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ORTEC Strengths, Domain Expertise, and Key Differentiators

ORTEC is a provider of optimization software and analytics solutions. ORTEC’s products and services result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning, and warehouse control.

ORTEC offers stand-alone, custom-made, and SAP-certified and embedded solutions, supported by strategic partnerships. Another major improvement is that the ORTEC Workforce Suite comes with a cloud boost.

The ORTEC Workforce solution suite comprises ORTEC Workforce Planning, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, and ORTEC Service Planning. Each of these can be implemented and used on its own, or they can be implemented in either combination, depending on your business need. Each of them, or combinations, can be fully integrated into existing IT infrastructures and processes.

ORTEC Workforce Scheduling version 7 contains two new web apps, one for employees and one for managers. These new web apps are part of our strategy to create user-centered and role-based apps. They also contain new functionality, such as schedule approvals for managers. To remove entry barriers and make the apps easier to use, we gave them a very intuitive design.

ORTEC Recent Developments

In July 2020 ORTEC launched a new cloud-native solution, ORTEC for Field Service. Building on ORTEC's 30-year knowledge of field service planning and scheduling, ORTEC for Field Service applies ORTEC's unparalleled schedule optimization services to ensure ongoing business success.

With ORTEC for Field Service, service organizations working in unpredictable business environments benefit from the ability to optimize the schedule continuously up until the moment the service starts. ORTEC for Field Service offers the ability to tune the schedule in real-time as new work enters the plan, even if this new work is an emergency call or has a tight timeline.

In June 2020, ORTEC introduced ORTEC Shift Creation, a new app for strategic and long-term workforce planning, which is now available. ORTEC Shift Creation is a cloud-based application that helps planners translate a forecast into a shift schedule and allocate employees as efficiently as possible, up to months in advance. The solution is especially useful for businesses with high levels of fluctuation in staff requirements. It can be particularly valuable for businesses like airports, warehouses, call centers, retailers, and health care facilities.

ORTEC Shift Creation helps you answer questions like: are we overstaffing? Is our workload forecast accurate? How can we reduce planning times? How can we cope with demand fluctuations and have the right people available at the right time? The application helps your planners create and optimize shifts to cover demand as efficiently as possible while respecting labor rules, shift types, workforce capacity, skill sets, and other business requirements.

ORTEC developed Ad Hoc Planning, a new solution that is available worldwide in July 2019. Ad Hoc Planning supports organizations in responding quickly and efficiently to sudden changes in the work schedule. This web-based solution ensures that work schedules are always accessible on different devices (mobile, tablet as well as desktop), using relevant and current data to suggest the best possible replacement and facilitating continuity in terms of staffing and service quality.

ORTEC Customers in ARTW Customer Database

Leveraging a rigorous data-centric research methodology, APPS RUN THE WORLD asks the simple question: Who’s buying ORTEC applications and why? And we provide the answers – supported by decades of research – to our clients around the world. Our Customer database has over 100 data fields that detail company usage of ORTEC and other enterprise apps by function, customer size, industry, location, implementation status, partner involvement, Line of Business Key Stakeholders and IT decision makers contact details. List of Verified ORTEC Workforce Planning, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, ORTEC Service Planning customers.

ORTEC Key Cloud and HCM Applications

ORTEC Workforce Planning, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, ORTEC Service Planning

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ORTEC Customers - Breakdown by Geo, Size, Vertical and Product

List of Verified ORTEC Customers

No. of ORTEC Customers: 2000

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ORTEC has over 2000 customers in more than 50 countries. Among ORTEC customers are Accolade, Aggregate Industries, Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis, Amarant, Amerpoort, Aquila, Arkin, Arla, Attendo and many others.

ORTEC Market Opportunities, M&A and Geo Expansions

In June 2019, InnovationQuarter invests €5 million in ORTEC to enable the firm to accelerate its existing healthcare activities.

ORTEC Risks and Challenges

Migrating to the Cloud - especially with its workforce planning systems - is a work in progress, given that Cloud-based HCM systems have become the prerequisite for a growing number of its clients.

ORTEC Ecosystem, Partners, Resellers and SI

In July 2020 ORTEC have joined the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC). This coalition of Dutch commercial, non-profit, and governmental organizations committed to accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives to position The Netherlands as the frontrunner in the development and application of AI for economic and social value. One of these initiatives is U-Prevent, an interactive mathematical model that indicates for each individual patient the effect of medicines on cardiovascular diseases. U-Prevent is an initiative by ORTEC, UMC Utrecht, Erasmus MC, LUMC, Amsterdam UMC, Amphia Ziekenhuis Breda, Harvard Medical School, and the association of cardiologists.

In May 2018, ORTEC and Carapax IT have joined forces to work together to reduce the inequality in opportunities for highly educated yet autistic ICT professionals and to give them a fair chance on the labor market. To this end, ORTEC has entered into a partnership with Carapax IT: an ICT company specializing in the social return of autistic people with a distance to the labor market.

ORTEC Cloud Platform (PaaS) and Infrastructure (IaaS) Details

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