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Degreed Recent Developments

In 2018, Degreed enhanced its lifelong learning platform with the launch of Skill Review, a lightweight tool that uses machine learning to quickly, yet reliably measure a person’s mastery of any skill in 30 minutes or less. This, along with the company’s easy-to-use Skill Ratings and robust, proprietary Skill Certification technology, gives Degreed the most complete set of solutions for quantifying people’s skill sets. Seamlessly embedded in Degreed’s learning experience, Skill Review combines an adaptive, online assessment, advanced data science, and a standardized, 8-level rubric grounded in research by Lumina Foundation to rate people’s expertise in nearly 1,500 technical, functional or interpersonal (“soft”) skills.

Degreed M&A Activities

In June 2018, Learning experience platform Degreed acquired Pathgather, a company that offers a similar platform. The merger comes after Degreed raised $42 million and named a new CEO in March. Degreed plans to combine technologies from both companies and create a single platform. The new business will have more than 200 clients, over 4 million licensed users and nearly $100 million in funding, according to a company press release.

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Degreed Strengths

• A Comprehensive Learning Ecosystem - Degreed allows you to leverage the entire learning ecosystem from one unified access point. Degreed provides access to the world’s largest ecosystem of professional learning resources, with 250,000 online courses from top content providers, and 3 million informal learning activities from more than 1,400 sources. The Degreed content library can be combined with an organization’s proprietary content and courses to create custom pathways. Pathways are learning curriculums, curated from any source(s) of content.
• Social Learning - Degreed provides the largest social network for learning where consumers and enterprise users can connect. Learners can follow experts from any organization. Lifelong ownership of the profile means the social connections and learning collection can follow users wherever they go, even if they choose to leave the organization that originally sponsored their account.
• Personalized Learning - Degreed is the market leader in learning content personalization. The Degreed experience is personalized and unique for each user. Personalized recommendations are refreshed daily, search results are personalized for each user, and the browse experience in the library is designed to display default options for the user based on their role and interests.
• FlexED by Degreed is the first flexible spending account for learning. With FlexEd, employees have a flexible spending account for self-directed learning that can be used to pay for learning content and experiences (e.g. seminars and live courses).
• Reporting and Analytics - Degreed provides the most comprehensive reporting and analytics for all learning within an organization: formal and informal, classroom and online, mandatory and “just because”. This gives the organization real-time insights into all learning that is happening.
• Gamification – Degreed’s Point System normalizes and summarizes an individual's full educational history, including any content, from any source, in any format. The scoring system was informed by expert Larry Rosenberger, the former CEO of FICO and the man behind the science of the FICO credit score, and David Wiley PhD, a global leader in instructional design and open education.

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