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UNIT4 Recent Developments

Unit4 offers a range of HCM solutions providing comprehensive support for HR, Payroll and people planning. Recent developments include Unit4 Business World On! – integrated core HR, payroll, people planning, training administration and salary packages at the heart of your ERP; Unit4 Absence Manager – a single, cloud-based solution to record, monitor and manage illness-related absence; Unit4 People Planning – the user-friendly tools and visibility to ensure the right people are on the right project at the right time; and Unit4 Travel & Expenses – a complete, cloud-based self driving solution for faster, easier and more reliable expense claim submission and processing.

UNIT4 M&A Activities

In 2017, Unit4 acquired Assistance Software, a leading provider of Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions, known for delivering out-of-the-box PSA solutions designed for specific services industries. The acquisition extends Unit4’s already comprehensive solution for professional services organizations (PSOs). The new Unit4 PSA Suite adds an industry leading front end with the added advantage of seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Unit4’s extended portfolio means that PSOs of all sizes can benefit from a standalone cloud PSA solution. Unit4 PSA Suite can also be implemented on top of an organization’s ERP solution, including Unit4 Business World, creating a full end-to-end solution for PSOs as well as service divisions in non-PS organizations.

UNIT4 Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications

prevero (CPM), Unit4 Business World On! (formerly known as Agresso), Unit4 Student Management,

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UNIT4 Strengths

Among major ERP applications vendors, Unit4 has been focusing solely on four strategic verticals: professional services and higher education; public services, and not-for-profit. . In 2017, Unit4 has expanded its reach by acquiring Assistance Software, a provider of Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions that run on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. That followed its purchase of prevero, which sells Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence apps to some 4000 customers, many of which are also in the professional services vertical. Separately, its FinancialForce ERP subsidiary is based on the Force.com platform through its joint ownership with Salesforce.com. FinancialForce also targets professional services organizations. Earlier, Unit4 also picked up Three Rivers, which specializes in student information systems for higher education institutions. Prior to the acquisition, Unit4 had 600 customers in higher-ed. Three Rivers brought with it another 100. Altogether, Unit4 is well-positioned to become the one-stop shop for customers in these four verticals that want to run their operations more efficiently by turning to the Cloud, while optimizing their back office operations. Unit4 is based on an advanced multi-tenant cloud solution under the Unit4 Business World brand (formerly known as Agresso), which offers flexible Cloud delivery options with fully redundant security, data portability, release elasticity, complete suite capability and accident forgiveness that are unique in the ERP multi-tenant cloud landscape. Customers can run the same application in a public cloud, dedicated cloud, managed cloud or on-premise. They can even move between these deployment options. In addition, Unit4 is emphasizing post implementation agility, putting the power to react to business change in the hands of line of business executives and regular users. Rather than ceding the control of such systems to a handful of people in the IT shop, Unit4 is making it possible for average business users with diverse backgrounds and requirements to initiate and/or react to different business scenarios by making changes via the GUI of the application, which lowers the cost, increases the speed and eliminates any system disruption.

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