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Cadient Talent Strengths, Domain Expertise, and Key Differentiators

Cadient Talent is a talent acquisition solutions company with software built specifically for the needs of high-volume, hourly hiring industries like retail, restaurants, hospitality, and healthcare. Our intuitive and flexible platform provides managers with a constant pipeline of quality candidates. Cadient Talent enables hiring teams to make data-driven decisions every day.

Cadient Talent Recent Developments

In May 2021 Cadient Talent revealed its latest technology, which infuses machine learning and augmented intelligence (AI) to help organizations identify and hire employees more efficiently and increase the quality of hires. Cadient Decision Point is a recommendation engine that works with any applicant tracking system (ATS) to instantly analyze all applicants and present hiring managers with a short list of top candidates from which to choose. Thanks to data-driven analytics, which is the foundation of Decision Point, the review of job candidates that used to make hiring managers days to do, and for some candidates was not done at all, can now be accomplished in a more effective manner in a matter of seconds.

Decision Point uses combined machine learning and AI with data analytics to identify candidates, without human emotion or bias, who are most likely to succeed and stay with the company longer. Once they receive the recommendations, managers can focus on the top candidates to fill the position. By using machine learning and AI, Decision Point identifies the characteristics of a company’s top-performing employees and applies that learning to the hiring process to find candidates most likely to succeed. Decision Point is unlike other solutions using AI for recruitment process automation. Those solutions learn to automate the way employers have previously hired. For companies with high employee turnover, that automation allows hiring managers to keep making poor decisions but at an accelerated pace. Decision Point helps automate the recruitment process but also challenges the way hiring decisions have previously been made. The real differentiator in Decision Point is that recommendations are based on candidates who actually became quality hires, not just automating a process that has and will continue to provide suboptimal results.

Cadient Talent Customers in ARTW Customer Database

Leveraging a rigorous data-centric research methodology, APPS RUN THE WORLD asks the simple question: Who’s buying Cadient Talent applications and why? And we provide the answers – supported by decades of research – to our clients around the world. Our Customer database has over 100 data fields that detail company usage of Cadient Talent and other enterprise apps by function, customer size, industry, location, implementation status, partner involvement, Line of Business Key Stakeholders and IT decision makers contact details. List of Verified Cadient Talent customers.

Cadient Talent Overview

Ownership: - x

Number of Employees: 60

Functional Market: Onboarding, Recruiting, Applicant Tracking Systems,

Key Verticals: Healthcare, Leisure and Hospitality, Professional Services, Retail,

Cadient Talent Key Cloud and HCM Applications

Cadient Talent

Cadient Talent HCM and Cloud HCM Applications Revenues, $M:

Type/Year20192020YoY Growth, %
Total Revenues, $M Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
HCM Applications Revenues, $M Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
Cloud HCM Applications Revenues, $M Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe

* HCM Applications Revenues = License + Support & Maintenance + SaaS ( Hardware and Prof. Services are Excluded )
** All revenue figures are estimates based on public records, Cloud and Non-Cloud business models in Apps Run The World's vendor database, and annual survey results including vendor feedback.

Cadient Talent Revenue Breakdown by Type:

TypeLicenseProf. ServicesHardwareSupport & MaintenanceSaaSPaaSIaaSOther (Non Enterprise Application Revenues)Total
% of Total Revenues Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe 100%
Revenues, $M Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe

Cadient Talent Total and HCM Applications Revenues by Region:

Region% of Total Revenues2020 Total Revenues, $M2020 HCM Applications Revenues, $M
Americas Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
EMEA Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
APAC Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
Total Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe

Cadient Talent Direct vs Indirect sales

RegionDirect SalesIndirect SalesTotal
Type % Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
Revenues, $M Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe

Cadient Talent Customers - Breakdown by Geo, Size, Vertical and Product

List of Verified Cadient Talent Customers

No. of Cadient Talent Customers: 600

No. of Cadient Talent HCM Applications Customers: x

No. of Cadient Talent Cloud HCM Customers: x

No. of Cadient Talent Cloud HCM Subscribers: x

Among its customers are East-West Hospitality, Eclipse Advantage, Shoprite, Ulta Beauty, Inc., Wakefern Food Corporation, YMCA of Pierce, and Kitsap Counties, and many others.

Cadient Talent Market Opportunities, M&A and Geo Expansions

Cadient Talent provides a software solution that solves the complexities of high-volume, hourly hiring and provides local managers with a constant pipeline of high-quality candidates for the distributed workforce. Services include assessments, background checks, work opportunity credit screening, and drug testing services, offering today’s busy hiring managers a complete and comprehensive applicant tracking and onboarding system.

Cadient Talent Risks and Challenges

Change in leadership could lead to a different company strategy.

Cadient Talent Ecosystem, Partners, Resellers and SI

In February 2020 Cadient Talent partnered with EmployUs. With the partnership, Cadient is expanding its service offerings to support clients with a new employee referral software called “Text2Refer”. In partnership with EmployUs, the new offering will support hiring managers in recruiting new candidates through current employees.

Cadient Talent Cloud Platform (PaaS) and Infrastructure (IaaS) Details

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