base touching 80. Ramco customers continue to expand their Ramco portfolio by signing up for additional modules including Mobility, Analytics, Aeroxchange Integration and Migration into the latest version.

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