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Top ETL Software Apps, Market Size and Forecast

Since 2010, our global team of researchers has been studying the patterns of the ETL software purchases by customers around the world, aggregating massive amounts of data points that form the basis of our ETL software market size and forecast assumptions and perhaps the rise and fall of certain ETL vendors.

Custom data cuts related to the ETL software market are available:

  • Top 10 ETL software vendors, market share and forecast 2020-2025
  • 2020 ETL software market by revenue Type (on-prem vs cloud)
  • 2020 ETL software market by customer size (no. of employees, revenue)
  • 2020 ETL software market by industry (21 verticals)
  • 2020 ETL software market by geography (city, state, country, region)
  • 2020 ETL software market by channel (direct vs indirect)
  • 2020 ETL software market by product market share

Some of the ETL apps that we have been tracking include: Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Warehouse Builder, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Informatica PowerCenter, Alation Data Catalog and many others.

Vendor Product Category Market Records
Alation Alation Data Catalog ETL PaaS 3
IBM IBM InfoSphere DataStage ETL PaaS 4
Informatica Informatica PowerCenter ETL PaaS 3
Oracle Oracle SOA Suite ETL PaaS 8
Oracle Oracle Warehouse Builder ETL PaaS 5
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