Top 10 Lease Accounting Software Vendors, Market Size and Market Forecast 2018-2023

Worldwide Lease Accounting Market to reach $3.45 billion by 2023, compared with $770 million in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate of 35%.


In 2018, the top 10 Lease Accounting software vendors accounted for nearly 40% of the global Lease Accounting market which grew 26.2% to approach nearly $770 million.

Last year RealPage, was the market leader with 7.8% market share riding on a 20% jump in revenue. Odessa Technologies was #2 followed by Cassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software Brand, CoStar Group and Oracle.

We ask the simple question: Who’s buying Lease Accounting applications from whom and why? And we provide the answers – supported by decades of research – to our clients around the world. (Sample from our Apps Database)

Exhibit 1 - 2018 Lease Accounting Applications Market Shares Split By Top 10 Lease Accounting Vendors and Others, %
Exhibit 1 – 2018 Lease Accounting Applications Market Shares Split By Top 10 Lease Accounting Vendors and Others, %
Exhibit 2: Worldwide Lease Accounting Software Market 2018-2023 Forecast, $M
Year201820232018-2023 CAGR, %

Source: Apps Run The World, December 2019

Lease Accounting Market Definition

Lease Accounting is an extension of ERP financial management applications, delivering enhanced visibility into an organization’s leased assets whether the party involved is a lessor(owner) or lessee(user). Recent changes to accounting rules such as IFRS 16 and ASC 842 are making lease accounting a strategic imperative for lessors to measure the financial implications of the amount and timing of cashflows stemming from leases. More importantly, lessees now require a better tool to track existing assets or contracts.
  • Automation of lease accounting process for proper reporting on corporate balance sheets
  • Lease lifecycle management from set-up to onboarding to termination for end-to-end lease administration
  • Contract management under a multi-level contract structure
  • Standardization of lease determination and classification
  • Measurement of Right-of-Use assets and lease liabilities
  • Lease management that facilitates lease modification, remeasurement, and asset causalities
  • Compliance and reporting capabilities that meet audit and disclosure requirements from financial accounting bodies such as IASB, FASB and IFRS as well as government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US.

Top 10 Lease Accounting Software Vendors

Here are the rankings of the top 10 Lease Accounting software vendors in 2018 and their market shares.

RankVendor2017 Lease Accounting Apps Revenues, $M2018 Lease Accounting Apps Revenues, $MYoY Growth2018 Lease Accounting Market Share, %Recent Developments
1RealPage Subscribe Subscribe20,0% SubscribeIn December 2019, RealPage closed its acquisition of Buildium, a real estate property management solution provider with approximately 2 million units under management in the SMB market segment.
2Odessa Technologies Subscribe Subscribe21,4% SubscribeOdessa launched the Odessa AppStudio, a low-end development platform that allows business users to expand LeaseWave and quickly build new custom business applications.
3Cassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software Brand Subscribe Subscribe25,0% SubscribeBanco BNP Paribas Brazil has selected its Cassiopae Financing Software to manage the bank guarantees business. They are accelerating its digital transformation and redesigning all of its services to create a seamless customer journey. The bank will use Cassiopae software to manage and automate processes for collateral, guarantees, and foreign exchange products. The software’s web services architecture will facilitate interfaces to existing and anticipated systems.
4CoStar Group Subscribe Subscribe29,2% SubscribeCoStar Group acquired Cozy Services Ltd., with plans to integrate its innovative renter screening and rent payments solutions into
5Oracle Subscribe Subscribe12,5% SubscribeIn February 2019, Oracle announced an update to Oracle E-Business Suite that provides support for IFRS16 and ASC842 accounting standards changes for equipment lessees. The update to support these accounting standards changes for equipment lessees is delivered in consolidated patch sets to Oracle Property Manager. Oracle Financials users are granted Restricted Use of Oracle Property Manager for the purpose of accounting for equipment expense leases.
6IBM Subscribe Subscribe31,6% SubscribeMore than one-third of the Fortune 100, and hundreds of other companies, have chosen IBM TRIRIGA.
7LeaseAccelerator Subscribe Subscribe200,0% SubscribeIn July 2019, LeaseAccelerator acquired Guardian Global Systems, an Australian-based provider of Real Estate Administration SaaS to commercial and government organizations.
8MRI Software Subscribe Subscribe26,4% SubscribeIn July 2019, MRI Software acquired ProLease, a provider of lease administration, lease accounting, lease analysis and workplace management applications.
9PayLease Subscribe Subscribe25,0% SubscribeIn 2019, PayLease released a new business intelligence and reporting platform, called Portfolio Insights Dashboard. The Portfolio Insights Dashboard highlights critical operational metrics and provides detailed charts and reports, giving property owners and managers a thorough understanding of utility expense and recovery performance trends across their portfolio.
10Nakisa Inc. Subscribe Subscribe41% SubscribeWith the launch of Nakisa Lease Administration 5.0, Nakisa is introducing a new Financial Analysis Reporting Module
Subtotal Subscribe Subscribe28,1% Subscribe
Other Subscribe Subscribe25.0% Subscribe
Total Subscribe Subscribe26,2% Subscribe

Source: Apps Run The World, December 2019

Other Lease Accounting software providers included in the report are: Accruent, AdviseSoft, AerData B.V., Alfa Financial Software Holdings plc, AMTDirect, AMT-SYBEX’s Leasepoint, Anaplan, AppFolio, Aptitude Software, ARCHIBUS, ARGUS Software Solutions, Asseco, Banqsoft AS, Better Programs, Inc., Bloomberg, BOARD, Brokermint, Budgetrac, Buildium, Bynx, CCH Tagetik, Codix LLC, Constellation Financing Systems Corp, Crowe LLP, Deloitte, Dominion Leasing Software, Domum Link, Drive Software Solutions LTD, Entrata, Finance Active, Financial Computer Systems, Inc., Fischer Solutions Inc., FM Systems, GBsoftware SpA, Guardian Global Systems, Hemlane, Homnet Leasing, House of Control, iLease Management LLC, Infor, InfoSite, Innervision, International Decision Systems (IDS), iOFFICE, Inc., JLL, KPMG, Kyriba, Lease Harbor, LeaseCalcs, Inc., LeaseCrunch, LeaseMate, Leasepath, LeaseQuery, Leasing Information Systems, Legerity, Linedata Services S.A., Liscor, a Lutech Group Company, LTi Technology Solutions, Nemetschek Spacewell (ex MCS Solutions, ex Axxerion), Netgain Solutions, NetSol Technologies Inc., Nomos One, NTrust Infotech, OneStream Software, P2 Energy Solutions, PayProp, PlanData Systems Corp, Planon, PowerPlan, a Roper Technologies Company, Progenesis, ProLease Software, Property Matrix, Property Vista Software Inc., Property Works, Q2 Cloud Lending Solutions, Quadrent, Qualitech, RealNex, LLC, Re-Leased Software Company Ltd, RemoteLandlord, Rent Manager by London Computer Systems, ResMan Property Management Software, Ryznware Enterprise Systems, Sage, SAP, SEAC SPA, Sofico NV, Soft4, SS&C Technologies, Synetek Systems, Tango Analytics, TenantCloud, Tieto (Ex EMRIC AB), TMA Systems, To-Increase, TotalSoft, Trimble Inc., UNIT4, Visual Lease, VTS (ex Hightower), White Clarke Group, Yardi, Workday, ZenTreasury, and others.

Lease Accounting Market Forecast Assumptions

Drivers and Inhibitors of 2023 Lease Accounting Applications Market Projections

  • Adoptions of Lease Accounting applications by publicly-traded companies in 2019 are expected to surpass those of privately-held organizations because of the former’s deadline pressures to apply the leasing standard for annual reporting beginning after December 2018, while the latter will begin after December 2019.
  • Recent surveys place only 43% of public companies are implementing a Lease Accounting tool, suggesting the majority of those affected the most are still searching for the right solution. Capturing these accounts would require Lease Accounting applications vendors to deliver more templates for quick and easy data migration while investing heavily in professional services to handle the exceptions.
  • The need to meet the new lease standard reporting could result in a mix of chaos and stop-gap measures, similar to recent compliance requirements like GDPR for safeguarding European privacy rights. Thusly Lease Accounting applications vendors will need to boost brand awareness and ecosystem building in order to be shortlisted by prospects.
  • Our forecast assumptions call for a rapid pickup in demand for Lease Accounting applications by 2021 because of deadline pressures with sales beginning to level off through the forecast period.
  • With a global installed base of more than 750 million Excel users including many in the accounting profession, meeting the new Lease Accounting reporting standard by using Excel – at least as a stop-gap measure – will be common. However, most companies will ultimately choose to adopt a more robust tool because of fears of noncompliance, limitations of Excel in a collaborative environment, and the increased popularity of Cloud services for financial reporting that have rendered the use of Excel obsolete.
  • Our forecast assumptions estimate that the TAM for Lease Accounting applications could top 20,000 companies through the forecast period, while fewer than 200 companies would actually use Excel as a reporting substitute. That is based on growth trajectory of similar Cloud services for Customer Service and Support(popularized by Zendesk), Treasury and Risk Management(Kyriba and ION’s Reval) as well as IT Service Management(ServiceNow), all of which have been able to secure thousands of customers in a short amount of time because of their ease of use and ability to demonstrate superior value and efficiency gains over Excel-based solutions.
  • Conversely, Excel-based reporting tools such as Excel4Apps(now a part of Insight Software) that are designed to prolong the use of Excel for ERP reporting remain a niche market with a little over 1,000 customers and 155,000 users even after more than a decade of extending the lifespan of a productivity tool that may end up costing users more time and resources because of its inherent limitations.


  • Impact of recent mergers and acquisitions in Lease Accounting and Real Estate Management applications markets could disrupt near-term investments as customers reevaluate the competitive landscape because of potential lock-in by acquisitive vendors like Fortive (Accruent, Gordian), Oracle (Aconex, Skire and Textura), Roper (Powerplan), Sopra Banking (Cassiopae), VTS (Hightower), and Wolters Kluwer (Tagetik).
  • Pricing pressures will intensify as suite vendors like RealPage, Oracle, SAP, Yardi, etc. gun for increased market share at the expense of margin.
  • Lease Accounting applications are typically priced between $100 and $1,000 per user per month. A major account with three to five users with hundreds of units on leases can pay anywhere between $30,000 and $100,000+ for use of Lease Accounting applications. Prices could tumble as vendors race to discount heavily to lure procrastinators and fence-sitters.
  • Making Lease Accounting applications easy to use is critical for a new generation of users. More important is the need to make such implementations easy to run in order to help build business case for finance professionals by convincing them to prioritize Lease Accounting as the key to cost reduction and process improvement.
  • The same priority applies to extend Lease Accounting to adjacent and suite products for facility and property management, a key purchase criterion that could put some best-of-breed players at a disadvantage.

Custom data cuts related to the Lease Accounting market are available:

  • Top 100 Lease Accounting Vendors and Market Forecast 2018-2023
  • 2018 Lease Accounting Market By Industry (21 Verticals)
  • 2018 Lease Accounting Market By Country (USA + 45 countries)
  • 2018 Lease Accounting By Region (Americas, EMEA, APAC)
  • 2018 Lease Accounting Market By Revenue Type (License, Services, Hardware, Support and Maintenance, Cloud)
  • 2018 Lease Accounting Market By Customer Size (revenue, employee count, asset)
  • 2018 Lease Accounting Market By Channel (Direct vs Direct)
  • 2018 Lease Accounting Market By Product

Lease Accounting Vendor Overview


RealPage, Inc. provides products and services to the multifamily real estate industries. The company offers applicant screening, accounting, budgeting, property management, and compliance reporting solutions. RealPage also develops and delivers proprietary web-based applications that enhance client information management capabilities.
RealPage currently serves more than 12,400 clients worldwide from offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Odessa Technologies

Odessa offers software designed for the leasing industry by providing the LeaseWave system and Odessa platform to power a diverse customer base of leasing companies globally. LeaseWave is a powerful, end-to-end, extensible solution for lease and loan origination and portfolio management. The platform further delivers rich feature sets including low-code development, test automation, reporting and business intelligence to ensure organizations can more effectively align business and IT objectives.

Cassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software Brand

Cassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software product, specializes in global finance and asset management software. Highly-configurable, Cassiopae supports leases, commercial loans, business loans, construction loans, equipment finance, vehicle finance, vendor finance, and real estate and fleet management. Cassiopae software is helping manage a wide range of basic to complex, performing and non-performing loans, leases, and assets at over 500 client sites in 40 countries.

CoStar Group

CoStar Group provides information, analytics and marketing services to the commercial real estate industry. Its integrated suite of online service offerings include information about space available for lease, comparable sales information, tenant information, information about properties for sale, internet marketing services, analytical capabilities, information for client’s websites, information about industry professionals and their business relationships, data integration and industry news. It operates through the geographical segments of the United States and International. Its subscription-based services consist primarily of CoStarSuite and Focus services.


OLFM stands for Oracle Lease and Finance Management. It also has been known as OKL (Oracle for Lease) and OLM (Oracle Lease Management) earlier. This product was developed as a software solution for Equipment Leasing Industry.

OLFM is fully integrated into Oracle E-Business Suite, one of its major ERP brands. It was developed on the technical foundation of Oracle Core Contracts, along with other products like Service Contracts, Royalty Contracts, Sale Contracts, etc.

First release of OLFM was done sometime in 2001 with 11.5.8. The latest release is R12.2.x and has the same technology stack (OA Framework) as other products of Oracle.


IBM TRIRIGA is an integrated workplace management solution (IWMS) that includes modules designed to accommodate the needs of operational, financial and environmental performance.

Key features include environment and energy management, capital project management, lease accounting and facility management. IBM TRIRIGA provides users with a lease manager that provides information to users about the present and previous asset value, amortization summary and upcoming lease updates and changes.

It also provides financial information of real-estate contracts in order to get a summary of lease expenses that are pertaining to a particular portfolio.


LeaseAccelerator offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) for Enterprise Lease Accounting, proven to be the simplest, fastest and easiest path to compliance with the new FASB and IFRS standards. Using LeaseAccelerator’s unique Global Lease Accounting Engine, customers can apply the new standards to all types of leases – real estate, equipment and embedded – at the asset level as specified by FASB and IASB. The company’s ecosystem of certified, global partners offers a variety of guaranteed turn-key solutions. On average, the firm’s Sourcing and Management applications drive savings of 17 percent with smarter procurement and end-of-term management – compliance plus ROI.

MRI Software

MRI Software LLC provides business management software solutions, offering real estate enterprise software applications and hosted solutions for investment analysis, budgeting and forecasting, portfolio modeling, fund and lease accounting, and commercial management. MRI Software serves multi-family and commercial property industries worldwide.


PayLease provides online payment, billing, and utility expense management tools to property management companies, HOAs, and residents. PayLease provides tenants with convenient online payment options that are easy to use and are bolstered by the highest levels of security and customer support. PayLease simplifies property manager workflows through seamless integrations, increases net operating income, and enhances resident relationships. The vendor has over 4,500 clients, supporting in excess of 12 million residents.

Nakisa Inc.

In July 2019, Nakisa released Nakisa Lease Administration, which helps global organizations comply with new lease accounting standards by automating, centralizing and simplifying lease accounting operations. The latest release offers key additions to the accounting and administration functionality, a brand-new reporting engine, a new API platform and suite of APIs, and enhancements to Nakisa’s cloud technology.

Nakisa, who already have offices in Canada, Germany, Singapore and Pakistan has seen rapid growth for its solutions in lease accounting and organizational transformation in the United States and Latin America in recent years.

In June 2019, Nakisa Lease Administration has achieved ‘Integrated with Oracle Cloud’ status and is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace offering added value to Oracle Financials Cloud customers.

Lease Accounting Win/Loss Analysis As Part Of Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database

On the buyer side, customers are investing in Lease Accounting based on new features and capabilities that are expected to replace their existing legacy systems. In many cases, competitive upgrades and replacements that could have a profound impact on future market-share changes will become more widespread.

Since 2010, our global team of researchers has been studying the patterns of the latest Lease Accounting purchases by customers around the world, aggregating massive amounts of data points that form the basis of our forecast assumptions and perhaps the rise and fall of certain vendors and their products on a quarterly basis.

Updated continuously, our database features extensive Lease Accounting win/loss analysis. Each quarter our research team identifies tens of thousands of these Lease Accounting customer wins and losses from public and proprietary sources.

The research results are being incorporated into regular updates in our Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database. You can access the Lease Accounting Quarterly Win/Loss Analysis Scoreboard and our Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database by becoming a subscriber.

List of Lease Accounting Customers

CustomerIndustryEmpl.RevenueCountryVendorNew Product
AeropostaleRetail21000$1.80BUnited StatesAccruentAccruent Lucernex
Allegheny Health NetworkNon Profit20000$3.30BUnited StatesAccruentAccruent Lucernex
Brooks BrothersRetail3500$1.00BUnited StatesAccruentAccruent Lucernex
Brunswick CorporationManufacturing16038$5.16BUnited StatesAccruentAccruent Lucernex
Chico’s FAS, IncRetail5700$2.19BUnited StatesAccruentAccruent Lucernex
Family DollarRetail60000$10.49BUnited StatesAccruentAccruent Lucernex
AT&T Inc.Communications258000$170.76BUnited StatesAMTdirectAMTDirect Lease Accounting
Aurora Health CareHealthcare33300$6.00BUnited StatesAMTdirectAMTDirect Lease Accounting
Barnes & Noble, Inc.Retail24000$3.55BUnited StatesAMTdirectAMTDirect Lease Accounting
BB&T CorporationBanking and Financial Services34723$11.45BUnited StatesAMTdirectAMTDirect Lease Accounting
BelkRetail25300$3.50BUnited StatesAMTdirectAMTDirect Lease Accounting
Bennett Management CompanyRetail110$12.0MUnited StatesAppFolioAppFolio Property Manager
Cadman GroupConstruction and Real Estate21$3.0MUnited StatesAppFolioAppFolio Property Manager
Century 21 Sweyer & Associates, Inc.Construction and Real Estate300$30.0MUnited StatesAppFolioAppFolio Property Manager
Renters WarehouseConstruction and Real Estate350$45.0MUnited StatesAppFolioAppFolio Property Manager
Real Estate LLCConstruction and Real Estate20$2.0MUnited StatesBuildiumBuildium eLease
Parkwalk ManagementProfessional Services15$2.0MUnited StatesBuildiumBuildium eLease
Port City RealtyConstruction and Real Estate50$5.0MUnited StatesBuildiumBuildium eLease
Urban Nest RealtyConstruction and Real Estate40$4.0MUnited StatesBuildiumBuildium eLease
Zakhem & Co LLCConstruction and Real Estate50$5.0MUnited StatesBuildiumBuildium eLease
CBRE Group, Inc.Construction and Real Estate90000$21.34BUnited StatesCassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software BrandCassiopae Lending and Leasing
InvescoBanking and Financial Services7459$5.31BUnited StatesCassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software BrandCassiopae Lending and Leasing
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLCBanking and Financial Services1500$500.0MUnited StatesCassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software BrandCassiopae Lending and Leasing
NRUCFC (National Rural Utilities Cooperative Financial Corporation)Retail1000$240.0MUnited StatesCassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software BrandCassiopae Lending and Leasing
Terex CorporationManufacturing11700$5.13BUnited StatesCassiopae, a Sopra Banking Software BrandCassiopae Lending and Leasing
Abercrombie & Fitch CoRetail7000$3.50BUnited StatesCoStarCoStar Real Estate Manager
American Airlines Group Inc.Transportation133800$44.54BUnited StatesCoStarCoStar Real Estate Manager
Arby’sConsumer Packaged Goods75000$1.50BUnited StatesCoStarCoStar Real Estate Manager
Carters IncConsumer Packaged Goods20900$3.40BUnited StatesCoStarCoStar Real Estate Manager
CBRE Group, Inc.Construction and Real Estate90000$21.34BUnited StatesCoStarCoStar Real Estate Manager
Cushman & Wakefield – Formerly DTZConstruction and Real Estate48000$6.92BUnited StatesCoStarCoStar Real Estate Manager
Asset Campus HousingConstruction and Real Estate1200$310.0MUnited StatesEntrataEntrata Leasing Suite
Lincoln Property CompanyConstruction and Real Estate7300$900.0MUnited StatesEntrataEntrata Leasing Suite
Pinnacle Campus LivingConstruction and Real Estate4300$500.0MUnited StatesEntrataEntrata Accounting
Guaranteed RateBanking and Financial Services3495$753.0MUnited StatesLease HarborHarbor Apex
North Star Leasing CompanyBanking and Financial Services50$4.0MUnited StatesInternational Decision Systems (IDS)IDScloud
Bank of the WestBanking and Financial Services10500$2.60BUnited StatesInternational Decision Systems (IDS)InfoLease
Canon Financial ServicesBanking and Financial Services300$30.0MUnited StatesInternational Decision Systems (IDS)InfoLease
CIT BankBanking and Financial Services1700$1.12BUnited StatesInternational Decision Systems (IDS)InfoLease
Citizens Financial Group, Inc.Banking and Financial Services18116$5.68BUnited StatesInternational Decision Systems (IDS)InfoLease
Dell Technologies Inc.Professional Services157000$90.62BUnited StatesInternational Decision Systems (IDS)InfoLease
1st Lake PropertiesConstruction and Real Estate350$90.0MUnited StatesInforInfor Property Management
CA VenturesConstruction and Real Estate500$110.0MUnited StatesInforInfor Property Management
CLK Multifamily ManagementConstruction and Real Estate500$90.0MUnited StatesInforInfor Property Management
Education Realty Trust, IncConstruction and Real Estate1265$314.0MUnited StatesInforInfor Property Management
Pinnacle Property ManagementConstruction and Real Estate2000$700.0MUnited StatesInforInfor Property Management
Woodward, IncManufacturing8300$2.30BUnited StatesInforInfor Property Management
Akumin Inc.Healthcare1000$100.0MUnited StatesInnervision Management LimitedInnervision’s Lease Accounting Software, LOIS
Domino’s Pizza, Inc.Consumer Packaged Goods14200$2.80BUnited StatesInnervision Management LimitedInnervision’s Lease Accounting Software, LOIS
GE AviationAerospace and Defense40000$27.40BUnited StatesInnervision Management LimitedInnervision’s Lease Accounting Software, LOIS
Sungard Availability ServicesProfessional Services3000$1.40BUnited StatesInnervision Management LimitedInnervision’s Lease Accounting Software, LOIS
XPO Logistics, Inc.Transportation100000$17.28BUnited StatesInnervision Management LimitedInnervision’s Lease Accounting Software, LOIS
Armstrong Group of CompaniesCommunications2300$780.0MUnited StatesOracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Lease Management
Brookfield PropertiesConstruction and Real Estate16000$6.10BUnited StatesOracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Lease Management
EDENSConstruction and Real Estate400$50.0MUnited StatesOracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Lease Management
Related CompaniesConstruction and Real Estate3000$5.00BUnited StatesOracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Lease Management
Equity Office PropertiesConstruction and Real Estate200$30.0MUnited StatesOracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Real Estate Management
Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment TrustConstruction and Real Estate400$365.0MUnited StatesOracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Real Estate Management
CIGNA CorporationInsurance73800$48.57BUnited StatesKPMGKMPG Leasing Tool
Comcast CableCommunications184000$94.51BUnited StatesKPMGKMPG Leasing Tool
Gap IncRetail150000$15.86BUnited StatesKPMGKMPG Leasing Tool
HCA Healthcare, Inc.Healthcare196000$46.67BUnited StatesKPMGKMPG Leasing Tool
Johnson & JohnsonLife Sciences135100$81.58BUnited StatesKPMGKMPG Leasing Tool
Microsoft CorporationProfessional Services144000$125.84BUnited StatesKPMGKMPG Leasing Tool
Cummins Inc.Automotive62600$23.77BUnited StatesLeaseAcceleratorLeaseAccelerator
Genesee & WyomingTransportation8000$2.35BUnited StatesLeaseAcceleratorLeaseAccelerator
NetApp, Inc.Professional Services10500$6.15BUnited StatesLeaseAcceleratorLeaseAccelerator
Tyson Foods, Inc.Consumer Packaged Goods121000$40.05BUnited StatesLeaseAcceleratorLeaseAccelerator
Barry-WehmillerManufacturing12000$3.60BUnited StatesLeaseCalcsLeaseCalcs
Colliers InternationalConstruction and Real Estate13927$2.44BUnited StatesLeaseCalcsLeaseCalcs
Bell BankBanking and Financial Services1200$280.0MUnited StatesLTi Technology SolutionsLTi’s ASPIRE platform
East West Equipment FinanceBanking and Financial Services3150$1.53BUnited StatesLTi Technology SolutionsLTi’s ASPIRE platform
Key Equipment FinanceBanking and Financial Services17664$6.18BUnited StatesLTi Technology SolutionsLTi’s ASPIRE platform
Cisco Systems, Inc.Professional Services75900$49.33BUnited StatesNetSol TechnologiesNetSol LeasePak Cloud
City National BankBanking and Financial Services4500$5.00BUnited StatesNetSol TechnologiesNetSol LeasePak Cloud
Hyundai Capital AmericaBanking and Financial Services7000$150.0MUnited StatesNetSol TechnologiesNetSol LeasePak Cloud
Bancorp BankBanking and Financial Services600$280.0MUnited StatesOdessa TechnologiesOdessa LeaseWave
BankUnitedBanking and Financial Services1763$1.40BUnited StatesOdessa TechnologiesOdessa LeaseWave
BB&T CorporationBanking and Financial Services34723$11.45BUnited StatesOdessa TechnologiesOdessa LeaseWave
Compeer FinancialBanking and Financial Services1250$550.0MUnited StatesOdessa TechnologiesOdessa LeaseWave
First Financial BankBanking and Financial Services2080$550.0MUnited StatesOdessa TechnologiesOdessa LeaseWave
GE HealthcareHealthcare50000$19.80BUnited StatesOdessa TechnologiesOdessa LeaseWave
Johnson & JohnsonLife Sciences135100$81.58BUnited StatesOdessa TechnologiesOdessa LeaseWave
Bank of America CorporationBanking and Financial Services208561$91.25BUnited StatesOracleOracle Lease and Finance Management
Communications Test Design, IncCommunications14000$3.00BUnited StatesOracleOracle Lease and Finance Management
GenpactProfessional Services87000$3.00BUnited StatesOracleOracle Lease and Finance Management
LPL Financial Holdings Inc.Banking and Financial Services4323$1.82BUnited StatesOracleOracle Lease and Finance Management
Pitney BowesProfessional Services13300$3.52BUnited StatesOracleOracle Lease and Finance Management
Ricoh AmericaProfessional Services30000$5.00BUnited StatesOracleOracle Lease and Finance Management
Ascension TechnologiesHealthcare2400$1.80BUnited StatesOracleOracle PeopleSoft Lease Administration
CineplexLeisure and Hospitality13000$1.61BUnited StatesOracleOracle PeopleSoft Lease Administration
HMSHostRetail58000$4.60BUnited StatesOracleOracle PeopleSoft Lease Administration
Kaiser PermanenteHealthcare208975$72.70BUnited StatesOracleOracle PeopleSoft Lease Administration
3M CompanyManufacturing93000$32.77BUnited StatesProLease SoftwareProLease Lease Accounting Software
Alcoa CorporationManufacturing14000$13.40BUnited StatesProLease SoftwareProLease Lease Accounting Software
Autodesk, Inc.Professional Services8800$2.06BUnited StatesProLease SoftwareProLease Lease Accounting Software
BankUnitedBanking and Financial Services1763$1.40BUnited StatesProLease SoftwareProLease Lease Accounting Software
Continental Properties Company, IncConstruction and Real Estate310$50.0MUnited StatesRealPageRealPage Lead2Lease
CortlandConstruction and Real Estate1800$600.0MUnited StatesRealPageRealPage Lead2Lease
CRES Management, LLCConstruction and Real Estate190$25.0MUnited StatesRealPageRealPage Lead2Lease
GreystarConstruction and Real Estate14000$3.10BUnited StatesRealPageRealPage Lead2Lease
Holland Partner GroupConstruction and Real Estate600$100.0MUnited StatesRealPageRealPage Lead2Lease
CORSAIRProfessional Services1100$520.0MUnited StatesWolters KluwerWolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik for Lease Accounting
Bank of America CorporationBanking and Financial Services208561$91.25BUnited StatesTrimbleTrimble Manhattan
Fanatics incRetail1800$220.0MUnited StatesTrimbleTrimble Manhattan
Harbor Freight Tools USA, Inc.Retail17000$5.00BUnited StatesTrimbleTrimble Manhattan
Liberty Mutual Holding Company Inc.Insurance50000$45.20BUnited StatesTrimbleTrimble Manhattan
NetApp, Inc.Professional Services10500$6.15BUnited StatesTrimbleTrimble Manhattan
Radial, Inc.Professional Services7000$1.00BUnited StatesTrimbleTrimble Manhattan
21st Century FoxMedia22400$31.00BUnited StatesVisual LeaseVisual Lease’s Cloud-based Lease Accounting
Aarp FoundationNon Profit2800$1.64BUnited StatesVisual LeaseVisual Lease’s Cloud-based Lease Accounting
Avis Budget Group, Inc.Professional Services30000$9.12BUnited StatesVisual LeaseVisual Lease’s Cloud-based Lease Accounting
Cabo FlatsRetail1150$260.0MUnited StatesVisual LeaseVisual Lease’s Cloud-based Lease Accounting
CemexConstruction and Real Estate8000$1.00BUnited StatesVisual LeaseVisual Lease’s Cloud-based Lease Accounting
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.Manufacturing10100$6.48BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Alaska CommunicationsCommunications600$300.0MUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
AmericoldTransportation3400$752.0MUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Amkor Technology, Inc.Manufacturing30850$4.32BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Anheuser-BuschConsumer Packaged Goods18000$14.00BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.Automotive55000$15.84BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Continental ResourcesOil, Gas and Chemicals1127$2.98BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
EvertecProfessional Services2150$450.0MUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
First SolarUtilities4100$2.94BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Flowserve CorporationManufacturing17500$3.83BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Freeport-McMoRan Inc.Oil, Gas and Chemicals26800$18.63BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Halliburton CompanyOil, Gas and Chemicals60000$24.00BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Hexion IncOil, Gas and Chemicals4300$3.80BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Inter PipelineOil, Gas and Chemicals1200$2.60BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Mettler ToledoManufacturing14200$3.00BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Nu Skin EnterprisesConsumer Packaged Goods5200$300.0MUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
TerumoManufacturing1100$200.0MUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
ToyotaAutomotive46000$85.00BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
Univar USA Inc.Life Sciences9000$8.30BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
West PharmaLife Sciences7500$1.75BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration
ZoetisLife Sciences9200$5.31BUnited StatesNakisaNakisa Lease Administration

Source: Apps Run The World, December 2019

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An expanded version of this report covers the top 50+ Lease Accounting software vendors, offering in-depth analysis of the market dynamics, vendors’ Strengths, Customers, Opportunities, Risks and Ecosystems as well as their ability to gain Shares (SCORES) within their respective space.

We also offer win-loss analysis of the quarterly wins of these top 10 Lease Accounting software vendors and whether incumbents and upstarts pose any real threat to their standing amid shifting market requirements and user preferences.

More Enterprise Applications Research Findings

Based on the latest annual survey of 3,000+ enterprise software vendors, Apps Run The World is releasing a number of dedicated reports, which profile the world’s 500 largest Enterprise Applications Vendors (Apps Top 500) and the world’s 500 largest Cloud Applications Vendors (Cloud Top 500) ranked by their 2015-2018 product revenues.

Their 2018 results are being broken down, sorted and ranked across 16 functional areas (from Analytics and BI to Treasury and Risk Management) and by 21 vertical industries (from Aerospace to Utility), as shown in our Taxonomy. Further breakdowns by subvertical, country, company size, etc. are available as custom data cuts per special request.

Research Methodology

Each year our global team of researchers conducts an annual survey of thousands of enterprise software vendors by contacting them directly on their latest quarterly and annual revenues by country, functional area, and vertical market.

We supplement their written responses with our own primary research to determine quarterly and yearly growth rates, In addition to customer wins to ascertain whether these are net new purchases or expansions of existing implementations.

Another dimension of our proactive research process is through continuous improvement of our customer database, which stores more than one million records on the enterprise software landscape of over 100,000 organizations around the world.

The database provides customer insight and contextual information on what types of enterprise software systems and other relevant technologies are they running and their propensity to invest further with their current or new suppliers as part of their overall IT transformation projects to stay competitive, fend off threats from disruptive forces, or comply with internal mandates to improve overall enterprise efficiency.

The result is a combination of supply-side data and demand-generation customer insight that allows our clients to better position themselves in anticipation of the next wave that will reshape the enterprise software marketplace for years to come.